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Once you get past the crowds looking to check another box on their six pack social media list, you'll have the trail all to yourself. Etiwanda Peak is probably better than Cucamonga Peak view-wise and definitely better solitude-wise. The section of trail between Cucamonga and Etiwanda is also superb with old lodgepole and limber pines decorating an undulating ridge. If you have gas in the tank after Cucamonga, this peak is worth it.

A few technical notes: the peak is a few hundred feet below Cucamonga, so you'll gain some elevation on return. The spur trail to the peak is also easily missed, so know that the peak is the second prominent bump (it is composed of white quartz) on the ridge past Cucamonga.

it's an alright hike. easy and quick.

3 months ago

Trail conditions are pretty good to Etiwanda Peak. The last section from the main trail to the peak is a little steep and loose, but not too difficult and it is only about 1/8 mile long. The trail is exposed with little shade and can get hot. Make sure you are prepared with enough water and that your fitness matches the difficulty of the hike.

Good section, plenty of shade, very enjoyable trail. will do again as section D this spring.

This is NOT hard but is moderate. It's a very popular hike and the views are excellent on clear days.

Great hike during the springtime when all the wild flowers are in bloom. Offers panoramic views at various points of both the Mojave Desert and the Los Angeles Metropolitan region on a clear day. Lovely hike overall. Just be advised that hiking during the winter season will bring you to an active ski resort. Just be careful and stick to the trail and enjoy the scenery. :)

1.27.18 It’s a great steady incline. There is still a lot of snow and Icey trail after 2miles Mark. Micro spikes is recommended.

it was a very good trail we started out at the visitor center and Wrightwood and hiked all the way down to Jackson Lake, so coming back was all uphill but that was a good hike

Spring snowmelt brings wildflowers and mule deer out in droves. Summers offers an array of hiking opportunities and PCT travelers from everywhere. Fall ushers in a myriad of colors when the oaks shed their leaves in preparation for snow. And winter bestows a place to ski and escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Mountain High is situated in an ideal hub of outdoor activities. Everything from hiking, geocaching, hunting, camping, disc golfing, mountain biking... you name it, it’s there. It offers a little of everything with merging trailheads and campgrounds situated in and around its perimeter. For me, it’s a great place to hike and explore. To visit friends who work the resort. To go skiing and get lost looking for geocaches. To look for the little bits of history left behind by the great outdoor recreation boom from the 1920’s. I adore this place and recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who wants an adventure no matter the time of year.

Fantastic three peak hike! We tagged Mount Baden-Powell first then went on to get Mount Burnham, and Throop Peak last. We went back the way we came except by by-passing Mount Burnham and mount Baden Powell on the way back by staying on the PCT. Once you get up to the ridge line before summiting Baden Powell you will have amazing views the rest of your journey. The switchbacks going up Mount Baden Powell are nicely graded and not too taxing. There were just a lot of them! I believe 40 to be exact. See my recording for my track and stats as the track listed here does not include summiting the two extra peaks.

A great way to get some altitude without the crowds Baden-Powell. The trip took about an hour and forty minutes including stops. This one I am going to add for quick after work trip.

Amazing beautiful views

Mt. Baden Powell. Named after the founder of the boyscouts. It's about a 9-10 mile hike with an elevation gain of about 2,600 ft. Peak elevation is at 9,400 ft. It's known for its 40 switch backs. Along the way you will meet Wally Waldron, a 1500 year old tree. At the peak there's a concrete monument dedicated to Lord Baden Powell and the American Flag. You'll have beautiful views of the Mojave Desert and the San Gabriel Mountains. You will be able to see Mt. Baldy and Mt. Gorgonio on a clear day. Enjoy!

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It gets a little confusing when you get the first ski chair lift. But all in all, a cool hike. I recommend it.

This is my 6th time to the summit. Great hike, best views of any mountain in Southern California and can't figure out why it's not part of the 6 Pack of Peaks. I would like to say that the road is open now from Grassy Hollow to Vincent Gap parking lot and trailhead. They are still working on sinkhole but road is open.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I combined this hike with Mt. Hawkins (as recommended by modernhiker.com). I hit Hawkins first and Throop last. Both have phenomenal views. I recommend using the eastern most trailhead (not the western most which this route uses). It's step and kinda sketchy.

