Photos of Wrightwood Hiking Trails

By far my absolute favorite approach to Mount San Antonio. I done the whole trail to Mt Baldy twice, started once from Guffy Campground and also from the actual trailhead which starts at an elevation of 8,300 feet the (highest trailhead entry in the whole San Gabriel Mountains) This trail is an epic adventure that straddles up and down a narrow ridge across 3 of the highest peaks in the SGM’s. The trek starts up a rough trail up Pine Mt (elevation 9,650 ft) this is probably the sketchiest part of the entire trail as there are 3 small class 2/3 sections while approaching Pine. After Pine Mt, the trail drops approx 500 feet to the Pine/Dawson saddle, after saddle trail gradually goes up another 400 ish feet to Dawson (this is by far the easiest portion of the hike) the trail doesn’t exactly head directly to the summit of Dawson, be on the lookout for a small used trail to your left, usually marked by two tiny cairns. After Dawson, the trail drops dramatically to the Dawson/Baldy saddle, at this point you will lose about 750 feet in 0.75ish miles. At the saddle between Dawson/Baldy (this is def the crux of the hike) Mt Baldy will be looming in front of you which such authority, not going to lie Baldy at this point looks kinda intimidating. From saddle hike up Mt Baldy, you will be gaining approx 1,300 feet in 0.6 of a mile. Although the stats seems like death at this section of the trail, I psyche myself out and before i knew it, i was at the summit of Mount San Antonio. Bare in mind coming back you will gain another 1,400 or so feet which at this point you’re probably exhausted. Overall amazing trail that genuinely makes you feel you’re out in the Sierras Nevadas and gives you an incredible feeling of accomplishment, don’t think a trail can get anymore remote and gorgeous in LA/SB county.