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Great view from the top. I could see this hiking bing amazing during a season when it’s not so hot and dry. I would recommend bring LOTS of water and some good shoes. This hike is a little challenging.

One of my fav hikes

on Pleasants Ridge Trail

27 days ago

As of July 16, 2018, this trail is unfortunately closed until “the heat wave is over.” Not sure when that will be, but I do hope to visit this trail soon!

Been here before and it’s amazing! But today, June 10th, the trail was closed to do fire nearby :(

1 month ago

Challenging climb but beautiful vistas once you reach the ridge.

trail running
1 month ago

This is definitely one of the most beautiful spots in the area. It does get crowded on the weekends, and there's not much shade. Either clockwise or counterclockwise it gets steep. If you want to get the hard stuff out of the way, go counter, it's about 1200 feet up in a little over a mile. Clockwise lets you go up through the canyon, which is a gradual incline, and then the hard section starts about 1.5 miles in. For trail running, expect to have to slow down along the ridge because it's very rocky. Or at least I do because I'm a chicken and I trip too much to risk it. But taking the ridge slow allows you to take in the view, which is not so terrible! Just watch out for poison oak. Definitely recommend long pants or high socks.

Well you will have no signal there if you have t-mobile lol know your way around. Beautiful beautiful place loved it

This is an okay hike. It's a good work out! There's two ways to get to the top. There's one that starts off with lots of stairs where you're kept away from the sun (good to start on this side if you go a little later in the day when the sun is at its highest) and one where it's zigzaggy going up (no shade, good to go up from this part if it's before noon or when it's not that hot out). I've done both sides and I think I prefer the one on the left (with the stairs) because when you get up top the view is impeccable compared from the right side (no stairs, no shade).

Great trail. I’d have to put it at medium to hard only because I did Yosemite Half dome last week and it rated hard. Nice trail, it does get a little hairy on the top but nothing too bad. I didn’t see any but rattle snakes but I’d have to think they are a real possibility on this trail so watch out. As reported not a lot of shade. I was on the trail at 6:30 am and it got a bit warm before I got off, went through two bottles and could have uses a third. I did do it counter clockwise with no regrets but next time I will do clockwise to compare. Great views! I highly recommend walking stick.

I’d call it moderate rather than hard. Going counterclockwise it’s an initial 1000 foot or so climb, then it follows a ridge top with great views of Lake Berryessa. A great half day hike.

close to home...interesting landscape, a little history and awsome vistas.

This is a no joke trail. Start early, bring lots of water, wear hat/sunscreen, not good for dogs in summer nor small ones. Lots of step steps but a rewarding view at the top.

Go early or font hike this in summer. I start counterclockwise. Bridgewater. Enjoy a snack at the top over amazing views

trail running
2 months ago

Great trail with beautiful scenery.

My first time hiked here on Saturday. The views are stunning when you get to the top. I recommend doing early in the day before it gets hot. There isn't any shade on this trail. I would rate it as easy/moderate. Maybe hard for beginners.

Good incline. if you really push it self you can get a fantastic workout on this trail.

Great loop trail. Views of lake Berryessa , and Tahoe peaks when the sky is clear.

Great workout. Strenuous during summer season. Bring extra water. Warnings mention heatstroke. The trail itself is exposed to elements for much of the ridge portion. That being said, it’s an absolutely great hike with surprisingly beautiful views and alternating terrain. Counter clockwise path gives the best views. Would definitely recommend.

trail running
2 months ago

I was in shock when i finally got to the top of the ridge!!! This trail was absolutely beautiful and the overlook was well worth the 45 min trip there. It gets very crowded so try to go very early.

Best hike I have found between Davis and Fairfield area.

We followed the advice from a previous review and lucked out. If you start left and loop around clockwise you will thank yourself. The first 1.5 miles are challenging and steps stairs to climb but once you get to 3 miles you have amazing views and it’s much easier. Definitely recommend high socks because the trails are narrow with lots of plants, sunscreen as it is not a shaded hike after the 1.5 mile, and plenty of water. The trail is marked thoroughly which was very much appreciated!

Tough hike but worth the beautiful views. The landscape was so cool as well, going through different terrains.

Hiked Blue Ridge to Homestead (clockwise) in 2 hours and 50 minutes. Great workout and views were spectacular!

I did this hike on Saturday with a nice overcast. I went clockwise and it was quite steep during mile #2. At the top it was rocky which made it even more fun. I did Mitchell Creek to Diablo Peak the previous Saturday. While Diablo was more challenging due to length, this hike had me huffing and puffing due to its steep inclines. I finished it in 1:53 but that was from running every chance I had to do so. Really fun workout and great views! :)

Very difficult hike but the view is amazing. . start early as the sun is a killer. take lots of water, hat, sunscreen and snacks. if u have hiking sticks take them. won't be doing this in the summer no shade at all, spring is the best time.

Despite all the warnings about it being strenuous, I went anyway. I did it, the whole loop. Go Me!! This trail was the hardest I have done thus far. I'm pretty sure I saw Jesus twice and the vultures on the ridge were circling me like i was wounded prey. Now, with that being said I am not in the best shape and most "moderate" hikes are challenging for me. I recommend lots of water and a hiking stick. Sunscreen is a must as a majority of the trail is exposed to the sun. Also, I recommend going counterclockwise. Good Luck.

Trail had some absolutely beautiful views however was extremely steep at several points and was quite strenuous. My group was experienced and we have done a fair amount of hiking - we all felt it was probably the most difficult hike we have ever done. if you do this hike, bring extra water, count on climbing over rocks and plan extra time. It is not for the faint of heart!

Absolutely amazing trail to hike! Recommend bringing lots of water and snacks with you. Great if you want to hike solo or with a group. Met a lot of awesome and friendly people on the trail. Will definitely be hiking it again soon.

very steep and a great workout. Did this trail with my dad and 3 year old daughter, had a ton of fun. The view is beautiful and the arduous trip up the mountain.

3 months ago

Hike clockwise to have lake views as you hike and easier descent. Be careful of poison oak

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