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This was an enjoyable hike that will challenge you in the first two miles, get you away from the crowds at other suburban / urban hiking spots in SD and give you peace and quite the whole way through.

Ask a guy from the fire department where to park and was directed to park off the South side of the station (the building closed to Rt. 79). Started at 9:00 AM and walked about 1/2 mile following the signs for the trail. The trail begins off the NW corner of the fire station. Walk around a bit, you'll find it. First 1/2 mile is flat and then it climbs for the next 1.5 miles at an average rate of about 900 feet per mile. The grade was deceiving at first, but I quickly got tired half way up. The sun was strong, footing was loose rock and sands and the path was narrow. 80% of the way up to the eventual dirt road is sun exposed. Take it slow. Another reason to take it slow...trail is very narrow and I saw two snakes, one of which was either a rattler or a gopher snake. I nearly stepped on another. Lots of good snake hiding spots on this trail so walk slow and look at your surroundings.

After the path, you're up at 4,200' and on a wide dirt road. It levels out considerably from there and the remained of the hike isn't excessively strenuous, average grade is about 500 feet per mile. Just follow the dirt road to the top. There are forks in the dirt road at times. Always take the fork that goes up in elevation. And, you the AllTrails app to be sure you going the right direction.

Got to the top in 3 hours 10 minutes, and took a 30 minute break. Windy and cool up there. The ranger in the fire look-out tower called down and said the bottled water on the picnic table was free! Appreciated the offer, but I still had plenty of my own water. Headed back down in 2 hours 20 minutes.

The only person I saw was a guy with a bow and arrow set, just after the fire station. Didn't see another hiker the whole way up. Saw three cars going to the top, but nothing else. It's a good exercise hike and nice that there's not may people and no music playing. I drank just over three liters of water. Wear sunscreen and bring 4 - 5 liters and a hat. Another must-have, have a bug net for your head. Although 80 - 90% of the trail is gnat-free, there's a couple of places where they are thick and you'll want your bug net.

7 days ago

Great hike on the PCT to Eagle Rock (ER). GPS recorded 7.01 RT miles and 1,196 ft. elevation gains! The first couple of miles on the trail had abundance of poison oak before trekking on the open range Mesa! The Santa Ana winds were prevalent at ER! The views leading up to ER and on ER were breathtaking!

Camped at Oak Grove Campground across from the Fire Station to get an early start. Only $15. Got up early. and parked at the Fire Station and hiked up. Oak Grove trail is the hardest, steepest part of the trail. After that you're on a dirt road the rest of the way up. It was a nice long hike. Bring plenty of water.

20 days ago

25 days ago

We took our scout troop backpacking here last weekend. They boys read Stephanie Bradshaw's trail description and we found each marker (dry creek bed, meadow, large rock, cactus, weir) precisely as she described it. The boys thought it was a treasure hunt. There was no water in the creek but some incredible views. Of course it warmed up on the hike up and out which gave me plenty of opportunities to stop and admire the vistas. The observatory peaking above the ridgeline was an awesome sight! Will definitely come back in the spring to enjoy the water. Watch out for poison oak which was grown over the trail near the creek. Can someone please explain what the tower next to the river is for?

Drove a good ways up the road until road became very rutted, then parked in a pullout and hiked the rest of the way. The gnats are an annoyance, but a pair of wrap around sunglasses kept them at bay. Hike from about 2.5 miles from the summit was enjoyable and not overly strenuous. Amazing views at the top at the fire lookout tower. The elevated knoll opposite the tower is the true summit which requires a bit of climbing and has a summit book. Had the mountain all to ourselves on a Sunday, well worth the $10 admission.

No real destination. Trail follows the creek, with modest elevation gain. Scenery is beautiful, rock outcroppings, fall colors beginning to appear. If the creek is running, your feet will get wet.