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There is a reason why 1500+ review love this trail, so I don't need to tell you much. It is breathtakingly beautiful. We completed it in around 6 hours. I give it 4 star just because I've not found the 5 stars trail yet! I suggest you bring minimum of 3l water, you should go early morning to against traffic lol.

Tips: there is seasonal, quite well maintain restroom at Vernal waterfall.

Difficult but incredibly worth it

loved it! This hike took my 3 times to do, the first we turned back at the wet stairs, the second we were hit with a major scary thunder storm half way up the steps. probably the most scared I've ever been. but we turned back and Headed back to the trail safe ground. So note, if there is even a chance of rain don't do it.
The 3rd time we finally made it to the top and all the anticipation and excitement I had to see the top exceeded my expectation, it was so beautiful. And just amazing to finally be at the top. If you haven't hike Vernal plan it because it's such a great hike.

Awesome hike if you want an insane challenge. Not for the faint of heart or inexperienced hikers. Go up early to avoid the crowds of people who have no idea what they’re getting themselves into and will make the trail crowded and dangerous. Wear hiking boots with good tread, and be prepared to walk straight up cement stairs for 3.5 hours straight. Going up is 1000x easier than coming down. We did this whole hike in about 5 hours. Enjoy the views!

Of all my hikes, so far the best best views.

Awesome hike, bring lots of water and and pace yourself this is one hell of a hike ! Awesome view and the waterfall at the top alone makes it worth the pain !

Did it today it was one of the best hikes me and my wife have ever done

Worth it every single step!! Hard but sooo beautiful!!

Amazing views. This is a difficult hike once you get past the foot bridge but the views are worth it and the mist spray from the falls feels amazing.

Our family of 5 ages of 38, 37, 12, 8 and 6 went all the way to the part where you get amazing views of the falls and feel the mist/cool air. We didn’t make it to the top but did go about 3.5 miles total of the 5-6mile trek.

The kids did excellent- they blew me away. The rocks, stair climbing and changing views kept my kids happy, busy and hiking. We also packed a snack bag so at our highest point we all sat down and ate together. Since we don’t buy them often, gummies were their reward (it works!)

For our family hikes we also use our walkie talkies, hiking sticks, binoculars and whistles (for safety). The walkie talkies helps them forget all the climbing and descending as they check on each other often. I tend to stay back with our girl and the boys go a bit faster, just far enough to make walkie talkie fun.

Family hikes tend to require thinking a little more ahead, but even harder hikes like this one can be fun with young kids.

Other TIP: put BUGSPRAY on the kids! LOTS of mosquitoes on this hike! A LOT!!!
Bring emergency bathroom supplies as my girl had to pee halfway down. Boys have it much easier on that department. Plenty of water and give them a reward for hiking with happy attitudes.

Awesome! Words simply do not describe this trail. Very crowded. Go early.

Difficult and all climbing. Then more climbing. Well worth it all. We started at 8:30am and finishing just after 4. Bring lots of water and pack a lunch. Pace yourself. The weather was amazing but I would say bring a light jacket or long sleeve shirt, towards the top it can get pretty windy> chilly. Also make sure your wearing sunscreen or your asking to burn. There’s not much coverage. There were plenty of people on the trail as well but starting early we weren’t bothered with large or slow groups. This is a great hike, would love to do again.

This hike will work you out. It’s fun!

Absolutely stunning hike. Completed this on 6/10/18 in about 4.5 hours. We started around 8:30am and the hike from the trailhead to Vernal Falls was a bit crowded. I never felt in danger due to the crowds as others have mentioned, but it was definitely crowded. The hike from Vernal Falls to the top of Nevada Falls was quite strenuous. Very steep with a ton of switchbacks making it a long climb. However, getting to the top is so worth it. This portion of the hike was nowhere near as crowded as the first portion. We took the John Muir trail down and it was almost deserted. Tough on the knees after the continuous downhill walk back to the trailhead. I would definitely do the trail again.

My only complaint has nothing to do with the trail. We parked in Yosemite Village and took the free shuttle to stop #16 as advised by AllTrails due to parking issues. We had no problem getting there. After the hike, the line to get on the shuttle was 1.5 hours long. We walked to the previous shuttle station and all buses were full. We ended up having to walk back to Yosemite Village. If this is typical, the shuttle system isn’t efficient enough to count on to get you back to the village. I’d recommend getting there early and driving to the trailhead parking.

