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Yosemite Valley, California Map

Lots of freakin steps, but well worth the climb.

Amazing views from the top! Definitely a hard trail, take plenty of water and snacks! 5/5 recommend!

1 day ago

Beautiful waterfall and super easy walk!

My favorite waterfall trail in Yosemite! A MUST! Just an FYI: I didn’t realize this trail was the first half of Cloud’s Rest which I planned on doing the following day. I didn’t want to repeat the same trail, so didn’t end up doing Cloud’s Rest.

1 day ago

Best hike of my life. Train steps before you go. Mist trail up, John Muir back. Trail is a mile level walk from Curry Village. Clocked 17.9 miles on the trail and 2 more back and forth to Curry village. This trail is a bucket list item for all hikers. Cable were not bad, have good rubber gloves. Subdome is probably the toughest, you run out of steps eventually and have to traverse a steep slope with nothing to catch you if you slip.

1 day ago

Incredible experience! We started the trail at 5:00am and didn’t get back to our car until 4:00pm. Headlamps are a must for the first few hours but overall it was absolutely breath taking the entire time. The cables are more challenging mentally than physically but I would 100% recommend rubber gloves!

1 day ago

first backpacking trip ended with this hike. stunning and terrifying. one of.the greatest things Ive ever done.

The trail starts out pretty steep. Treking poles help a lot. Would not go on the trail without them. Lower Cathedral Lake is beautiful. Great lunch stop. Upper Cathedral Lake not much further of a hike. Worth the effort. Great day hike. People on the trail were really friendly. Definitely a do over.

We hiked up to Nevada Falls via Mist Trail ! Beautiful hike with some great views. The way up is very steep and has a lot of stairs. We clocked over 7 miles, just saying.

on Lembert Dome Loop

2 days ago

Awesome hike! I was freezing from camping so I got up as soon as the sun was rising and started the trail before 7:30. I didn't see anyone until I was already coming back down the dome and had the summit to myself. From the summit you have excellent 360-degree views of the area. I'd recommend going to Dog Lake (adds maybe 0.5 mile round trip) as it was very nice there. Don't bother with the loop, the southern half is not nearly as interesting as the wilderness area forest on the northern side.

Hiking trail easy and accessible to all, be careful all the same to have good shoes not to twist the ankles or slip. Well for dogs on the other hand the lake is completely dry in this month of October so it's a pity but it's still pretty

Paved way very easy. Accessible to all and dogs. Very nice view of the falls although at the moment there is no water, it is still very impressive

Small paved path to admire the view of the Yosemite Valley. Welcome dog and path without any difficulty. Magnificent!!!! Do not miss!!!

Family paved path to go up to the waterfall. She is very impressive. The path is short and easy. Dogs are welcome. The car park is very small so it will be necessary to be patient to have a place

2 days ago

Pretty easy hike, ride quietly so is accessible to all. Dog forbidden, our so waited in the car without worries. Nice point of view up and pretty lake

Popped my cherry on this one as far as cool hikes go. The switchbacks are an ordeal. That said, the sights, the fresh air, the altitude, the gravity of it all. Epic.

A beautiful trail topped with some stunning views from the top. It was very quiet only met three couples up and back.

Easy hike. Nice views. To do counterclockwise seems better.

5 star because I survived! Views were spectacular! Although I believe I lost a lung somewhere on the climb up. Definite challenge but sense of accomplishment was worth everything. Roger S.

Just completed this route. Parked at Porcupine Creek TH at 8:30am and arrived at Camp 4 around 3:30pm. (Took YARTS back to the car). North Dome had some great views. There were several great camping spots but none were near water sources so prepare for that.

Amazing trail. Nice weather for us. We came up through Mist trail, then made a loop down by using John Muir trail (this trail for horses passing so there is a lot of horse’s wastes, but it’s easier on our knees). Loved it.

Switchbacks about 1.5 miles in are one of the hardest things I've done in terms of pure physical endurance, however, this is now the best trail I've done in my life!

Started hiking at 8am. Much less people than when we came back at 2pm!! Very chilly up there. Trail very well maintained. Terrific views.

3 days ago

4 days ago

one of the most beautiful hikes of my life!

First, I am a horticulture professional, so the Sequoias were my goal and, while few, beautiful specimens. Trail very well maintained and good didactics, it’s not a hike for anything besides enjoying the trees and their companion plants, if you’re looking for a challenge or granite views, skip this one.

4 days ago

Terrifying and beautiful. The cables look steeper than they feel. We had a party of 5 and 3 of us thought sub-dome was harder mentally than the cables. The scariest part for me was the people who are inconsiderate and move too quickly or hop on the outside of the cables, not caring that their risk taking impacts others. One person kept lifting up on the cables as he moved up. The poles will AND DID come out. We took Mist trail up and John Muir down to avoid the tall steps along the waterfalls. Bring 4 L water, warm gloves and rubber gloves (for the cables), hydration, sunscreen, windbreaker, sunglasses, plus your food and such.

Anyone with unused permits for this weekend or next, please email me at sundersrini@gmail.com. Thanks.

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