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Yucca Valley, California Map

Extremely short but absolutely breathtaking at sunset. And easy to get to the top and just admire.

Very quick hike with nice views at the peak halfway through

Loved this for a quiet early evening hike. Beautiful vegetation and rewarding views all along. Pair this with the short but steep South Peak trail across the parking lot for a great 2 mile hike!

We did this together with the high view nature trail- it was cool to see Yucca Valley from above but it’s very short and quite steep in areas.

Short & sweet

Loved this hike! Great views when you’re up on the ridge. The only steep part is getting up to the ridge, which is quite short. We weren’t too bothered by the added challenge of hiking in sand. :)

Great trail. Well marked. Suggest going counter clockwise when u reach the last bifurcation to Warren peak. Make a left. This bifurcation is about 0.3 miles from the first loop marker. If you go clockwise it’s a little steep hike the last mile up to the top, however doable. Take plenty of water. Great views at the top.

This is an incredible piece of land. We did this west to east as 3 day/2 night backpacking trip from Black Canyon to the North Entrance. You are beholden to where a road crosses the trail for caching water. There seem to be several spots including Covington, Ryan Campground, Geology Tour Road and Twin Tanks. We chose Ryan Campground and Twin Tanks and stored 2 gallons per person (which turned out to be more than enough). Though it's common sense, I had read to throw away any punctured jugs. This is because rodents with hantavirus. The trail is well marked, but I recommend buying a Tom Harrison map. We did no route finding until the last section in the west before the North Entrance backcountry board. This was mostly because it was a large wash. This section goes in the same general direction and tended to funnel us back to the trail (though this might be annoying at night). We camped in a valley near the 13 mile marker before the steepish ascent and again just a mile passed the Geology Tour backcountry board. We saw next to no one and absolutely no other overnighters. I found the general grade of the ascents to be easy and the same with the descents. Most of this ascending/descending is in the first half of the trail. Can't recommend it enough. Enjoy!

Once you find the trailhead the trail is well marked. The canyon is lush and beautiful. The last climb to the peak is strenuous but brief so the hike is not too challenging. The views from the peak are beautiful.

Great to do something in Yucca Valley. Nice change from our usual lower desert hikes. Nice loop along a ridge line. Joshua trees everywhere! Trail mellow and easy to follow. But, fairly sandy.

Great option for the hiker wanting a slight challenge with rewarding view! Loved learning from the nature trail markers along the way.

2 months ago

Moderate loop with more interesting vegetation and birds than other trails around Eureka Mountain.

We went clockwise on the trail because we could. Yes, it’s a little hard on the switch backs but it’s builds endurance. Great view on top
You start around 4000ft . 1150ft elevation gain to of approximately 5150 ft .

Great views over the ridge. Loved hiking the wash. Awesome Joshua tree forest just above the park.

3 months ago

We enjoyed the trail and it was relatively easy to follow. For the most part the ground is soft, which makes the walking slower (took us 3-1/2 hrs all in all, with stops to admire the view and have snacks) and the footing less secure on the way down after the peak (we took the anti-clockwise path). The change in vegetation is very noticeable, and on the way up there were nice shady spots. View at the top is wonderful, looking down onto Palm Springs and then the Yucca Valley.

The trail map begins at the entrance to the campground, not at campsite #30, so on your GPS you’ll appear west of the trail for the first 3/4 of a mile or so. On the way back down, take the “upper campground “ fork to arrive back at the Ranger Station

First time using this app - first review! A solid hike with lots of bird life and a great view midway. I read the reviews so I was looking out for signs and trail markings, not too bad. Also, right turn to take the loop counterclockwise seems like a good idea. About three hours with a break at the top, saw zero people - I’d do it again!

We love this trail!!! Awesome views provide an excellent reward for the hike up! In the spring, the wildflowers are usually abundant along the path and the view of San G is awesome with the snow peak visible.

Great hike! I’d rate it as moderate; only the last little push up the mountain had us breathing heavy. The rest is fairly gentle and scenic. Really well marked. Just keep an eye out for WP posts and you’ll be fine. Great views at the top.

This was a beautiful hike, saw lots of lizards, road runners, jack rabbits and almost stepped on a beautiful snake (no, I’m not scared of snakes and God’s creations are all beautiful in their own way) so that got the morning started off well. Jeff had read on another review to hike the loop going counter clockwise....it wasn’t until our hike DOWN that I understood why. If we would have hiked going clockwise we may have still been out there trying to finish. It would have been uphill most of the way. Don’t go left...go right...go counter clockwise. Plus take plenty of water and start early in the morning. The reason it’s not getting 5 stars is because the trail wasn’t marked very well. For as popular as it claims to be, there needs to be good, straightforward signs letting the hikers know if they are going the correct way. Also, there wasn’t any warning about the little chat/gravel you have to walk in. May sound picky on my part but still, a little heads up would have been welcomed. Would I recommend this hike? YES...but remember go counter clockwise and have fun. Oh and don’t forget to watch where you are stepping

7 months ago

The grade going up is pretty gentle, but thanks to the deep and soft sand it was a LOT of work. Bring LOTS of water! We took Burnt Hill on the way up and Eureka back down which provided a nice variety of scenery. Deducting a star because finding the Eureka Peak trail head was a pain in the neck (hence why we ended up taking Burnt Hill up).

Great trail. We did this in June and the weather was very hot. Just make sure to bring a hat and lots of water with you. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also necessary since there's hardly any shade. It's all well worth the beautiful view at the top! Also make sure to not get lost, we went on the wrong turn on our way back and added an extra mile to it lol grab a map from the camping services center or just keep an eye out on your phone for directions!

horseback riding
7 months ago

Starts out nice and easy, then gets a little more technical with some loose rocks, the some steep large rocks. Better if your horse is in shape and has shoes. Felt like i needed a mountain goat at some points. Trails are marked and in places where it might be iffy they have dead joshua trees blocking the wrong way.

Great trail ... amazing views ... looking forward to walking it again ...

Great trail for little hikers that don’t mind some climbing. Rock staircases are fascinating, and at 1.3 miles it won’t turn the kids off. Great views, great flora and great fauna.

8 months ago

Did this 5/10 as a one day solo hike. Started at 3 am under the stars at Black Rock Campground, and ended at 6 pm at the 29Palms entrance booth. Had a friend meet me at Ryan Campground for extra water and food. The trail is well marked, but don’t rely on that; you really don’t want to get lost in the vastness of the park. Saw plenty of wildlife, and not a single other person on the trail. Longest hike I ever did, loved it, might make it an annual event.

Great walk. really enjoyed it! take plenty of water...

Great nature hike


Fun little lasso trail. Be careful with the narrow/slippery trails while climbing in elevation during the loop portion.

9 months ago

A fun relatively short hike. Family friendly - we hiked it in about an hour with 2 young children.

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