Awesome trail! Just be careful

Completed this trail on 6/9/18. Fantastic hike. Sentinel Dome was stunning. I highly recommend starting this trail to Sentinel Dome and then taking the loop to Taft Point. The trail from Sentinel Dome to Taft Point was mostly downhill or flat and mostly easy with only a few uphill climbs. Probably would be a bit more difficult if you reverse the direction. The views along the trail from Sentinel Dome to Taft Point were fantastic. It took us about 3 hours with plenty of stops along the way. Highly recommend.

Great hike, could feel the mist and roar of the waterfalls, but slippery near the falls.

Amazing trail.

This is in my top 3 of favorite hikes ever! I love hiking in Yosemite and this hike is stunning. My brother and I hiked this yesterday by going up the mist trail and back down the John Muir trail. I recommend that you start early as mist trail to Vernal gets crowded quickly. The mist trail has a number of stairs and it’s narrow and wet. Best to avoid the crowd if at all possible. I also recommend hiking back down via John Muir trail to avoid swimming against the stream of hikers trying to go up the mist trail. This is a must when in Yosemite.

I would consider this a hard trail. Wet and slick in a lot of places. Pretty heavily trafficked and I was there on a Tuesday in early June. There were a lot of people to navigate around. Beautiful scenery and definitely worth it.

I'm surprised this one is not more popular! It's a great hike, great view from halfdome, cloudrest, and the valley! I included indian rock/arch - but don't. Not worth the detour despite being so close

Nice little loop to finish the day, but you should include glacier point

Personnally didn't like the hike so much. Too many people, and the view isn't that great. But I did it with North dome, and that was worth it - nice view of the valley, halfdome and cloud rest. I went early in the morning and there were nobody (up there around 8-9AM). I was also lucky because later in the day, it was in the clouds. I don't know if that is common, but make sure you go when there is no clouds...

That's a classic, I've done it combined with halfdome and cloud rest.

A comfortable moderate hike with spectacular views! Go in the spring/early summer when the falls are roaring- the mist trail is a remarkable experience, and the views from the tops of the falls are incredible!! In my top 3 at Yosemite, in my top 10 overall

My first hike ever w no prior experience, both for me and my 15yo son. Challenging on the legs a little. So for older knees go back down Muir Trail from the top as everyone suggested. Probably a little dangerous for unsteady people if it’s crowded. Visited 6/5/2018 and completed in four hours about 12:30-4:30. Fairly crowded I think but I have no other hikes to compare it to.

I hiked to half dome on June 2nd. You travel this trail as the start to the Dome. It is amazing! Thankfully we started the hike at sunrise so there was plenty of parking at the trailhead and the trail wasn't crowded. My gf said it made her nervous when she went last summer and the trail was overly crowded so try to go early to beat the masses. Lot of elevation change on this trail...my legs were feeling it!
PS- Don't make the mistake of going back down the mist trail like we did. my left knee was killing me with 2 miles to go from all the downhill and steps

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A tough trail, but amazing views. Hiking/trekking poles come in extremely handy.

Yes, this trail is busy. Yes, this trail is steep at times. All in all I found this hike very pretty and worth the hassle

It's everything you've heard it is: beautiful, steep, and something you won't forget. However, I will not be going again, and I suggest you think long and hard before you go.

Imagine a line of people waiting for their turn on a ride at Disneyland, or Magic Mountain, but with zero safety equipment. The stair steps up to Vernal Falls are solid granite, and they were wet when we made the trip. Granite is slippery even when it's dry, worse when it's wet, part of the reason so many people die on Half Dome when a thunderstorm hits. There are sections where the railings are damaged and there are gaps in them. There is a long section where there are no railings at all.

So imagine that you are walking down these stairs, on the cliff side, with barely enough room for two people to pass each other. Now imagine that 90% of the kooks on this trail are pushing and shoving, trying to get past each other in a race to see who can get up the trail first. At a time where you need the consideration of others around you for all of you to stay safe, you will not get that consideration.

I've hiked some scary trails, they were scary because they were narrow, loose, steep, etc. This trail is scary because of the people who are drawn to it. If you've read of the tourists in Yellowstone that took a buffalo calf to the ranger station and demanded they put the calf in the barn because it was cold, that is the type of person who typically hikes this trail-they treat it like a video game, only you won't come back to life after they push you off the edge of the stairs and you plunge to your death in the river below.

Take plenty of water and watch out for kooks. Or come by our camp for a beer and show me you're one of the sane ones.

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