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Warner Springs, California Map

on Eagle Rock via the PCT

2 days ago

Did this trail today, a beautiful clear Sunday. What an awesome hike! Arrived around 11am and there were about 20-30 cars already parked along the sides of the road. It definitely wasn't crowded though. We've been wanting to hike on the PCT "someday" and this is a great hike to accomplish that on. Well marked & maintained trail. Beautiful scenery that changes from a tree-canopied creekside path for the first mile and half or so, to rolling grass fields until you arrive at Eagle Rock. On the hike back we saw a couple groups of people on horseback. It seemed to go much quicker on the way back. Roughly 3hrs round trip including about 20min taking pix at Eagle Rock. We stopped at Lake Henshaw (like 10min away on the road back) to eat and it hit the spot! Great service and generous portions. Definitely recommended!

Long hike uphill, followed by moderately difficulty descent. Pretty spectacular views from the top, would highly recommend. As with other commenters, first two miles is a rough climb (but manageable) and will drain you if you aren’t prepared.

Great hike today out to Eagle Rock. It was cool and drizzly, especially in the open areas. Directions on this app were spot on. Took about 2.5 hours at a leisurely pace. Beautiful changes in scenery and topography. Pretty easy hike.

great hike relatively flat great scenery

off road driving
23 days ago

If this is a national forest trail why are the gates closed! drive to the gate was beautiful

23 days ago

Great hike on the easy side of moderate. Great scenery along the whole route and the rock is a perfect backdrop for memorable pictures. Great for kids.
Only word of caution above the usual for SOCAL (heat, plenty of water, snakes) is watch climbing on the granite. It's a very effective skin remover

Awesome incline! First couple of miles the most challenging. Great views at the lookout tower. Took us around 7 hours round trip with a lunch break and coffee at the top!

This was a great hike and was pretty easy overall. I think the key is to go when it is cool out. Had it been summer this would have been a very painful hike. Lots of landscapes and ending at eagle rock is awesome!

Definitely go right towards the fire station to get to the trail. Just FYI...

It’s a really flat and forgiving route with a lot of nice scenery. My buddies and I had a good time. Y’all should check it out!

Loved it!! But I would say it’s an easy hike rather than moderate.

Had an awesome time on this trail today- took us about 3 hours there and back... we stopped a few times for pictures and had a snack at Eagle Rock. Most beautiful in the morning hours!

1 month ago

Ratings are wrong this trail is not moderate It's fairly easy with superb views of the landscape.

It’s a nice shaded trail, mostly uphill on your way in. The trail is wide and not too steep. It is easy to get confused at the forks though, and the trail could do with a few more markings. With 21 ft over cuyamaca this is the tallest mountain in San Diego county. Today was clear and we managed to see San Jacinto, San Gorgonio, Salton Sea. There is a rickety old watch tower at the top, but the winds can make it quite a risky climb. The road can accommodate 4x4 vehicles too, though we did not encounter any.

Great hike. A little confusing as the trail is not well marked and forks a few times. VERY windy and cool/cold (in January). Bring your ear warmer and gloves for the last 2-3 miles to the lookout tower.

2 months ago

This review is about leading up to Barker Valley Spur.

Google Maps took me through Half Way Rd, but DO NOT go through there, go down HWY 79 a bit further and turn into Palomar Divide Truck Trail.

There will be a gate. I got there on Jan 13, 2018 and the gate was closed. Unless if you're desperate or crazy, DO NOT hike from the gate, to the Barker Valley Spur trail head. Try to find another way (I believe there is another way since I saw a vehicle at the top of the hill). I made the mistake of hiking from the gate...

If you decide to hike from the gate, it's 8 miles of pure uphill. It starts off with some dirt terrain, then turns in concrete and back to dirt. This was brutal as it was literally all uphill for 8 miles (remember you have to hike 8 miles back). I'm relatively in shape but this took me about 4.5 hours to complete with a 30-40lb pack on. Google Maps estimates 4 hours by walking to get to the trail head but I don't think they incorporated breaks from the steep hill.

Once I got to the Barker Valley Spur trail head, the sun was setting so I hiked about 0.5 miles and found a camp spot. The next morning, my legs were pretty sore since I'm not use to hiking 8 miles of strictly uphill. I decided not to go down the trail since I would have to hike back up, and complete the additional 8 miles back to my car.

