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Wrightwood, California Map

Easy hike, up and down, asphalt, lots of shade

made it to san antonio on the redo its 15.2 miles from the parking area before acorn trail. this is a beautiful hike tremendously challenging, the views from pine and baldy are wonderful it was a clear day in thr desert north and a cloudy day in La south, great views of san gorgonio and san jacinto, this is a prime hike for the dedicated outdoorspeople get out here its amazing.

My son and I left Wrightwood at Acorn & Finch at about 9am and made it to Pine Mountain and back despite getting lost early, just about 1/4 mile above WW a sign says Acorn Trail to the left, “2.1 Miles to PCT and 1500 feet of gain”. Well, of course we went straight or right and ended up having to scramble on all fours 1000 feet up a ridge to get back to the trail. What a great hike! We saw a rattlesnake on the trail coming down. Not too hot, the Devils Backbone portion from the Jeep Road up to Pine Mt has some knarly parts to it, steep fall off both sides, loose rocks, gaining altitude trail. It seems like you can see forever atop Pine Mt. Definitely going to try and do the whole hike, the three peaks, in September.

1 month ago

Great trail! Lots of shade and a nice incline right out of the parking area. Labeled as easy but definitely Gave me A work out.

The first section of this trail (the Acorn Trail) has great views. The views on the PCT are great too. There isn't much to see on the summit of Wright Mountain though (the views are obscured my trees). I still recommend this hike though. The views up and down are worth it. It's also lightly trafficked, which is also nice. I only saw 1 person in the 4 hours I was out there.

2 months ago

It’s was super chill and easy

i only made it to dawson due to time, this trail is longer than the 12.2 listed. i clocked it at 12.6 just to dawson and back so my guess is its really 16miles.

if u are not sure footed, lack confidence, and/or afraid of heights this is not for you.

if u are not in good shape this is not for u. this is one of the tougher hikes ive ever done, ive done baldy via old baldy, threes ts from icehouse.

ive often bagged 2 mountains in a day this was my first attempt at 3 i fell short for lack of time this hike will hurt u and the most difficult part of it will be at the end conserve and survive, dont be foolish just to conquer 1,2,3 in Gabes.

if u r comfortable there are only 2 small sections where u will be doing any climbing and there rather safe, but stay on the trail if u veer from it u will be on all fours soon enough trying to find it.

was a great trail secluded, challenging, views of gorgonio, jacinto and baden, its got a real good look at iron pretty much in your face the whole time.

on Blue Ridge Trail

4 months ago

beautiful trail, Good climb as soon as you leave the car. we had a casual pace and made it up in an hour, had a picnic at the edge of the PCT and back down to the car in 45 minutes. I would recommend this trail

This trail is beautiful but belongs in the moderate difficulty category. Steep grade all uphill to the top. Rocky narrow path that can be tough for children.

The hike is beautiful......long and demanding. Wait for the snow to melt off of the North Backbone. Start early at daybreak.....you don’t want to navigate the North Backbone and the Class 3 climbing section in the dark. I take 3L of water and plenty of snacks for energy. It can get windy and cool in the spring so a light windbreaker , long sleeve shirt with a thermal layer works well and convertible pants. Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses or more to protect you from the sun is a must. I started at Acorn and Finch in Wrightwood in the spring. This route will allow you to summit 4 of the highest peaks in the San Gabriel Mountains which includes Pine Mt (twice) Dawson Peak and San Antonio (Mt Baldy). You hike through many eco zones. But once on the south side of Pine Mtn there is little shade. There was some snow on the Backbone on this trip but didn’t impact the trail.

5 months ago

Great trail, decent work out & pretty well trafficked. Better than I expected. Recommended!

Perhaps a little more challenging than expected for a 4.3 mile easy hike, but mostly due to our lack of acclimation to the altitude and a good elevation gain. The trail itself is well maintained, so that makes it easy. Great birdwatching and had the trail mostly to ourselves (in April, Easter Sunday). Wanted to add a loop on the PCT but had lunch and a nice rest at the campground instead. Park at the day use area on the south side of highway, Adventure Pass required.

great family hike

I do this hike once every two years and enjoy it for the uncrowded approach to the summit. This is a very difficult trail due to the amount of elevation gained and lost between the three peaks, Pine, Dawson, and Baldy. There is also a section near the beginning of the North backbone portion of the trail where the ground is loose with plenty of exposure, so caution must be used in this area. You can start this hike at the Guffy campground using the PCT to get to the trail, and also by parking at the North Backbone trailhead in the rare occasion the road is open past the campground, but I find it easier to use the Acorn trail in Wrightwood, saving the long drive around on the Blue ridge Road.

