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The first section of this trail (the Acorn Trail) has great views. The views on the PCT are great too. There isn't much to see on the summit of Wright Mountain though (the views are obscured my trees). I still recommend this hike though. The views up and down are worth it. It's also lightly trafficked, which is also nice. I only saw 1 person in the 4 hours I was out there.

1 month ago

It’s was super chill and easy

i only made it to dawson due to time, this trail is longer than the 12.2 listed. i clocked it at 12.6 just to dawson and back so my guess is its really 16miles.

if u are not sure footed, lack confidence, and/or afraid of heights this is not for you.

if u are not in good shape this is not for u. this is one of the tougher hikes ive ever done, ive done baldy via old baldy, threes ts from icehouse.

ive often bagged 2 mountains in a day this was my first attempt at 3 i fell short for lack of time this hike will hurt u and the most difficult part of it will be at the end conserve and survive, dont be foolish just to conquer 1,2,3 in Gabes.

if u r comfortable there are only 2 small sections where u will be doing any climbing and there rather safe, but stay on the trail if u veer from it u will be on all fours soon enough trying to find it.

was a great trail secluded, challenging, views of gorgonio, jacinto and baden, its got a real good look at iron pretty much in your face the whole time.

The hike is beautiful......long and demanding. Wait for the snow to melt off of the North Backbone. Start early at daybreak.....you don’t want to navigate the North Backbone and the Class 3 climbing section in the dark. I take 3L of water and plenty of snacks for energy. It can get windy and cool in the spring so a light windbreaker , long sleeve shirt with a thermal layer works well and convertible pants. Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses or more to protect you from the sun is a must. I started at Acorn and Finch in Wrightwood in the spring. This route will allow you to summit 4 of the highest peaks in the San Gabriel Mountains which includes Pine Mt (twice) Dawson Peak and San Antonio (Mt Baldy). You hike through many eco zones. But once on the south side of Pine Mtn there is little shade. There was some snow on the Backbone on this trip but didn’t impact the trail.

I do this hike once every two years and enjoy it for the uncrowded approach to the summit. This is a very difficult trail due to the amount of elevation gained and lost between the three peaks, Pine, Dawson, and Baldy. There is also a section near the beginning of the North backbone portion of the trail where the ground is loose with plenty of exposure, so caution must be used in this area. You can start this hike at the Guffy campground using the PCT to get to the trail, and also by parking at the North Backbone trailhead in the rare occasion the road is open past the campground, but I find it easier to use the Acorn trail in Wrightwood, saving the long drive around on the Blue ridge Road.

Sunday, July 30, 2017