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I thought it was very hard but totally worth it. I was with 20 somethings and they had to wait for me a lot but since it was Mother’s Day they were very kind. I loved the challenge and felt very accomplished when we were done. Beautiful waterfalls but very crowded.

Awesome and amazing hike with gorgeous view all the way to the top! WARNING this is a difficult hike with trail consisting of mostly stones and rocks "A cement stair master"

Quintessential Yosemite trail!
Very enjoyable despite the heavy traffic.
Early to mid May (on a weekday) best for more impressive waterfalls with Spring thaw and lesser throngs of other hikers.

leave the bay area around 3 a.m. Roll into Yosemite about 6 or 6:30. In Hit Yosemite Falls Trail. And then have all day afterwards.

Definitely hit the trail early, as others have said it gets really crowded. A hundred feet from the trailhead a bobcat walked right by me. The trail and views are phenomenal, especially the rainbows from Vernal Falls. As you ascend up Vernal the steps get pretty crazy, but the view from the top is so worth it. I continued on up to the top of Nevada Falls. Let me tell you, it’s no joke! Quite a work out, but when you get to the top of Nevada Falls you forget all the pain of going up. I opted to descend the John Muir Trail to skip the steps I hiked up. Ended up being about 9.5 miles (from trailhead parking), 2500’ elevation gain, and a little over 5 hours for me... that includes several breaks! Watch your step, take plenty of water, and know your limits and you’ll be fine.

Way better than the out-and-back trails. Take the easy to miss Roosevelt trail along the south rim cliffside from Sentinel Falls and Roosevelt Point to near Sentinel Dome.

Get their by 7 if you don't want to be overwhelmed by the crowds. You don't get soaked though. You get misted, moistened, sprayed, or damp but unless you fall in the river you're not getting soaked. I dried off in 15 min of sitting in the sun. The stairs are huge so take John Muir if you're short or have problems with stairs.

One of the most popular trails at Yosemite and an awesome one. Was my girlfriends first big hike. Plenty of people on Vernal falls mist trail but fun getting wet and enjoying the scenery. You get a break between the two trails as it is more flat, then a sharp ascent to the top of Nevada Falls. Took us a 8 hours to do Vernal and Nevada up with John Muir trail down. This was an easy pace with stopping for lunch for 45 min at Vernal Falls. As we were coming back around 7 pm, we saw a bear about 5 minutes from the base of the trail. My first time! Although looking back the bear seemed more afraid of me than me from him. I made myself Big and yelled. He went away. But was very cute looking back. Highly recommend this great trail!

On the top of the fall there’re several lovely rocks that looks like penguins on the edge of the cliffs next to the fall. Magnificent view of the valley and the snow mountains far away.
So many places you can take postcard style and Instagramable photos. My personal favorite is the flat rock on the edge of the cliffs on the top of the fall overlooking the valley.
There’s a small bridge across the river to Yosemite point but if don’t have the time to go to Yosemite point definitely check out the bridge, it’s very close to the top of the fall.

Great walk with some excellent views. The only problem is that the loop between sentinel dome and Taft point was covered in debris and had a slightly iffy river crossing in the middle.

We did the hike last march. It was amazing to hike up to the top. Because it was still spring, there was still ice on the trail and the trail was slippery. A lot of people had to stop and went back down. We decided to come forward to the top and it was the best decision because the view is super beautiful. Just be careful of the water and slippery trails!

The views from this trail are incredible! On a sunny day, the light reflects off Vernal Falls and creates breathtaking rainbows over the waterfall. Be prepared to get WET though, and the trail itself is steep and slippery- definitely a 7 out of 10 difficulty wise. We did not go all the way to Nevada falls, but took a “shortcut” following the John Muir trail to get back to the trailhead to avoid descending the slippery steps. If I were to do it again though, just brave it and go down the wet steps, as the John Muir way takes about 2 miles longer to get down.

What a place! Spectacular!
We did the whole trail and found it to be 12 miles with 2100 feet of ascent. Worth it! Be sure to visit Glacier Point afterwards to see where you hiked. So cool!

A very well maintained path which was quite busy up to Vernal Fall and much quieter above, towards Nevada Fall. The views along the walk were stunning, with a very high water flow at the moment.

So beautiful. Watch your steps and pay attention to the signs. At the second bathroom, just past Vernal falls, take a right and climb up a rock step based path. It goes up and give a great view of the Nevada falls before turning back becoming the John Muir trail that connects back down near the footbridge.

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7 days ago

We carried our 2 and half year old toddler (in a hiking backpack) and our 3 month old baby (in a baby carrier) up this trail. It is indeed hard because of the length and incline but for us parents, what we wanted to know is that if it’s safe for little ones? I would say yes because the entire way there was no scrambling, little to no slippery rocks, little to no loose gravel, in fact most of the trail was stair steps and plenty of shade spots to rest. The views on this trail on the way to view the waterfall is breath taking and totally worth the hard work to bring your kids up there.

