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1 day ago

Great hike, check out my guide on HikingGuy for more info

2 days ago

Easy yet epic hike, check out my guide here: https://hikingguy.com/hiking-trails/best-la-hikes/devils-chair-hike-devils-punchbowl-natural-area/

The trail was almost entirely snow covered but mostly packed down and easy to follow until close to the very top, when the footprints diverged and several paths led straight up to the ridge. Traversing the steep and snowy ridge from there up to the summit was a little sketchy—I probably should have had an ice axe but made do without one. Microspikes and trekking poles were enough. Managed to find a tiny dry spot under a tree on the other side of the summit to set up my tent with a beautiful view of Baldy. Cold and windy, but very beautiful!

mostly snow covered trail as of 1/11...with snow in forecast. great hike, had a blast as this was my first hike in snow of this much

First hike of 2019! Hiked to Devils Chair yesterday and the views were awesome. The snow came down hard yesterday as we were coming down back to the cars. Make sure to bring hiking sticks for sure and hiking boots.

Beautiful trail, great for beginners. Lots to see and explore.

Great hike with friends

This is the third or fourth time I’ve tried to make it all the way down to the Gulch. Haven’t succeeded yet; maybe next time. It’s Jan 4th and the weather couldn’t be more perfect. It was a chilly start but once you were moving along, you warmed right up. The temp read 37 when I started and since then has warmed into the upper 40’s. One thing I do love about this trail is that it’s off the beaten path and you hardly run into ANYONE!! In fact, since discovering this trail 2yrs ago, I’ve ran into 1 gentleman and he was on his way up as I was headed down. Great scenery! Periods of ice on the trail but clears up before you get to the turn off for Vincent’s Cabin. It was about 1hr 11mins to the bottom and 2hrs back up. Plan accordingly bc it gets darker quicker when you’re at the bottom. I highly recommend this trail if you’re comfortable being alone.

13 days ago

Beautiful trail! Got to break in my new hiking shoes

Great snow hike up Vincent gap trail on 12/29/2018. cold at the mids twenties with gusty winds all along the trail/ at the summit it gets worse :) one mile in the trail its cover with ice and micro spikes /trekking poles are highly recommended. toward the last 1.5M part of the trail gets lost due to the gusty winds blowing snow and covering existent footprints. Overall a beautiful hike up to the summit/perfect time to catch some morning sun therapy as we started at 6:30AM. Happy trails / full album at facebook/bleedingumz photography or IG : bp_trailheads

1.micro spikes
2.trekking poles.
4.wind breaker.
6.waterproof boots or mountaineering boots.

14 days ago

Loved this hike. I would say it is on the easy to moderate side based on my experience with other AllTrails hikes and ratings. The hike in is a breeze. The walk down to the chair is steep for about 25 yards and then easy peasy. I do hike a lot, as my daughter reminds me, but it is not hard at all. As for the trail eroding, it's not bad at all. I have a fear of narrow, steep trails, and I was able to do this without too much effort. Beautiful area! It would probably be hot in the morning in the summer months when the sun is shining on the trail, but most of this trail is in the shade on the north side of the mountain. Cool in late December.

15 days ago

there's patches of snow and ice, so be prepared for that.

My friends and I were camping down below and decided to go on a hike. we thought this was the 2 mile hike and as inexperienced hikers we packed a granola bar each and a bottle of water each. "Travel light" we thought. it was mid July and about 80° one kid forgot his water so we had to share with him. Thankfully even with the dehydration and hunger, we still enjoyed this hike. Once you reach the "chair" it's well worth it.

Awesome 4 mile hike. The mine at the end of the trail is super cool

Hiked this trail about a week ago and it was a killer workout. There is still a ton of snow when you get towards the top and it was really difficult to stick to a trail because it disappeared and there were footprints going every direction. Definitely recommend the spikes for your shoes and hiking poles.

Amazing history along the trail. It is an easier, family friendly trail.

20 days ago

Great short-ish hike. Pretty well covered throughout with beautiful views of the high desert. The beginning mile and end mile are steep but the bulk of the hike is pretty easy. A few hairy spots where the trail is eroding pretty bad, but all in all this is a good hike with kids/dogs.

Great trail. First hike I’ve done since moving from Northeast. I’d say this hike is pretty easy just a bunch of narrow switchbacks. No climbing required just a stroll really. Great views! Wear proper footwear. Beware of snow and ice on less sunny sections.

27 days ago

Overall easy trail. Great trail for kids that are used to hiking. I wouldn’t take kids on this trail if it was there first time hiking. So peaceful and quiet. Went on a Monday morning and there was no one there.

Plenty of snow/ice as of December 15, 2018-recommend crampons/poles. Snow is almost knee deep toward the peak...I made it without any extra gear, but the final portion of the climb was challenging. Trail can be followed fairly easily. Awesome views throughout the hike and especially at the summit. Need an Adventure Pass to park in the lot at Vincent Gap.

Beautiful hike today. Be prepared for the cold from now until late spring. I could've used another layer of clothes and gloves.

Awesome hike. My wife and I really enjoyed it. Took our time to let the scenery sink in. There was a little snow on the trail from last week’s rain, but it was all worth it.
Started at 0930 got back to parking lot at 1430.

Great hike, beautiful views, very clean trail but some sketchy path areas but easy to get through, not may people along the way either. Some challenging inclines if you’re not used to them. Seen lots of hikers with poles to help with that. We started off at 10:30 am and got back around 2:30.

We hiked on Sunday, 12/2. So fun! Lots of snow. Pretty cold too, bring your mittens. Looking forward to hiking this one in the springtime.

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Started at 6 am, temperature at trailhead was 24* F and with the windchill was 16* F. There was snow pretty much along the whole trail, in some places ankle deep. Recommend micro spikes and hiking poles. Dress in layers and don't skimp on the boots and gloves. We were lucky enough to be able to follow another group who had stamped out a trail in the snow for us, otherwise we would not be able to see it at all. The winds were strong enough to bury the trail in some places. Beautiful if not a very strenuous hike. Beautiful views early in the morning.

1 month ago

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE SNOW! This hike is rated easy, but it gets really hard with the snow. There’s a lot of icy patches and snow on the side. There is a very very narrow path leading to the first mine and another one after the first mine. I was basically hugging the side of the mountain. Not recommended for kids right now. Please wear hiking boots or chains on your shoes! I made it to the first mine, but I was unable to continue cause I was wearing the wrong shoes. I will be back to finish this hike once I get the right shoes!!!

loved the view

1 month ago

Trail was heavily trafficked. Hikers were playing music with no respect to others around them. People brought aggressive dogs on the trail which bit other dogs and people did not clean up after their dogs. A man smoked his cigarette where the group of other hikers were hanging out... disgusting. If you hike for the instagram photo this is one for you. If you like to hike to be one with nature... pick a different trail.

great hike went on 11/24/18 last two miles ice and snow don't forget your micro spikes

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