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Tried to run this trail. took two friends. broke both my legs an hour into it. Frank lost his mind after 9 hours. We ran out of food by the third day. Joey ate a mushroom and died. I lost vision in my left eye on day 7. Frank chased a squirrell of the edge of a cliff and died. i only survived because i tripped and fell and rolled down to the bottom and landed in front of park ranger. dont attempt this trail.

Nice short trek. Not much shade though.

Not much shade but a wonderful short trek.

A bit crowded...counted 44 cars in the parking lot. however once you get pass rainbow lake the crowds thinned out. despite the crowds we saw a moose down low. the marker for where to turn around and go back down was minimal, but if you follow the map in the app you'll be fine.

Loaded with poison ivy. Trail was overgrown and very narrow. Make sure if you have problems going DOWN steep areas you have a stick. We went about a mile and half in had to turn around because of it being overgrown with poison ivy. The river was really pretty though. Ended up walking back on the river bed boulders.

lots of birds and other animals to see. my kids love it here

nice views and easy hike. good for my elderly dog

it's not well marked

Beautiful hike! It is actually an easy hike with great surroundings. Easy to get to and good for kids if they are up to a 6 miles walk.

Not my favorite, but good trail. I like the climb back up from the damn.

off road driving
1 month ago

Took my 2018 Rubicon Unlimited on this from the I-17 into Sedona. VERY easy trail I think there were 2 spots that really need my attention. I drove it in 2WD the whole way if that tells you anything. Watch out for the Pink Jeep guys some of them are A-holes and think they own the trail. Very pretty views!

1 month ago

Paved 2 mile trail that goes around the lake. Very nice. Saw LOTS of wildlife. Nice leisurely walk after doing a 4 mile trail hike.

A group of us ages 4-64 went up middle of August. For moderately active people it’s an easy out and back trail with a beautiful lake as a destination point! Jumped in to cool off and swim and went back down. All within 2.5 hours!

1 month ago

Good trail. Did the 3.9 mile day loop trail. It rained the last two days so I thought it would be super muddy. It was not! Little bit of ricks and roots. But not overgrown at all and only saw one other hiker. Little slippery when the sky opened up on us, but the canopy was good cover for the most part.

Beautiful hike, good work out! We lost the trail for a bit coming down into slide canyon, but found it again after a bit of bushwhacking. The weather was perfect and the leaves were beautiful!

Very fun and challenging hike for the east coast! At the trail head you can go left for an easier ascent and toward the lake first or right for a more vigorous climb with ladders and rock scramble. Your call

This trail has it all without busting your hump.
The only thing missing is a big expansive view hence not (busting your hump) but it certainly gives you everything else. Jacks river is a clean and healthy river with lots of shallow swimming holes. Rhododendrons abound alongside wild azaleas under large trees of every kind.
Very nice campsites with fire rings.
There are trees down from a recent storm.
We didn’t see anyone during the week and only a few over the weekend.
A Great leisure trail for hikers of all kind.

Currently unable to walk the trail from Universal City Park to all of the way to Veterans Park as the trail is flooded by Cibolo Creek at the Nighthawk Trail trailhead. At the other end of the trail, the trailhead at Veterans Park is closed due to the flooding. The flooding is as result of the record historical rainfall in the area in September.

This was a really nice hike. We meant to do the short loop, but went the long route by mistake. It wasn't terribly difficult either. I am new to Idaho and hikes are helping me recover from a heart attack. I struggled on a couple of the uphill parts, but overall it was not too hard and had some great views. Other hikers and mountain bikers were all very friendly. I'll be doing this one again.

1 month ago

This is one beautiful trail that is right next to the beach. it is tight in some spots but I guess cozy would be a better word lol. Around July this trail has a large amount of chanterelles and is my go to for this delicious mushroom! the trail is easy to follow and the loop is just enough for a quick hike. sometimes the beach is closed and I feel uncomfortable parking in front of the gate, if better parking were available I would be happy but still 5 stars for the trail itself.

This trail is amazing and by far my favorite in East Fork. It is a muddy trail and difficult to get through at some spots but the views and scenery are gorgeous on the trail. If you like open trails in old forests then this is the trail you would want to do! I have to remember that this trail is used by horses and not be upset about the muddiness. this trail is very well marked and almost 1/2 way in there is an eagle's nest high up in a sycamore. You can spot it in winter and early spring... so cool! found lots of edible mushrooms on this trail. other than the mud pits I can't complain

mountain biking
1 month ago

This review is from someone who tried to bike from Primrose trail head up to the lake and back. Apparently, most individuals who bike it prefer to start at the Lost Lake trail head and through bike up to the lake and down to Primrose. We kept wondering why everyone was passing us the opposite way. Otherwise, the rating would be different. We bit off way more than we could chew trying to bike up this way. We are definitely not very advanced mountain bikers and we had to carry our bikes up a lot of the steeper/root-filled sections. Didn't make for the most awesome experience. However, the views and riding at the top by the lake are phenomenal and the ride back down was most supreme. So, definitely don't recommend trying to bike up from Primrose unless you've got some experience and skill. Other than that the trail was absolutely wonderful!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! Little hump and Big hump were tough but not impossible. Springs were easily marked at Overmountain Shelter, between little hump and big hump, and at Doll Flats (11ish mi).

Great hike and the views make the uphill worth it! Trekking poles are a necessity.

A nice short walk.

This is the first hiking at Walnut Creek. It was better than I expected. Above all yellow grass was swaying. But there was little shade for me to take a rest for a while.

Beautiful hike up to the top. VERY Rocky trails so make sure you have good ankle support. Also it's a long one, definitely bring snacks and lots of water.
There is a male moose starting to make a home within the first mile of the trail, small blue and white flags to the right of the trail mark where a new trail is being created to avoid getting into his territory. The flags are difficult to see as you come up the trail but look carefully - they don't make the trail much longer and it keeps you safe from a defensive bull moose.

Easy, well marked trail with the first quarter mile of asphalt. Bring a jacket if it's windy... the breeze off the glacier is cold!
Since the glacier is receding, the overlook gets you close, but not quite up to it. can still get great pics.

1 month ago

The ease-ability to reward ratio on this hike is fantastic. Our group of three went out and back in around 3hrs but, only spent ten to fifteen at the lake. Real chill and gradual for the incline, nice views throughout, and a lovely reward of a pristine alpine lake at the end. Love!

1 month ago

A beautiful gentle walk amongst the trees in a mossy forest with a small Creek.

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