Friday, August 04, 2017

This is a fairly simple loop trail that begins on the PCT at Inspiration Point, and heads east up to the summit of one of the Mountain High Ski Resorts slopes. At the top there is a pond for winter snow-making operations. After the pond, join the dirt road (East Blue Ridge Rd) and follow it back west to the Inspiration Point parking lot. The PCT here has some great views of Sheep Mount Wilderness area to the south. You will see some of the lifts and signs for the ski resort trails along the way. This trail is not open in the winter.

Great trail! FYI, as of today, July 22nd, highway 2 for 2.5 miles in each direction from the trailhead is closed, so plan for an extra 2.5 miles in and out in addition to the trail!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Got it off the PCT class of 2017. Nice summit, not too tough but fun. Could probably string together with Baden Powell and a few others.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My 3rd time up to the peak of Throop Peak in the last year. Each time I'm up there I look for a peak registry log. I'm not finding anything. I'm a geocacher (BigDaddyGRC) so I've visited the cache several times. This last visit we found the trail covered in snow which made it a challenge without any gear for icy spots along the trail. The views are amazing for a quick after work hike.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Friday oct. 21 we did the whole up n down and took a break of 40 mins to have lunch up on the summit... started at 9:50am from the Vincent gap n hit the peak at 12:17... and we made it to the car at 2:20pm .. 20mins more then what I was planning.. weather was just perfect.. my friend almost die but she didn't lol.. planning on doing it again soon

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wonderful shady trail with constant up. Once we cross the longer switchbacks the trail ends on a scenic note. Perfect weather to do trail run as well.

hard hike not as bad as the six pack peaks. The sign says 4 miles (8 round trip). The whole trail is nothing but switch backs.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

beautiful 360° views when you're in a time crunch

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Supper fun hike but a TON of switch backs(44 to be exact) Great views from the top and plenty of shade until you summit. Also a very well marked trail and in good shape. Good to get started early so you have enough time to finish

Friday, August 05, 2016

Windy at the top, but compared to the heat in the LA basin it ws a welcome relief. Short hike, but the altitude took more out of me than expected. Needed this hike to aclimate so I can hit the big peak hikes later in the yr. Awesome views! 7.70

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Beginners. Our first summit. We've been doing easy to moderate hikes. This was our first "big" one. 8 miles round trip (according to the sign at the trail head). 2800ft elevation gain. 9399ft at top.

Start 8:39am
Summit 1:30pm
Descend 2:11pm
End 4:27pm

Adventure Pass. Water. Snacks/food for refuel at the top. Camera. Hiking poles/sticks was helpful for us. Sunscreen (high elevation).

Take Hwy 2. Park at Vincent Gulch. Good size parking lot with bathroom. Trailhead is a couple of miles from Grassy Hollow Visitor Ctr. It starts steep with no end in sight. A bench to rest about a mile up. Magnificent views along the way. Trail well maintained. Shaded 90% of trail. Certain parts are rocky. Minimal bugs Cool temp (7/9/16) as you get higher of course.

We made many stops to take pix/videos and had snacks along the way. As everyone stated, MANY, MANY, MANY switchbacks. Especially steep the last mile but the view was all worth it.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

A 2 day Backpacking trip with my brother up Mt Baden Powell on Memorial Weekend 2016. The views were incredible. Remember to bring water, there isn't any on the mountain. You are required to have a adventure permit to park. If you plan to stay the night the wind starts about 8 pm and doesn't let up until about 7am. It is truly an amazing place. There is more about it in my blog along with pics http://lovz2hike.com/2016/05/30/mtbadenpowell2016

Wow, what a Hike. better be in pretty good shape to go the distance. I went on a Weekday and can only imagine the trails on a weekend, went on a weekday and purposely timed it so i would run into some Pacific Crest Trail thru hikers, just wanted to chat and live the dream through there eyes a little... had a Nice long visit at the summit. decided to go another mile or To My Burnham, very cool the beginning is just a long queit walk in the woods then a 1/2 mile from the summit it gets spectacular and the walk to Burnham was unreal. a storm was coming in and had great views at the beginning and just fun weather being IN the clouds near the end. will do again... on a weekday!
Always take a GPS and treking poles

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