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It was better then expected, amazing hike!

Great hike. The first half kicked my ass but I caught a second wind and finished strong. One of the harder hikes in the area in terms of incline. I love that you have the option to do a loop or return on the same path

good uphill climb for 3 miles. gets windy at the top.

Hike is not easy as it seems. It is beautiful.

I hiked this trail two times in two years. It’s a great hike and the first time it took about 2-3 hours up and 1-2 hours down for amateurs like me. But the scenery was beautiful and breathtaking. The second year it was a lot faster but this time we went on a noon which was a terrible idea because this trail doesn’t have many trees to keep you in the shade. And then there were a lot more hikers at the peak taking pictures with the pole and lining up. But overall this is a great hike if you want to challenge yourself in inclined steep path.

This hike was intense. Lots of incline, but the scenery was beautiful.

One of my favorite hikes! Beautiful mountain, but start early, the sun is a killer during the summer.

This is an absolutely beautiful hike. You will see loads of wildlife. We saw turkeys, hawks, snakes, and lizards. My wife wanted to do this as a mothers day hike, so we took our two little adventurers (four and three years old) with us. We went at a slow pace and only did about half of this trail.

It is fairly difficult as its an incline the entire way, but it provides an astounding view!

If you park by the college expect to walk two more miles. Go early, majority of the hike is direct sun. Take plenty of water and no restrooms until
You almost get to the peak. Not recommended for smaller kids, a lady fell from the hill when I went, she survived but it is very rocky getting to the actual peak. Views are amazing on top.

A lot of nice views, a lot of fun!!! There is a problem with parking but in general great experience)

Hiked here on Earth day. Full incline trail with very minimal rest. Good, hard, fun hike!

Hiked it from the Stanford Staging area. A bit cloudy and overcast, which actually made for an incredible day of hiking. Definitely STEEP however so worth it. Very few people - which I hear is a rarity- my friend and I are in our 60’s and will totally be back on the trail on a clear day to enjoy the view!! ENJOY!

Been to this spot several times, and it just gives you that awesome feeling to keep on pushing. The reward is at the very top! Awesome views. It’s best to come early in the morning,get that fresh area and good parking!!!

Amazing views! Carry lots of water.

excellent trail especially in spring season..perfect weather and great views with greenery and wildflowers all around

We started the hike from ohlone college. Parking was not a problem. Started at 8:30 am. Weather was perfect today, partly cloudy. One of the good workout hike. This is definitely not an easy one. But not that cannot be done. Hike at your own pace and you should be fine. Views from the top were mind blowing. I would love to do it again!

Full moon hike FTW! Planned it so we’d catch sunset from the top, but the real highlight was moonrise! Forget the crowds during the day, this is a great one at night, but FYI, Stanford Ave curfew is 8pm, so if you plan on staying longer then use the Ohlone College entrance which is open until 10pm.

I been here a 100 times and I love it. Such a great workout. My dogs can't make it I usually carry them in my backpack. If you go really early you get to hang out with the cows. :)

Very hard trail in terms of elevation gain but totally worth it. Only problem is it is too open but great vistas from the top.

Nice view. Need lot of leg work and zeal to accomplish this trail.

I've walked this twice and both times felt it is over rated. The wide fire track is boring to walk on and the terrain stays the same (almost) the whole way up.

On a clear day the views are definitely worthwhile but again, these are not views unique to Mission Peak.

Constant gradient and well paved trail. Good for training.

3/4/18 My first try was a few years ago. 20-30 lbs heavier and only made it 1/2 way up, stopping multiple times. This time made it up nonstop in good time. Started at 9:30, reaches the top at 11, then ran back down to complete at 11:35. Climb is a little difficult, definitely not an easy one for beginners. Day was cool and clear. Got stuck in one of the patches of mud left over from the previous days rain and had to wriggle my feet loose, was fun. Traffic was moderate along with some cows. The view from the top was absolutely gorgeous. I could see all of the Bay. I will for sure be hiking this one again.

No shade, my dogs and I over heated 20 min into the hike. The day we went we saw a lot of people running down the hill with their dogs who were over heated. If you go, go early in the morning or it will be too hot.

The view is SPECTACULAR! To avoid the crowds and find easy parking, I recommend parking in the Ohlone College parking garage. It’s free.

This trail is totally separate from the one that 90% of the Bay Area use. It’s also more beautiful, imho. The two trails converge near the summit.


Mission Peak is a Bay Area and local legend. The place that instagram ruined. if you havent been you have to go. If youve been before there are plenty of alternate routes via Ohlone, Sunol, or the beastly HH to avoid the crowds.

No shadow, elevation change dramatically, windy at high altitude, nice view

Not for the lighthearted. Great challenge! Get ready to work your legs out.

Great workout! All uphill and then all downhill. The entire trail is exposed. It was hot on the day I went, so the sun was scorching hot. It's a pretty busy trail. Parking can be an issue.
I really enjoyed the workout but when I think back to the crowds, the sun and heat, I can't imagine myself doing this hike again.

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