The 8 miles back was a lot faster since it was downhill, however, my feet took a toll since I was going downhill on mostly concrete.

I would recommend calling the district to find out whether or not the gate will be closed so you do not have to hike that additional unplanned 16 miles (round trip) like me.

Otherwise, the views along the Barker Valley Spur trail was beautiful and plenty of awesome spots to camp. I camped towards the beginning of the trail and woke up to beautiful view.

off road driving
2 months ago

Such a fun, easy trail. It’s so pretty and there weren’t a lot of bugs this time of year like others were talking about. Most of the trail you don’t really even need 4wd. I left it on to be safe but honestly didn’t really need it except for one section with some deep ruts.

Nice hike with large trees providing shade for most of the hike. Easy to follow trail marked with PCT signs. We parked across the street from the fire station and crossed the road to walk through the cattle gate. The hike was about 6.3 miles round trip and ~900 ft in elevation gain. The Eagle Rock formation was really cool. I would definitely recommend the trip! You can even get some Julian Pie on the way home:)

Cool PCT hike. Rock formation is awesome

Great hike. Long with great views at the end but make sure you bring mask. Gnats are Gnarly. Cool Forrest like hiking.

Went dogless as I was unsure of wildlife and temps; saw birds, squirrels, and cows. All dogs we saw were leashed. I will definitely be back with my dogs!

Drove up to Warner Springs to do this hike. We've always wanted to see this place in person and it did not disappoint. Moderate hike and easy to follow.

Pretty dry but nice views... relatively easy trail ... nice grade.. the trail gets a bit rocky toward the bottom but otherwise it was in great shape ... very little water but we wondered through the meadows and did some exploring . Nice camping spot ! SUV, truck, or vehicle with clearance needed for palomar truck trail portion .

2 months ago

Beautiful hike, some of the best landscapes of San Diego. Park on the side of the road across the street from the fire station, enter trail thru cattle gate on right side of fire station. Pretty accurate ~6.3mile round trip hike. Little less than 900ft elevation gain per my gps. Would love to go here again when I have more time, it is a bit of a drive but worth it. It’s so quiet out there and we loved that there were only a few others on the trail when we were. Took us just under 2.5hrs at a steady 20/Min mike pace + stopping at the rock for a few minutes. Seeing the rock formation, there’s nothing else like it. Perfect weather on January 1, probably 70 degrees, a little on the dry side.

What an awesome way to start 2018! My 4yo and dachshund both had fun and there were no complaints from either :). A nice, easy well taken care of trail.

2 months ago

Fun hike (first time). Started at 3pm on Christmas Day (2017), caught a nice sunset from the Eagle. We were in the dark with headlamps the last 1/4 of the way back, but saw a big Jackrabbit and 2 deer at sundown. Saw a few more in the dark with our lamps. Passed 3 groups of hikers total. just over 2 hour hike with some goofing off. Nice scenery...
Some trees, then brush, then fields.

Lovely hike just off the dirt pull off on 79.

2 months ago

Gorgeous Christmas hike. Warm, but not hot. only a few people on the trail. Was told there was a big crowd of people at Eagle Rock, but I got lucky and they all left just before I arrived. Ended up with the place to myself. Yippee!!!

Great Christmas Day hike. Beautiful views!

Great day hike! Easy trail to follow, great parking at the community center.

3 months ago

The journey to the eagle is pretty straight forward and I agree that the scenery doesn't change dramatically - though its still a good easy/mild hike.

so this was really confusing as there were 2 entrances on either side of the road. the CORRECT trail head is to the right of the fire station, not the one that has the PCT signpost. I apologize to the 3 ladies I gave wrong directions to. Oops. :(

Anyway, at the correct trail head, you'll pass through a pipe gate with a sign that say to close it behind you as livestock roam freely in the area. you'll pass through three of these gates and you should make sure you close the gates or else you'll be on television chasing around wild livestock.

The hike itself is very easy - barely any inclines or declines, HOWEVER, towards the later portion of the trail, there wont be any shade so depending on when you go, be cautious and bring enough water and wear your sunblock. I started the hike at 8AM and the temperature was a crisp 50 degrees F. But it felt like 70 degrees in the open area.

Once you reach the EAGLE, go ahead and mount it and fly over the remainder of the PCT. HA! Just kidding but wouldn't that be pretty cool? I named the eagle Daenarys after Daenarys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons.

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