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Great trail for little hikers that don’t mind some climbing. Rock staircases are fascinating, and at 1.3 miles it won’t turn the kids off. Great views, great flora and great fauna.

9 days ago

Did this 5/10 as a one day solo hike. Started at 3 am under the stars at Black Rock Campground, and ended at 6 pm at the 29Palms entrance booth. Had a friend meet me at Ryan Campground for extra water and food. The trail is well marked, but don’t rely on that; you really don’t want to get lost in the vastness of the park. Saw plenty of wildlife, and not a single other person on the trail. Longest hike I ever did, loved it, might make it an annual event.

22 days ago

Great walk. really enjoyed it! take plenty of water...

Great nature hike


Fun little lasso trail. Be careful with the narrow/slippery trails while climbing in elevation during the loop portion.

1 month ago

A fun relatively short hike. Family friendly - we hiked it in about an hour with 2 young children.

1 month ago

We did this trail on our first day in Yucca Valley. We started out following the black canyon trail (that is very flat), and decided to add the panorama loop. If you start the loop to the left, you will have a steeper elevation trail than if you start the loop to the right. We started to the left, and we reached the highest point early on in the loop, so the rest of the loop was somewhat boring in comparison (why I rated 4 stars). Next time, I’d start the loop to the right.

Step 1. go to black rock canyon campground.
step 2. find sign for block 21 to 30. go all the way down till the end because 30 is not visible.
step 3 start walking forward on the trail. there is no sign.
step 4 once you reach west loop trail make a left and keep going for 10 to 12 mins. you will reach sign that says black rock canyon and panorama loop.
you will eventually see sign on a short wooden pole written W P and the arrow.
step 5. while coming back make sure you take the trail you came from. otherwise you will be headed for long journey lands you somewhere else.

2 months ago

I did this trail on a cool winter day and it was delightful. I would not attempt it on a hot and sunny day, as it offers little shade (like all hikes in JT). The scenery and views are incredible. There are more trees and wildlife here than in other parts of the park.

Nice easy trail. Spectacular view at the top.

3 months ago

Excellent trail with gorgeous views. Take it clockwise for a more strenuous walk up and a lovely view down the valley on the way down.

Good trail with almost no shade. Going west to east, the first day of hiking is better as the trail is more diverse. The trail took me two days and I camped around juniper flats. Good trail.

Wash running for first 1.5 miles. Last mile is very steep. Cool rocks, awesome views at the top. Totally worth it!

Hiked Saturday on a cold weather day, stayed out with snow flurries, midway through cold wind and sun. Will do again when the weather is warmer
Beautiful views

4 months ago

This trail is on the easier side of moderate if you go with people who have at least some hiking experience.

This hike was enjoyable in January and I thought to myself I would not want to do this during summer.

Lots of Joshua trees and some cacti along the trail. The first part of the trail before the loop is pretty flat and most of the elevation gain is when you start the loop. While this is called a loop trail, it is more like a lasso, with the loop only being at the very end. The top of the loop/lasso is a great place to break for lunch.

This is a great hike if you are camping at Black Rock Canyon Campground since the Trailhead starts from here.

Bring plenty of water for this hike and plan for it to take you 3-3.5 hours depending on your pace. Faster if you are trail running instead of hiking.

4 months ago

Beautiful views on the elevations, nice trails. Very few people on trail when i started out in AM, but was becoming a bit busy as i got back to trailhead mid day.

We would not call this hard, moderate. Although is says best from March to Oct we went Jan 1 and it was great. It would be awesome during wild flower blooming time.

Fantastic hike!

Wonderful hike, highly recommended!

4 months ago


4 months ago

Beautiful views from some of the higher points! It’s a nice and easy hike, just be sure to bring plenty of water.

4 months ago

The sand, wind and cold were the challenge, but the views were breathtaking! Great hike.

Beautiful views, very well maintained

Thousand and thousands of lady bugs and butterflies!!! Worth the walk! Take lots of water!

It’s beautiful! Thousands and thousands of butterflies and lady bugs, so much your walking through them!!! Beautiful even for young kids!

Totally fun awesome trail, make sure to check out canyon view trail

7 months ago

I chose this trail due to its proximity to Morongo Valley and I’m so glad I did. While I am an experienced hiker, I did this hike with a newbie— my five year old niece, who loves to hike and is a Palm Springs native. We started just before 9am, and finished shortly after 12 noon. We had frequent stops. First, to eat our lunch 1/2 a mile in... She was hungry...kids are always hungry. Then to see all the animals, which she insisted on counting. I taught her how to follow a trail, how to navigate bees safely, and how to avoid stepping in horse dung! Hahaha! When I told her she had completed her first mile, she was so excited and proud of herself. She said, “I want another one.” Lucky for her, we had two more to go. We stopped to drink water, to stretch , take in the views. And, when she finally finished... She was so excited— she probably could have kept going. But, we opted to celebrate with milkshakes instead. It gets hot, so, I would advise bringing lots of water, sunglasses, and if you’re as lucky as we were, it’ll be a breezy day that will cut down the heat significantly.

Great views!

This trail is easy to find and there is plenty of parking. We started in the nature center parking lot. We did not do the entire 37 miles, we only went about 2 miles in. We added on the Fault Line trail and came back through the Boundry Trail East. The ground is soft and sandy for most of the trail. Takes your right through the Joshua Trees. There are a lot of cool smaller trails to take off of the CR&H Trail (which is what we did). It is very exposed. We went when the weather was cool, but it was still very sunny. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and hats! Also, watch for horses.

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