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Hiked trail this past Sunday. The fire and subsequent mudslide have devastated the trail. It will need our help to restore it.

13 hours ago

Great short but challenging hike with a spectacular view at the end!

Awesome trail. Be in shape if you walk the cliff trail. Great scenery, take pictures.

14 hours ago

A pleasant walk and not so many people.

14 hours ago

Nice views at the end of the trail. Bring your binoculars!

14 hours ago

Easy trail with beautiful views. We went around 7am on a Tuesday and found parking. Once you reach out he end, you can choose to continue on one of two other trails or turn back. Ample shade with cool breezes.

Great not as well know waterfall trail feat. two falls. The hike is fairly easy, moderate rating I believe is due to the uphill section for the first two miles to the Upper falls. Another reason, and I'm surprised not more people mention. The trail around behind the falls, from below facing it, looks as if the trail has been washed out. I weighed risking it, as I am 260+ lbs. and was hiking alone. I decided to forge on and was glad I did. Around the bend just before going behind it does get very hairy, especially with how wet and muddy it was at this point and time. I took it slow and was careful with my footing. To those who question if it's passible; it is, just watch your step, it's well worth it. Going behind is what makes this into an approx. 5 mi. loop and gets you back to your car, shortly after meeting up with Bryce creek trail. Don't forget to checkout the lower falls just before the end.
Great hike! Worth the drive and not too busy early morn. in later April.

The main trail is very easy and suitable for all ages.

The hike along the creek is awesome, but it is a little tricky in places. Great views of smaller, cascading falls leading to the main waterfall and views of the gorge. I didn't take the trail down the side of the cliff to the bottom of the falls, because I didn't quite feel prepared, but I will go back next time better equipped.

I would definitely consider this a hidden gem for the area. If you enjoy the sights and sounds of a beautiful stream, cool rock formations and the feeling of being lost in nature, but yet being only minutes from civilization, this is the place to go!

Easy trail. Would love to do again with water flowing! Anticlimactic ending without the waterfall

Fairly busy trail. Not a lot of privacy but it had beautiful sites of sandstone rock ledges surrounded in local history.

Great hike. Great view.

19 hours ago

Love this beautiful hike!

A fun day hike! Challenging enough to make you feel good when you reach the car but easy enough that my 12 year old was able to do it as his first ever hike. Variety of terrain and great views. Definitely would do it again!

20 hours ago

nice trail didnt finish it though I was the only one hiking it this morning so I decided to cut it short . will definitely hike it again and finish it for sure ..

One of our favorite hikes!

Great views atop.

This trail was well worth the wonderful waterfall view. Hemlock was beautiful. Downfalls though include being heavily populated and it claims to be dog friendly but the metal grate stairs are far from friendly on the dog's feet. I wouldn't do it again with my dog unless he had some type of boot.

what an amazing experience. will be my go to when I want a quick nature fix

1 day ago

Great hike! Challenging toward the end as most have said.
From the parking lot it was actually 1.5 miles out and back, not 3 as the app says. The trail is not marked so just keep walking straight and go past the barbwire fence. Also, the road to get to it is all dirt and rock, could be a challenge for smaller cars to navigate (wish we would have known). Bring lots of water! Enjoy

Is very scenic and awesome to climb with friends ...but climb with caution , very steep hill sides

1 day ago

- Parking: I started and ended at Land's End Eagle Point. There's usually lots of spots along the road where I began.
- Views: beautiful!
- Traffic: there were a lot of people on a sunny Sunday afternoon. That, combined with the relatively narrow trails, made the walk slower than expected.

Great horse trail!!!

Very beautiful! a hidden treasure of a park in the middle of farmland. I would consider some of these trails as HARD due to how steep sections are, definitely had to crawl with all fours because it was that rocky and steep. Got pretty winded too.

Great view!

Pretty good hike. Very easy but something to take friends or family to without going far away. The construction off behind the golf course was loud but if you take your headphones I didn’t notice it anymore.

