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trail running
10 hours ago

Simply put, this trail is amazing for a runner. It's 12+ miles out and back. (Follow the directions to the parking lot above, and remember to bring $10 to pay for parking). We arrived at 7:15 on a Saturday and got a spot, but there are only about 10 spots next to the trail, so get their early. For a runner, this was one of the best trails we have ever run. Epic scenery, some elevation at the beginning, middle and end, and single track running. We were pretty much alone on the trail until we started heading back, and ran into alot of hikers, so had to play frogger - so might be even better to go earlier than we did to avoid the crowds on the return. Given the choice between this and Flume, I'm taking Rubicon hands down as the best trail run in the SLT area.

I saw a coyote pup and a rabbit while hiking on the trail. Beautiful views with well maintained dirt roads. Up and down steep hills all along the way. Bring plenty of water - a great trail for running!

11 hours ago

Good hike, but be ready for a non existent trail and nature has taken over
No water
Great views

11 hours ago

Lakes are stunning but paths are a mess. I was lost for 1 hour when heading back from Doris Lake.

Paths are not clearly carved and some paths lead to forks with diminishing paths not detailed on the Mono Hot Springs Resort Map. Ranger postboard at trail head was empty so bringing a map is a must. You may end up at Tule Lake like I did, or end up turning back around like the other hikers that gave up looking for Doris Lake. Id give more useful advice but my thorough review got removed. If you get lost like I did, be sure to head South as Mono Hot Springs resort is approximately South of Doris Lake. Good Luck and never give up.

mountain biking
11 hours ago

This was a great trail, well maintained with lots of berms and table jumps. You can pedal up on a good road which makes the climb very manageable. I would highly recommend this trail.

mountain biking
11 hours ago

Rode this trail as a point to point. The beginning climb up from highway 89 was frustrating at points due to having to frequently get off the bike to walk up rock gardens. About 1.5 miles in the trail became more rideable and was enjoyable. The first couple miles of the downhill were very rocky and some sections required me to walk my bike again. The top section was a little too rocky for me as I felt my bike was taking a beating. The lower section was much smoother and had a faster flow.

a bit cold in the fog but great trail to walk/ run

12 hours ago

Very nice trail, shaded most of the way. Elevation gain is graduate and not too steep. Beautiful recreation spots at the top: picnic tables with lots of shade, placards to teach about the place, the Indian tribes who lived here (and still have ceremonies here) and the history, beautiful overlook, even a restroom at the top (also at the beginning). took us 4 hours with lots of stops and breaks.

12 hours ago

The Rim Trail is a good hike with lots of short offshoots that give you great views. My wife and our 2 year old daughter hiked it. My daughter rode in a jogging stroller the entire length. We hiked a little over 4 miles of the trails. Very Scenic and a good hike. I know these reviews are very subjective but I gave it 3 stars because I felt the day use fee was high, which was needed to park in the park. $8. I know it's a small amount to pay for a nice hike but most other places were half as much, or free. The other reason for 3 stars was that I felt the different trails and offshoots were not marked very well on the ground. The map we were provided was great, but the signs on the trail were a little confusing and I wasn't sure much of the time where we were in the park or whether we had taken the right branch. Other than those things, it is a beautiful hike.

Great trail for training for Spartan Races

My wife and I hiked up trail #1 and then #8 and #9. Overall we hiked about 6.5 miles. Very beautiful and relaxing hike, some of the trail was what I would consider a moderate slope, but nothing too hard. I pushed our 2 year old daughter in a jogging stroller the entire time and there was some uphill portions that were a little strenuous but overall great hike. Saw a lot of joggers, bikers, and hikers. Worth the trip to Arcata to hike!

Beautiful hike.

12 hours ago

Doris and Tule Lakes are stunning but paths are a mess. I was lost for 1 hour when heading back from Doris Lake.

Paths are not clearly carved and some paths lead to forks with diminishing paths not detailed on the Mono Hot Springs Resort Map. Ranger postboard at trail head was empty so bringing a map is a must. You may end up at Tule Lake like I did, or end up turning back around like the other hikers that gave up looking for Doris Lake. I got to Doris Lake from Tule Lake, but then got lost on the way back to Mono Hot Springs Resort. Id give more useful advice but my thorough review got removed. If you get lost like I did, be sure to head South as Mono Hot Springs resort is approximately South of Doris Lake. Good Luck and never give up.

13 hours ago

WARNING: Was lost for 1 hour on the way back from Dorris Lake.**

This lake is not also known as Tule Lake. This is Dorris Lake. Tule Lake is 1.7 miles North West of Dorris Lake. I visited both lakes for the first time, and they are both spectacular views no doubt.

**I must warn you, the paths are not clearly carved and some signs are falling apart. The trail head had an empty ranger post board, so do obtain a map of the trail at the shop/store at the Mono Hot Spring Resort. The map they provide seems straight forward but once youre on the actual hike, it will become more vague as there are several misleading forks the map does not have. I had also purchased a map from a ranger station prior which was a bit more helpful in determining the actual miles of the hike to both lakes.

The first sign is suppose to take you to Dorris Lake but the path will eventually lead to several diminishing paths. Starting around 2:30pm and Hiking with 3 other people, we picked the path that had the most traffic tracks. We ran into a few people on the trail that were going back to the resort, they all informed us they couldnt find Dorris Lake but found Tule Lake. This same path some how lead us to another sign describing a fork to Tule Lake and Edison Lake. Do NOT take the Edison Lake which it will not take you to Dorris Lake based on the map the ranger station provided. Continuing on what is now Tule Lake path we eventually reached Tule Lake. You will know its Tule Lake when you see fields of tall Tule stems and shortly after, a large lake neighboring 2 goregous rock formations on the far side of the Lake. If the Tules are high, there may not be any clearing into the lake. Do not continue forward on the path passed the lake because it does not take you around to the other side of the lake but further North to a new trail.

