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10 days ago

had to park about 3/4 mile down the street, which wasn't too bad, as most of the other reviews have said. Decent trail, fire road size. When we got to the top, there were a few different ways we could go, so options are good but we didn't have time to explore further. More like an out and back for us this time but we would like to go back and try another trail. our hike was 4.75miles, 800 ft elevation (did the short hill at the top twice) in about 1:30 minutes

pretty decent hike, my 5 and 7 year old were able to keep up at a decent pace (for them). I liked the switchbacks and elevation was quick but didn't seem tough. It was a clear day so the views were gorgeous. I would go back to this one again.

Nice hike on an overcast morning like today. A few steep hills which I loved. Met some nice people on the Coyote trail. Watch out for the dog poop.

19 days ago

Great trail to start with, will loop but easy to miss the right turn after the water tower. Biggest downfall is the parking, there is none and city ticket you which is Unfortunate since all we are doing is enjoying our very own city.

Great Little Hike with hillside walls. Plenty of Cactus plants, Trees, wild flower and a stream along the whole way. There is shade here and there.Open 9am-5 or 6 Pm. Good for kids

Considering I live 10min away from here..I'm always running Azusa canyon for trail running. I decided to hit this trail after work and it turned out to be a good run. They close at 6pm so I didn't get much of the hill. I went up Ahwigna, left on "Coyote" trail (fairly steep) back down Ahwigna. 3.1miles 33min. I will be back SOON!

trail running
1 month ago

quick lil workout. I wish it had less people though

nice trail. good views. poor parking.

Great spot in the city to get away from the city and get your workout in... do it a couple times; once counter-clockwise and once clockwise...

that's pretty dumb the time they open the time they close from 9 to 6

Hike is great for a quick great work out. The problem is, gates open at 9:00am...really? During the Summer, I want to be done by then, not start. Also gates close at 6:00pm, which is crazy. obviously, the City of Whittier doesn't appear to want hikers, because how many people are off during hiking hours???

good workout in the city, gets crowded though and too much dog poop

2 months ago

Mostly uphill, and not a loop. Actually an out and back. Took me about two hours to do because I took my pup, he’s a little out of shape, so we stopped a few times so he could catch a breather. Most of the hike is uphill and was plenty cool because of the wind. For parking, go ahead and park in the residential neighborhood. There’s signs that say you’ll be ticketed but like I said, we were there for a little over two hours and nothing.

on Whittier Greenway Trail

2 months ago

Nice trail for biking, it is a bit sketchy so please go with a group. But still fine for kids :D

Park at Hoover Elementary: Alta and Broadway. All over street parking is permit only.

Good hike, lots of fun! Saw a few deer.

Good starter trial..

2 months ago

I loved it!!! Took my 3 month old German shepherd and tired him out too!!! Definitely one of my favorite trails, make sure to bring water and comfy shoes(I accidentally grabbed my workout shoes-not hiking shoes!!) overall, it was an intense workout, but great for beginners!

2 months ago

I really got my workout on this hike!!

2 months ago

I went this weekend to try two spots in Whittier. This one had absolutely NO parking and all streets around are permit only. I will spend my time and breakfast dollars in a city that wants me there. Second spot was a bust as well!

trail running
3 months ago

My first time at Turnbull Canyon was intense!! I super enjoyed the inclineSSSS. There were many of them. I really loved that there were different ways to go, though it’s easy to get lost. My girlfriend and I came down a different route, ended up at a parking lot we didn’t enter through, and walked about 3/4 mike to get back to her car.

If you’re not parking at the little parking lot (near Orange and Greenleaf), you can park by the elementary school near Alta and Broadway and walk to Beverly, which takes you to the trailhead. Not a bad walk.

All in all, I enjoyed the run, sweated a lot, and would recommend to anyone for walking and hiking as well.

No where to park!!! Not cool

Very Nice and for a beginner i loved it. I would highly recommend !

Parking is horrible!!! I went there two weeks ago and then just yesterday, I’ve seen they posted more “permit parking only” signs! And no parking inside because they’re so many people! Needless to say the hiking is great, no shades at all!

Fiancé and I did this hike yesterday. Quick, easy hike. Got it done in 45 with a couple stops of water for the pup. Will definitely do again. Designated parking lot and beautiful hills.

Found parking up front but lots of parking on a Monday near the school. Incline was something we both enjoyed as it was not something that lasted extremely long. There’s a part of this hike that is after you come downhill all the way, there’s a beautiful stretch of trees and foliage that made us both fall in love with the hike even more. There’s also quite a bit of shade that made the hike more enjoyable in comparison to Hellman’s Park (in close prox to this trail) that has almost no shade at all. Would come again because of the experience we had—there were also a lot of options for trails which was nice as well. Next time will try the Coyote Trail.

3 months ago

A little hot for dogs, not very much shade. But a nice hike

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