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Yucaipa, California Map

peaceful...nice shade area.dirt trails went on top of mountain could of used a hiking pole.

This is a great trail that is easy to navigate. Kids are good for this hike as most of it has overhang to keep you shaded.

A great place to hike and the views are amazing. Highly recommend!

on Wildwood Canyon Trail

12 days ago


Very pretty, will go back with my kids

Nice trail I took the bike up to a old pole barn hooked up to some single track to the right of there and looped back down . Good stuff

on Zanja Peak Trail

13 days ago

Wow. Nice hike. Loved how steep it was! The only downside is that there is so many different trails you could take that might end up getting you lost. However, it was fun overall!

Went on a mid-morning Saturday, and there were not many people on the trail. Was a bit surprised as the views are gorgeous once you get up into the hills a bit. By the afternoon lots of little lizards were coming out to sun themselves on the trail and my dog was going nuts every 20 feet trying to get at them after they'd scurry back into the brush on the sides of the trail. There are some narrow parts and drop-offs, particularly in the beginning, but the trail really widens out after a while. Could have easily walked four across for most of it. So many bends that you don't want to stop. You want to keep going to find out what's around that next corner. Never made it to the very top, but I plan to return and try to get to the end...if there is one!

trail running
17 days ago

Lately I’ve been running these trails at least 3 times a week. I love it out here. There are some areas that are challenging and once you frequent these trails you cannot get lost. The trails will lead you to the Yucaipa Regional Park, Crafton Hills College, Hghwy 38 near Mill creek ranger station. It’s warming up out here so take a Camel Pack.

It was definitely a nice relaxing trail to hike! I would definitely do it again! Plus its so beautiful!

Challenging and fun. Meets up to other trails that I use allowing for shorter or longer hikes.

I've seen kids on the trail but it's not really the best trail for little ones due to its terrain and wildlife so if you have kids keep an eye on them. I've personally ran into mountain lions and coyotes and rattlesnakes.

If you want challenge this is definitely a good trail.

nature trips
22 days ago

very niceAll types of trails. From kids hikes to moderate for adults

on Fire Bell Trail

23 days ago

Good trail, the only downside is the amount of dog poo on the trail. Come on people! We parked at the college trailhead lot and started north. At about the halfway point, the trail makes a hard right. This was tough to spot from the rain. The trail has a large rut coming down, my wife and I couldn’t figure out where the trail went from the fire road until I looked at the map and realized that rut from the rain runoff was the trail. You will need plenty of water and good hiking shoes at this point. It seems this part of the trail isn’t as traveled as the first half, so less poo. All in all a great local hike.

Short hike after a late winter snow. Beautiful views from the top. Old Forest Service road I believe. Now has gate with No Trespassing sign. Saw no one.

Nice elevation changes. I’ll definitely go again.

27 days ago

Great hike. You’ll enjoy the views

29 days ago

Beautiful hike on a clear day, ran into a rattle snake on my way down so please keep an eye out and listen to your surroundings!

Great! The loop is pretty short, and most could do it without difficulty. Steep areas. Crossing of rocks over a pond. There is also an option to walk on a trail that goes past the area with the large trees and hose and has a nice incline up to beautiful views. About 1.3 miles steep uphill incline - ends with private property and no trespassing sign. Both me and my dog love this trail.

1 month ago

Good hike, especially for a quick morning work out! Multiple trails to take to lengthen or shorten your walk.
Trail has both challenging and easy parts. My dog loves it !

1 month ago

the trail is sloped in some areas which makes it harder to walk on, its like your walking lopsided. nice hike but no shade so definitely winter only

Although there are trails signs, for me it was not easy to navigate as the trail I was following is not the one labeled on AllTrails. However, once you’ve done it once, it’s easy enough to figure out all the other times going forward. There was lots of wildlife, streams, still some snow, and all as always the views were wonderful. The dogs and I both enjoyed!

Will never do this trail again. Very narrow and confusing. Not a good trail to walk with small dogs. There were many little trails that shoot off in different directions. Definitely not for beginners. If you do this trail, make sure to go with someone who’s done it before. Had to follow with satellite view just to get back to the car. Very disappointed.

I needed to use my AllTrails app to follow the loop, there were lots of confusing intersections and options. I also agree with another hiker who stated that the trail was narrow and deep in places, like a very narrow ditch. Kinda weird. But it was a nice evening hike, quiet, views.

2 months ago

Nice family trail. About a fourth to a third of the trail from the main entrance is more of a nature walk, with several information booths along the way. After that it's an easy trail with a nice picnic area when you approach the southern most spot. They have benches and plenty of open spaces for the little ones to run around. Close enough to the lower parking lot that you can just head there for a picnic day.

This trail is great anytime of the year.

Unable to access the trail via Birch Creek Lane. Locked gate with Private Property/ No Trespassing signs. Adjacent roadside roped off with No Parking signs.
Be aware that you can access the same area from the Bearpaw Preserve on the other side of the ridge, just off Highway 38. You need a permit to access the preserve (and a code to enter the locked gate,). however you can obtain a permit free online. The distance and elevation to the top of the divide trail are about the same. The Bearpaw trail is not on the Alltrails map, however this is a well maintained truck trail to the top of the ridge.

The Oak Glen Wetlands Conservancy is very attractive, popular (including neighboring Los Rios Rancho "apple/etc. store), and well maintained. There is a steep 700 foot rise to Preservation Point, the end of the Conservancy. Here there is a easy to cross Gate to the fire road which is 20 feet away. I've checked with the local sheriffs department and Fire and Forestry. The fire road is used by hikers and bikers regularly. It was however advised that you do not drop down via the fire roads into Oak Glen housing or the housing along Wildwood Canyon Road. The long down is characterized by almost continuous ridge views down into the valleys.

Great trail. Nice time with my wife and kids.

this hike is fun and rewarding with a beautiful view from the top. pretty tough first time.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Great for mountain biking, walking. Not real far. Still nice though.

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