I called the ranger office and asked “if I bring a 3 month old baby in this hike, will it be frowned upon?” The ranger said “no! I see all kinds of families go up that trail”

(By the way we saw that we were not the only ones with kids and babies up there)

I have to admit though that we did not complete the ENTIRE trail we just made it to just SEE the waterfall which took us exactly 1 hour and 50 minutes (includes rest in between) however the other families with kids and babies did actually manage to finish the trail.

Just make sure you carry plenty of water and snacks. Az I mentioned, There is amply spots of shade to rest in. The last 15 minutes before we saw the waterfall was very easy and completely shaded. On google maps there looks to be plenty of parking at the base of the trail also called “camp 4” however those spots are reserved for campers with permits. You should come early or use the shuttle bus to avoid the parking hassle.

We did this on a Friday the park was packed! Start early for parking.
Awesome views like no other. This trail is a must do. The falls are flowing well and you will get wet in one or more sections of the trail depending on the wind.

Lots of people! Wear good shoes, bring water and food.

My favorite Yosemite hike! trailhead sign says ot is 3.4mi to Upper Yosemite Falls and 4.2mi to Yosemite Point. it is definitely worth it to go the extra distance to Yosemite Point. There are several spots along the trail to stop for a break and enjoy amazing views of the park. It is a tough hike though. Be prepared with snacks/lunch, lots of water and extra layers. Saw many people on the way down who were just heading up midday with nothing more than a plastic water bottle. They were struggling.

A hard trail! Not for those afraid of heights, small kids or the older folks! Right now, in May, the waterfall is spraying mist so hard that if your do the stairs to get to the top of Vernal Fall, your get soaked! Bring a poncho or rain jacket! I got soaked and was freezing and had a panic attack. Be prepared and take the John Muir trail back down to the valley. You have to keep climbing up a ways, but then you head down on a not so steep path. Terrific views!!

Be sure to wear appropriate gear for this one: a poncho/raincoat and decent boots. Because you will get soaking wet! We went up the Mist Trail to Vernal Falls and went back down via the winter route. The only downside is that the Mist Trail is very busy and you van only walk single file so you'll have to wait if slower people are in front of you.

We arrived kind of late so we didn't make it all the way because it was getting dark. However, if you make it past the steep climb at the start, there are great views of upper and lower falls in the flat area just after Columbia Rock. We got up there in about 75 minutes and back down in 40. Pretty exhausting though.

Lots of inclines, beautiful trail and up-close of water the fall. Slippery trail when descending. Panoramic view of the valley from the top. Worth the hike!

Absolutely love this trail. Amazing views.

Unfortunately my friend and I didn’t have enough time to go all the way up there, we started pretty late. But one of the sections was phenomenal!

10 days ago

The steps in the “mist” trail are both a quad burner and a wet one BUT is lots of fun and gorgeous on a sunny day. You’ll see lots of rainbows in the mist and you get so close to the falls. It's amazing when you're on top of the falls and can take pictures looking downwards. There were A LOT of people on this trail, but it is Yosemite, so when will there not be. Be sure to wear shoes with good grip as things are slippery and be wary on the way back down. I would rate this on the hard end of the moderate ranking due to the elevation.

Ready to get your breath taken away? This is a MUST DO adventure if you stop by Yosemite. The work that went into building this trail and maintaining it is incredible! Keep a steady pace, stop to appreciate the views, breathe deeply into your legs every once in a while to stretch them out (they deserve it!), and stop by the small running water falls to splash your face or even drench your hair! It's not an easy hike, but definitely manageable. I started my day in the valley by the water, practicing yoga, spinal breathing and meditating. I think that really assisted my ability to kick ass at this trail. So much fun! Completed it in 1 hour and 52 minutes. Once you get to the top, be sure to find a nice rock to rest your back, maybe even peak over to the bridge and relax. I didn't adventure to North Dome, but I heard it was spectacular as well.

Well worth the hike!!! Phenomenal

I love the water, so I loved both of these breath taking falls. You will get wet and the stairs are many and tall close to the top of the first, close to the top of the second the loose rock will make you with you had a walking stick. my favorite ever hike!

The most difficult hikes I’ve done so far. Amazing view, it’s totally worth it. I went about two weeks ago and the water fall is right now is full.

We hiked from the valley floor up the Mist Trail, up to Vernal Falls, continued on to Nevada Falls and then winded back down along the John Muir Trail. We started about 10am and made it back down into the valley about 4pm. This round trip hike was just under 8 miles and we took lots of breaks, just enjoyed all the view points. The next day we drove up to Glacier Point, very cool to see an aerial view of what we had hiked!

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