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Incredibly steep but short hike with rewarding views at the top. Gorgeous lake, and despite the busy trail we still found ourselves alone at the top for most of the morning on Saturday.

scenic driving
15 hours ago

Beautiful views! Interesting historical buildings. Plenty of places to pullover and enjoy the view without feeling rushed. Highly recommend for an easy scenic drive.

15 hours ago

Great hike but very tough with a 2yr old and 5yr old

5 stars because it is really hard and exhausting. If you are planning to hike this trail in Summer or Fall start by 5.30 am so that you are back by noon. Only 15 to 20 percent of the route has shade, rest of the trail is through pastures, bushes and barren land. Carry enough water because there are no water fountains on the trail and not even a bench to sit for a while. For expert hikers this is fun but it is not recommended for novice hikers.

Very popular trails with good reason. Plan to get there early or take the shuttle. I went twice this weekend and there are a surprising number of cars there by 6:30am. Lots of overnighters.
I ran the trail in each direction and would recommend going counterclockwise. Devils Thumb Pass is the high point, so the run along the ridge is more favorable if you tackle that first. The climb to the pass is steep, but makes a better climb than descent.
Beautiful flowers and birds are all around and the views and lakes are well worth the effort.

15 hours ago

Hoss,me and our little dog pebbles enjoyed this loop!! The cave was huge and very sandy,huge bluffs and rock foundations. The bridge was very nice too,another great day to hike!

This is an epic hike. Highest hiking trail in USA. Highest mountain in continental USA. Lots of rocks the whole way. Unbelievable views. Places to camp. Started at Whitney Portal. Have to get there early to get a place to park. I got there at 2am. Just under 7 hours to the top. 10 hours to get back down because of hurt knee, rick to the face, lightning, thunder, rain, and hail. I lived and gated this hike. When your standing at the summit there is nothing above you or higher the you in the USA.

15 hours ago

Steep trail for sure. Did not make it to the top! We may have gone the wrong way at a fork and weren’t sure if that was the correct path. Would try again after a less tiring week than we’ve had. Creek falls along the way are really pretty!

Worth every ache and pain I have in my body lol! You MUST arrive as early as possible. We got there at 8am and the parking lot was about 1/3 full. When we left about 12pm the lot was full and cars were parked all along the road. Then there was at least a 1 mile line up at the rangers station.

Hiked and did some backcountry camping on this trail over the weekend. It really lives up to the dozens of reviews for being a really beautiful hike. Taking this route from the entry point of Bear Lake to the exit point at the Fern Lake trailhead is a great way to go- especially if you’re carrying about 25-30 lbs. on your back. There is some elevation gain at the start till you get to the hard right turn about 3.7 miles into the hike. At this point, some of the most beautiful views on the hike appear as you descend to Odessa Lake. While this trail does not take you right next to Odessa Lake, you get a nice view from the elevated trail vantage point. But, there is a trail that connects to the lake if you want to back-track to see it up close along with the rushing creek waters. Continuing on another .8 mile takes you to Fern lake. This is a beautiful high mountain lake with some overflow ponds and a creek with waterfall. All of this water is great for filtering and drinking and cooking. There was a duck family there with ducklings. Also there were quite a few cut throat trout in the lake too. We camped at the group camping spot which is a nice area not too far from the lake. We checked out the individual campsites, and they were quite a walk back up from the lake. I didn’t care for them too much. We hiked to Spruce lake in the evening and the trail is rougher but manageable. There is nothing spectacular about this lake. The campsite was quiet and the privy was not far off from the group camping area. The next day we headed for the Fern Lake trailhead. It’s basically a downhill journey all the way but passes through several waterfalls and rushing streams. There are a lot of wildflowers and you will want to visit the Arches Rocks formations. The views on this side aren’t as spectacular, but still nice. I am not happy about all the piles of horse poop on this side of the trail. I know that say it degrades, but it’s just a mess trying to dodge the nasty stuff IMO. The stated mileage is not correct from what I can see for this trail. With our extra hike to Spruce Lake, we clocked 14 miles. We had someone pick us up at the Fern Lake trailhead because there’s not much parking. See my recording and pic’s for a highlight of the trip. All in all, a beautiful hike.