Whoever said it was a moderate grade was nuts. If you are over 50 and out of shape this is not your hike. I'm over 60 and consider myself to be in good shape for my age compared to other people over 60. It took me 2 hours to get up to the top. And I did enjoy the channels once I got there but the prospect of having to go 3 miles down the hill was not a pleasant thought so it really dampened the entire experience for me. I've never seen a sign that said there was a rescue squad available at the beginning of a trail which should tell you something about how hard it is to get up there. I saw too many people bend over gasping for air over 30 years younger than myself. I do not recommend this hike if you are over 50. the grades I think are fairly steep in places. it would have been nice if there were benches periodically where people could sit down. And for Heaven's sake don't bring a toddler unless you plan to carry them. That is too long of a stretch for little legs. If you do decide to take this hike, bring plenty and I do mean plenty of water and snacks and dress in layers.

1 day ago

We have done this hike many times and again today 4-23-18. The wildflowers are in full bloom. We had lunch at the river at 4.08 miles on my Garman. I'm not sure why all the write ups say 9 miles. I've run my GPS several times and it shows just under 4 miles at the creek crossing at the river. You would have to walk another .5 miles along the river boulders to make it 9 miles out and back. We were off the trail before 2:00 pm which I am grateful for as the weather was getting hotter. I suggest an early departure in the warmer months. We did the bike loop and came up the fire road which added a little distance. We measured 8.29 miles at about 1350' gain. It was a great hike!

1 day ago

I purchased the guide for this trail at least 8 years ago, if not longer. Never got to go before a left the country for a few years. Finally, went last weekend. Really enjoyed the trail. It's much longer than the 9 miles on the old guide, but the topo map on this site seems accurate. The hiking app on my phone came up with just shy of 14 miles.

We arrived at the trailhead by the cemetery just before noon (after missing the turn on Shay Ridge Road because Waze didn't load enough maps prior to losing cell signal, so we had an unplanned visit to New Matamoras). There were already 6 or 7 cars parked there, but there was still space for at least one more after we parked.

We took the counterclockwise direction toward the cave and natural bridge. The vast majority of the trail was in good condition with few muddy spots. The trail had been improved since my guide was made with switchbacks replacing what had previously been straight up the hill ascents or descents. This added about 1 1/2 to 2 miles to the trail on either side of the campsites in the middle. It seems like we saw a couple of campsites within the first couple of miles. There were several near the midpoint. There were also several on the second half of our trip, so while we hiked about 7 miles before stopping, it appears that there are options for that distance +/- 2 miles regardless of which direction you travel.

We had decided that we didn't want to mess with pumping or purifying water, so we had driven down and around to TWP 427, which is shown on the AllTrails map, and dropped off a 2 1/2 gallon jug of water there. When we hiked back around to that point, we passed one small campsite and stayed at another that was near where we left the jug. TWP 427 was passable with a Highlander to the point where the creek and the trail cross the road. We may have been able to cross the creek, but I was just caching water and didn't need to risk getting stuck. While were we camping there, a group of two Gators came down the road after dark. We also heard at least one go up the road in the morning.

While we encountered 4 groups on Saturday, we didn't see any when we hiked out on Sunday. There are a lot of sites with past or current oil wells. While it isn't shown on the AllTrails map, there is a section of trail that we encountered on the second day, that starts at the summit above TWP 427 and follows an dirt road. It was sort of boring.

It was a good hike. Would do it again.

Great hike. Not too crowded, and easy to park. Flat fire roads at first, but then you get into a nice riverbed with great views. There wasn’t any water when we went, but it would probably be even nicer after some rain. Both my dogs did great- one big, one little. But we turned back right before the end because we heard the last part was hard to get the pups up over the boulders and there wasn’t a waterfall right then anyway. Would recommend.

1 day ago

Great trail! Pretty scenery throughout!

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