8 months ago

Relatively easy trail with some nice scenery once you get about halfway. Have not gone in the winter, although I may go soon just to experience it. Overall, nice little hike, some gain, a few spots with dodgey footing. Once you get to the switchback portion, you’re almost there, so keep on going! You can connect with the PCT if you go right once you get to the “peak.” I highly recommend doing that.

8 months ago

Wonderful trail to hike anytime of year. Offers a challenge in certain sections, so be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes. Good place to take a picnic lunch once you reach the top. Blue Ridge campground has plenty of tables to relax at once you arrive. Always nice to finish and pop up at the bottom of lift #8, one of only two hydronic lifts found at the ski resort your nestled between. Ever a good little adventure when you want to escape Wrightwood for the afternoon. :)

Only done bits and pieces, never in its entirety. The sections I have done are lovely however and offer wonderful panoramic views to anyone willing to trek up the trail. One of my favorite sections to hike is the Acorn Trail portion along the Blue Ridge. Great views of both the Mojave Desert and the cities when the weather permits. Plenty of places to camp and even has a ski resort you can meander through.

9 months ago

With 500 feet elevation gain per mile, this hike is a solid work out. I went on a rare winter day in which there was not one patch of snow. It was still cold though: mid to lower 40s with a cold wind. The view from Blue Ridge is outstanding. Next time I'm going to continue east on the Pacific Crest Trail for a bit (up the ridge).

trail running
9 months ago

Great climb and beautiful scenery. It’s the only trail that I get a blister on my heel every time I run the downhill so I take an alternate doubt down..

10 months ago

Great hike. To avoid retracing our steps, we walked to the top of the ski run from the Blue Ridge Campground then down the ski run to the parking lot for Mt. High East. From there we hiked the service road to the trail head. This detour made the round trip 4.4 miles and the desent to the parking lot was quite chalenging. Overall a great hike, and I will do it again.

11 months ago

I went yesterday Oct 6th and the weather was perfect. I was alone and saw only 4 people on my way. It was shaded by trees and beautiful. It was fairly easy, but mainly uphill. When I got to the end of the trail, I was pleasantly surprised to find the ski lifts there. I had no idea. So I ate lunch at the campground and then continued onto the Pacific Crest Trail. I really recommend taking this up a half mile or so after Blue Ridge for the best views (it’s only a few steps away from the end of Blue Ridge). You can’t see enough from the campground. Plus, the reservoir you’ll find is pretty interesting. I would definitely go back and when I do, I’ll take the Pacific Crest Trail a little further to see what else I can find.

11 months ago

Did this trail today with a friend. Nice trail covered in pine trees the whole way. Only thing is that is it up hill the whole way too!! Though the trail may be "easy" because it is flat dirt with only a few rocks strewn on it the consistent up hill accent makes it tiring. I walk often and hike semi regularly and I had to stop often, it seemed, to catch my breath and give my legs a break. Going down, we felt it in our knees. One mile up there is a bench to take a break on. Otherwise, views from top are very nice. Had nice lunch at Grizzly Cafe in Wrightwood afterwards. Only three stars since I'm not a fan of basically up hill the whole way trails.

11 months ago

This is a great trail! It takes you to Blue Ridge Campground at the bottom of a beginner's ski trail. I continued up the ski trail to the summit of the peak with all the radio towers. about 8400 ft, elevation, and about 7 miles RT. You can keep walking the PCT from there, and even summit Mt Baldy. trail is rated as easy, but i would consider it moderate.

11 months ago

Not easy. Moderate. I clocked 12k steps round trip, about 6 miles. Steady uphill climb. Beautiful trail, well maintained. Lots of friendly hikers.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I give it 5 stars only because it was Beautiful and my first hike ever!! I took my 5 year old and it was too much for her. it was definitely not easy. I call it moderate at least. but I would do it again.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Really nice trail a lot of shade, but is not only to 4 miles,turn head trail to the campground in and out our 6 miles. And I would consider moderate.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

great hike! easy to find the entrance and hike was mostly shaded!

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

A great hike for all ages. easy to moderate. Keep an eye out for mountain bikers coming down the trail. Wrightwood is a great place to hike!

mountain biking
Friday, June 30, 2017

Normally ride this up to Guffy campground and back. Great cardio climbing and very fun riding back down! You will see mountain bikes on this trail and certain parts of the pacific crest trail. The forest rangers are ok with this area of mountain bikes on the pacific crest trail, etc.

always a pleasure to hike! Thank you Finn,Julie and Jamie for the great father's day hike!

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