The wild flowers are in full bloom and smell amazing...
best hike yet...if you can hike past the glacier to the viewpoint ..the very top ...you will not be disappointed!

Lots of horse poop!!! Otherwise a great hike with an awesome finish!

16 hours ago

nice little walk...totally great way to start the day.

One of my favorite trails in the Great Burn! I love walking through the giant cedar groves. You’ll earn it as you climb to Hub Lake in the second mile - a good deal of incline. But lots of huckleberries if you time it right! Bugs were present at the lake but the breeze and some bug spray mostly kept them at bay. Don’t miss out on this one!

Awesome hike. Beautiful views and big timber!!

16 hours ago

About 100 ft from the trailhead, make sure you turn right at the wooden post with a roughly carved "621". This is the real start of the trail. It heads right to the creek, which we forded with our river sandals. There was lots of snow this past winter so we had to wade up one of the creek's channels to find the trail on the other side. Trekking poles helped a lot, but the current really wasn't strong and only mid-calf deep. After the ford, you need to bushwack a bit through another 100 ft of willows, but again, not bad. The rest of the trail was lovely through the forest. Views of Crane Lake were fleeting, unless you want to hike down to shore. Soon you hear the creek rushing from Beauty Lake into Crane Lake and a small rocky outcrop grants a view of beautiful Beauty Lake. Not a soul in sight, even in July. Wildflowers abounding on the shore. Exquisite.

Last week, 7-14-18,and 7-15-18, we did an overnighter to Camp Mystery with a day hike above Marmot Pass and back for a RT mileage of 13.4.

Arrived at trailhead, #833 and on the trail by 9:20am. There were about 35 cars in the parking lot and many campers walked by us as we were getting ready. Its fairly steep in the beginning but steeper after Shelter Rock about mid-way in. That said, a good pace can be made upto Shelter Rock, which is big enough to allow camping. After Shelter Rock it's much steeper with hardly any switch backs. It opens up to good viewpoint a couple times.

Not knowing the camping options on the pass, we stopped at Camp Mystery because there was a good site available. It's 5.8 mles in and a very popular place to camp. After setting up camp we hiked to Marmot Pass. Beautiful! A must see. Then hiked left and up to a platue-like peak were it's even more beautiful...with spectacular view of mountain ranges near and far. Beautiful! Camping is also available here. We saw at over 10 tents on top, 4 along the ridge to the top and 3-4 in the meadow below the Pass, with room to spare but you'll have company. Alot of people camped at Camp Mystery stayed at the top to watch the sunset. We opted not to. This was an Awesome hike and one I WILL do again...but camp at the pass.

Great hike! Took my 12 year old and was very glad my 4 year old wasn’t with me. Is such a great hike along the river up to the waterfall. Some tough incline spots, but very well worth it!!

This trail was HARD. The way up to the base of the peak was easy, but up to the peak was hard. I’ll preface by saying I shouldn’t have done this because I was just getting over food poisoning and the entire hike still had bad stomach cramps. So do this in good health. We were a group of 4 and only 1 of us made it to the summit. We didn’t find the trail some people had mentioned (I should have read the reviews and followed people’s advice and directions). We just picked one side and tried to scramble to the top. Many loose boulders and steep sections. It took us ages just to get about halfway. The beating sun and scrambling really drained us. I had to stop because I had no energy left to continue and one person stayed behind with me. 2 kept going, but one returned after about 10-15 min because they reached a point that was completely vertical and he felt unsafe. The other guy kept going and was the only one to summit. It took him an additional 1hr 10min and he was going at a face pace, without the rest of us to slow him down. Going down was HARD as well and you must do this carefully. Loose boulders and gravel had me slipping a few times. I would rate this a 5 star but I took off a star because it was hard to find any trail up to the peak. Bring lots of water; another problem we had was not enough water. I’m 5’2”, 120lbs and 3 liters wasn’t enough for me. I’ll go back one day, find the better way up and conquer the peak!!!

