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7 hours ago

Cool little trail, very easy to navigate and the rock formations are definitely an interesting view.

Beautiful views from the top looking at the lakes and top of the falls. Have to go down to the campsite to see the full waterfall but it was worth it.

8 hours ago

Nice and simple trail, crater was a cool lime green color surrounded by some trees.

nature trips
9 hours ago

This trail is filled with amazing views. When my friends and I went we were taken back by the beauty of the trees and the area alone. Would definitely go back!!

9 hours ago

I downloaded the trail map. Wish I knew I could load it into the recorder. My strava recorded it as 14.6 miles. I was packed with my PCT pac. 36 lbs. 95 degrees. took off at 7:25 returned 3:30. Nice rest at top and really nice breeze and shade. 1 gallon of water. came across 1 couple running the trail.

However the camp ground was noisy. Some group of young ragers arrived at 2:30 screaming and puking and woke me from a much needed sleep. Foul mouthed shouting which had to have awaken the boy scout group camping.

on Las Llajas Trail

trail running
9 hours ago

Nice 9 mile loop. I started on Las Llajas and ended with the Chumash Trail. Las Llajas is a smooth fire road while Chumash is a technical single track so plenty of variety plus great views.

9 hours ago

Such a rewarding hike! Amazing view!

Really cool hike. over shot the water fall by like a mile or two tho...

Challenging. Start early in the day. Expect to lose the trail several times and backtrack. Be cautious when heading back down, as it is easy to get off trail and onto a steep ledge, ... then difficult getting back on trail.

10 hours ago

Did it on 5/19. The gate is open now. 3.5 hr to the top and 1.5 hr down (started at 6:15am - first car in the parking lot). After Cathedral Lake, (all the way to the summit) the trail is useless - mostly covered with snow. Used crampons - going up the chute - didn’t need crampons after that. Did see a guy who successfully summited with no crampons and/or ice axe. Barely any people on the trail - nice views, no wind, warm.

10 hours ago

First time hiking or doing anything physical in a really long time. Entered the trail at Larwin close to Chatsworth Park South. Followed the paved path till it ended and continued on the unpaved trail beyond it ... I wandered on a different trail by accident and found myself in a much rougher and steeper hike.... turned right instead of left after coming to a fork beyond the end of the paved path... There was still a trail but it was significantly tougher toward the top close to Lilac... Was worth it though and was proud of myself when I finally got to the sign. Now that I know where I turned wrong the next time should be much smoother! And btw... It’s still spring so watch that poison oak!

I was a little underwhelmed by this trail. It’s really long and flat. The scenery is fairly consistent. I dunno, just felt a bit boring.

Great hike. The first half kicked my ass but I caught a second wind and finished strong. One of the harder hikes in the area in terms of incline. I love that you have the option to do a loop or return on the same path

Please see Taylor M’s review

Sunday, May 20, 2018 is the day we went on this hike. I read through the reviews and it helped to stay on the right path to the falls. The trail isn't really present. Like everyone said, stay to the left and once you hit the fork go to the right. There wasn't much of a waterfall when we went but still fun. No shade.

Is an easy walk, not hike trail. lots of birds, but I didn't see the cave. yes it's true fences in both sides. I did difficult hikes and this is just a relax walk if you don't like it... better for me less traffic

Too many rocks

Nice trail, but you have to watch out for mountain bikes. Alot.

Beautiful view!!! Kicked my Mo F***** asssss!!!!!

Absolutely beautiful day to hike today! Always great scenery and always have fun tram ride to the station. This is the easiest hike of the six pack of peaks but one of the most rewarding. Highly recommend going on first tram up.

loved this trail! nice changes in elevation, beautiful views and waterfalls. there was a lot to look at and appreciate and it was a nice length that felt challenging but doable.

Beautiful waterfall !!!

Very hard hike, but the views are amazing!

Great trail. I'm in a crosstrek, no lift, grabbers and had no issues. plenty of places to stop to recharge and take in the view. not just a flat grade, plenty of bumps and rocks

Overall a really nice hike and the weather was perfect. It was as hard as I expected going up and easier than expected going down. Rocks are a bit hard on dog paws...my dog is still recovering and has a sore foot. Couldn’t beat the views and the weather was perfect.

This was really great. Went with my wife, two kids (15 & 10), and our dog. We had a great time. Very well maintained and everyone we came across was friendly and wanted to pet our dog. Parking was easy and Idyllwild is a great little town too. We’ll be back.

3 of us Left at 5am with 8 liters of water a piece. Made the summit in 5 hrs, 49min. This was a beast of a hike... gives new meaning to steep. Going down is treacherous- bring trekking poles and start early - gets really hot and is mostly exposed with no shade

11 hours ago

A nice walk if it isn’t a hot day. Spring is beautiful. Easy dirt path.

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