Leaving Tule Lake back where we came, we some how stumbled upon a sign we did not see which described a fork to Tule Lake and Dorris Lake. We took the Doris Lake path and ended there. You will know youre at Dorris Lake when you see a large lake embodied by 4 or 6 large rock formations surrounding the lake.

In August 2018, the sun sets around 8:30pm. We left Dorris Lake, at 6:30pm. We followed the same trail back we came. We thought heading back was a piece of cake but we were wrong. Following the only path that had signs of high traffic, we came to an odd clearing intersecting 4 paths. Each path lead to more diminishing paths further down. As the sun does down, the paths begin to look different. Im not an expert tracker but be very careful not to take any path that may have been carved by animals. Even though we saw cigarette buds, trash, and a lost slipper on a couple of paths neither of them lead to what looked like a real promising path. We had to admit we were lost. We been testing each path and circling back to the clearing intersecting point for an hour. 8:00pm came and we only had 15mins of sun light left. Luckily my gf got her GPS on her phone working and used it pin point our exact location and compass our direction. Remember to always travel South and down hill as Mono Hot Springs Resort is approximately South of Dorris Lake and at a lower elevation. We ended up scaling a steep cliff side and landed into a party of tents that were shocked and surprised to see us. We ended a little ways off the main trail head, but definitely in an area we did not expect.

I hope this information was helpful. We only packed for an easy day hike, so we actually ran out of both food and water before we got lost. Always be prepared for the worse and never give up. Best of Luck!

Amazing hike! Like the others - it was definitely tough (made harder by hauling up a pack) and totally worth it. You really get the bang for your buck on this hike - every part is beautiful. We started later than we had initially wanted (4pm) and got to the summit in 3.5 hours. Since we came that late in the day there was plenty of parking in the lot.

There is a stream a couple miles in that comes right out of the side of the mountain that many folks filled their water at - had I known I would have carried less water the first couple miles and filled up there to make better time (I think it's about 2 miles in?). When we got to the summit there were about 10 other tents scattered around. We were still able to get a spectacular spot overlooking the valley and although we were camped among a bunch of other folks, it still felt pretty remote. I would definitely do this hike again. I don't normally hike with trekking poles (I wear patellar supports), but am considering purchasing some as the downhill was a bit intense with a pack.

A decent amount of hills, no shade, go early in morning before it gets too hot.

18 hours ago


Great hike, not too difficult. Only one uphill stretch otherwise very straightforward.

Love this hike in the morning. Great sunrise over the mountains.

It was short, easy hike with beautiful scenery. I thought the waterfall was going to be larger, but it was a great relief. Everyone traveling to it seemed to have the need to bath in it!!!

A beautiful area that is easy to navigate. Bugs are minimal at this time and the smoke from the fires was not in the valley the two nights we were there. Although we did have smoke haze on the 395 getting there. Afternoon thunderstorms gave us a variety of weather but nothing too major. Love coming here!

This trail is intense! Basically uphill the entire time, and at a pretty decent pitch. There is a creek crossing about 1.5 miles in- bring your water shoes. The water is about thigh deep, but definitely crossable this time of year. Smaller dogs should be carried or guided across with a leash and harness as they could be swept away. My 60 lb dog made it across with no issues... Once you get passed the switchbacks you come to Willow Lake, a nice lunch spot but that's about it. Lake Brainerd is a medium sized lake with beautiful water and surroundings and nice camping spots. Well worth the hike!

The trail from y Meadows to chewing Gum lake not maintained and is more like rock climbing

Here's another vote for going clockwise and knocking the hardest hill out early in the hike. You need a permit which you can purchase online from EBMUD for $3. Beautiful views of the hills with lots of birds and lizards. I didn't see anyone else on the trail, although I did go mid-day on a hot Thursday. Big chunks of the trail don't have much shade so bring sunscreen, and plenty of water, especially if you go in the summer.

This hike is definitely intense. Hiked up on baldy trail and back down on devils backbone. Going up is tough is 4000 ft of just straight elevation imagine stair master x10. When you hit the green cabin (there is a little outhouse) you’re about halfway. It’s gets harder after this. The summit is really cool. Great view. Down devils backbone is VERY narrow be extra careful but it’s totally doable. I think this is the best way down opposed to baldy trail its not as intense. Long but not as intense. Plus there is the Mt baldy lodge where you can relax possibly take the ski lift back down if you wish.

Tips: bring at least 2 liters of water. Must wear hiking shoes. Trekking poles are very helpful.

1 day ago

It’s a steep uphill climb if you start from Shoreline Highway (CA 1). The tall pine tree provide plenty of shade. I brought my senior dog on the hike. The climb was tough for him but downhill wasn’t too bad. Cows graze at the start of the trail.

1 day ago

As an amateur hiker, I found this moderately challenging but satisfying. Lots of incline but with a wonderful view. It was a beautiful scenic route and heavily shaded. Terrain was a bit loose in some areas so the correct shoes for this hike is essential. Parking was a bit confusing and I think we began at the wrong end as we started decline end first. I would not bring my children here however there was a family with small children. Overall, one of my favorites so far, definitely one to do again (in the the spring, when there’s more water)

1 day ago

We went there with our dog! There are few trails where you can bring your dog (on a leash). Was really beautiful and peaceful. We even found a small piece of creek to refresh. We’ll definitely return!

Beautiful place, so quite. We took foldable chairs and sat next to the lake. We went there with our dog as well. We’ll definitely return!

We went there with our dog. The trail was ok, it was difficult to see the road it self so we didn’t really know where to go.

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