Summary: trail to lake was gorgeous with wildflowers (very easy), need to go carefully up peak (difficulty more than hard), bring LOTS of water and sunscreen and lastly, don’t do it if you have stomach cramps. Total time taken and distance: ~7 hrs, ~13 miles for guy who finished)

16 hours ago

My fiancé and I are hiking novices, so this trail was a challenge for us, but totally doable and a great experience! Our dog had the time of his life as well. Lots of families and dogs on the trail, but it was nice to have the company.

Beautiful hike with plenty of waterfalls, wild flowers and streams all at a moderate grade. The lake itself is awesome, saw a moose and a wolverine there! Parking sucks, as usual, for a weekend.

Good hike for those looking for a mix between easy but worthwhile. Great hike to go on with friends. Gone about three separate times myself. Never a dull moment.

17 hours ago

I love this hike. I took my standard poodle and chihuahua. 1hr up and 1hr back down.

first things first. The 4000 Footers. Com website needs to update their notes to indicate the access road is not open. this will add a boring 4 mile dust walk to your hike.
Trail is easy to moderate but just watch for the turns as the trail is not marked. we took the wrong turn at the fork about a mile and a half in. just head down about another couple hundred yards and the turn is marked. Ridge and Summit views are probably some of the best in the Northeast so well worth the hike just probably would not do it again due to the access road closure.

Trailhead is closed but trail is open. Official Park detour is to park at Boulderstone lot between mm 302 and mm303. From there the hike is back along Tanahwa trail 2.5m to intercept Scout Trail (most of this is within earshot of parkway) so this way will tack on 5m to round trip. Met another hiker on way down who said shorter detour trail that starts from 221. Besides detour issue our hike on Scout Trail was nice cool work out for early July morning as we were in and out of clouds after 2m mark of trail. Had clouds at Callaway peak so limited views but still nice.

18 hours ago

Pretty, but we got hundreds of seed ticks today after we used bug repellent! Not worth it!

Great hike. Did the entire loop. Hiking to Telegraph had me on my tippy toes at some points but I enjoyed the challenge, as I’m training for Whitney! I’d recommend breaking for a snack at the saddle, on timber Mt. and then eating your main meal (if you pack one) on Telegraph. I stopped for a Pizza Port SIPA at Baldy Notch too. How fantastic is it to have a restaurant up in the mountains? It reminds me of Germany.

I really didn’t like taking the paved road from Manker Flats back to our car at Icehouse Canyon. It’s not safe. Ppl drive fast and some are not accustomed to mountainous driving. Instead of enjoying the final stretch, I was constantly having to listen for cars. Also, you will have to cross back and forth over the road multiple times to remain visible to the traffic. If you’re able to have someone park at Manker Flats and Icehouse Canyon, do it.

18 hours ago

One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done! I took my ReLeaf Outing Group there and it blew everyone’s expectations out of the water. There is so much to see and do including 4 different waterfalls, a big rushing creek you hike next to almost the entire time, cave exploration and beautiful camp spots not to mention a beautiful overlook so make sure to take the extra .5 mike hike to go see it! Next time I am definitely hiking in and camping to have more days there! When you finally get to the giant Virgin Falls it will blow your mind, definitely hike up to the top and explore the cave behind it.

We hiked 9 am-noon on a Saturday. The parking on Mt. Wilson Road was nearly full including with a bunch of mountain bikers, so it was a delight to find that on the trail, even on a summer Saturday, we only saw about a dozen other hikers and three bikes the whole time. Decided to follow the map hiking out via the road and then coming back via Mount Lowe summit. The Mount Lowe summit trail is easy to overlook and we almost headed on all the way to Inspiration Point, but turned back. There's intermittent shade, especially in the morning, for much of the way, especially the middle 2 miles or so. Easy walk out and downhill on the road, more rigorous steep ascent up to Mt. Lowe summit on the way back, punctuated by handy and charming viewfinders. Great views of the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles basin - and all the way to the ocean if you're lucky.

Saw a sweet little horny toad atop of Mt. Lowe, a few hummingbirds and butterflies along the way and what looked like a bunch of tiny squirrels inside the tunnel near the trailhead.

Pretty easy going down but hard coming back up

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