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Great spot in the city to get away from the city and get your workout in... do it a couple times; once counter-clockwise and once clockwise...

that's pretty dumb the time they open the time they close from 9 to 6

Hike is great for a quick great work out. The problem is, gates open at 9:00am...really? During the Summer, I want to be done by then, not start. Also gates close at 6:00pm, which is crazy. obviously, the City of Whittier doesn't appear to want hikers, because how many people are off during hiking hours???

on Murphy Ranch Trail

nature trips
1 month ago

Perfect hike for family’s, we sometimes drive up and walk for early morning exercise, or ride our bikes as a fun summer activity. Perfect for kids of all ages

Was very pleasant. But if you push it you can get a real burn

1 month ago

A quick little weekday warm up for the trials that are up and coming for me, if you loop it twice it’s a decent work out!

1 month ago

I really got my workout on this hike!!

1 month ago

I went this weekend to try two spots in Whittier. This one had absolutely NO parking and all streets around are permit only. I will spend my time and breakfast dollars in a city that wants me there. Second spot was a bust as well!

Very Nice and for a beginner i loved it. I would highly recommend !

2 months ago

This was a beautiful trail. It was great for a family hike. My five-year-old son blazed through it with no problem. My three-year-old daughter had a little bit of difficulty, but was still able to do it on her own. It is a little bit on the short side, but if you want to make it a little more challenging, do the trail counterclockwise like it is recommended here. The parking lot isn't very big, but we went on an overcast Sunday morning and there was plenty of places to park. There are several picnic tables by the parking lot, in case you want to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy after your hike.

Parking is horrible!!! I went there two weeks ago and then just yesterday, I’ve seen they posted more “permit parking only” signs! And no parking inside because they’re so many people! Needless to say the hiking is great, no shades at all!

Fiancé and I did this hike yesterday. Quick, easy hike. Got it done in 45 with a couple stops of water for the pup. Will definitely do again. Designated parking lot and beautiful hills.

Found parking up front but lots of parking on a Monday near the school. Incline was something we both enjoyed as it was not something that lasted extremely long. There’s a part of this hike that is after you come downhill all the way, there’s a beautiful stretch of trees and foliage that made us both fall in love with the hike even more. There’s also quite a bit of shade that made the hike more enjoyable in comparison to Hellman’s Park (in close prox to this trail) that has almost no shade at all. Would come again because of the experience we had—there were also a lot of options for trails which was nice as well. Next time will try the Coyote Trail.

trail running
2 months ago

awesome short trail...get a good cardio workout running the trail. kids love it there also. might run into coyotes but fun to see the wildlife.

This trail definitely gives you a workout. Very pretty in the spring. Be sure to keep an eye on the signs because it’s very easy to get lost & end up on another trail (speaking from experience). I recommend going in a group as this trail can be a little sketchy.

If you’re looking for an easy & beautiful hike, this is it! Amazing for beginners. This trail is very short, but has enough little hills to give you a good workout.

different roads, same target... where family can enjoy nature and keep fit

good walk with the kids

I loved it. As a beginner, I would definitely recommend this spot.

I loved it. As a beginner, I would definitely recommend this spot.

I liked the fact that there were trees everywhere and it wasn’t to busy

Good short hike up hill, interesting view of downtown LA, you are gonna need plenty of sunblock and water, no shade at all.

Too many people very trashy ☠️

Got a $75 ticket for leaving after hours (6:05pm). Sun wasn’t even down, super strict. It used to be a really chill spot to hike. No bathrooms.

Get beginners route!

3 months ago

Good hike for beginners and kiddos!

It’s a great spot for an easy to moderate hike through the California terrain. Accessible via an ornate gate off of westbound Colima road. Takes about an hour or so to complete the entire loop and there are some mild inclines at some points whether you start out on the left hand side path or the right hand path. I went right as a an out-of-shape noob as opposed to left, which apparently is said to be the best workout. While you get a decent amount of incline even when using the right hand path, I can see how going left would yield a longer length of incline. Still, I felt as though my blood was pumping when I finished my trek but not as though I’d pass out from it which was my goal all along. I like this spot for the dedicated FREE parking at the trail head. Although small, i had no problem finding a spot on a 1:00pm Sunday afternoon as it didn’t seem to be highly trafficked. There’s a porta potty and water fountain in the lot as well as lots of signage to either teach you about the area’s fauna or to guide you as you hike about in and out of the valley. There’s a mix of dirt paths and paved paths. Great views of the city and hillside. Just watch out for dog or horse poo and take some water. I’ll be coming back to this spot for sure.

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