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I love this trail...definitely one of my favorite local hikes. I love that you get the great views of being at over 9,300 ft without too long or overly arduous hike like some of the other local peaks. I highly recommend this hike for those who haven't done it and I look forward to coming back and enjoying this one many times and I have done it twice in less than 6 months.

Parking- Vincent Gap parking lot off Hwy 2...we have gotten there early so it has never been an issue finding a spot and it is a rather large lot (you do need an Adventure Pass)

Trail- it starts near the restroom...the trail to the left going down will take you to Big Horn Mine and the trail going up will take you steeply up to Baden-Powell and there will be many switchbacks and many great views as you make your way up; at about a mile there is a cool wooden bench to catch your breath or catch the great view; it is about 4 miles to the top and you will reach a 1,500 yr old tree less than a half a mile from the top called "Wally Waldron" at a flat kinda narrow portion that is a mini Devil's Backbone; you will then make one final ascent up to the peak where you will see a monument to the namesake who was a Boy Scouts leader and a pole with a writing station that contains some notebooks to log your thoughts, message, etc... and just beyond that you should find the wooden sign that you can hold with the elevation and a US flag

Peak- there is a pretty large area at the top for you to find a spot for yourself/group to not bother others or be bothered by others and there are 360 degree beautiful views

Distance- about 8 miles
Elevation Gain- about 2,800 ft
Peak- about 9,400 ft
Duration- between 4 to 6 hrs depending of course on your speed, how many breaks, and how long you spend at the top
Difficulty- Moderate to Hard (definitely easier than the other SoCal peaks like Mt Baldy or San Jacinto)

Fantastic hike that parallels the PCT and follows a paved road. Easy accessible from town, this hike is perfect for any age group. The road is mostly flat and offers great views of the surrounding mountains and desert. There is a minor accent just before you reach Jackson Flat campground, but it is not very strenuous. The fire tower at the top of the campground is definitely worth a visit and an ideal place to have lunch. Overall one of my favorite hikes, particularly at night for stargazing with friends. Just make sure you have your adventure pass when you park your vehicle and your good to go.

Wonderful hike that spans several trail junctures. Started at Lake Jackson and followed the Jackson Lake Trail for roughly two miles. Trail is well used and easy to follow as sections used to be old forestry roads. Elevation is gained at an even pace with plenty of scenery to view. This portion offers majestic views of the Mojave Desert and the lake once you climb high enough. The trail ends at the PCT. From here, follow the trail to the right. This section of the PCT runs along the ridge like just below Jackson Flat Campground and will ultimately intersect the Baden-Powell parking lot. Sections of this trail are steep but well trafficked. Once reaching the parking area, there are several options that can be taken. This map is for Vincent’s Cabin, however I decided to walk a little farther and went to the Big Horn mine instead for a little more of a challenge. This made my total trip 12 miles. You may also choose Baden-Powell or Big Rock Creek if feeling adventurous. Just make sure you bring enough water and allow enough time. The return trip was a little strenuous as I worked my way back up the PCT until I reached the ridge again. From there everything evened out as the PCT is fairly flat in this section. After finding the Jackson Lake Trail, I started my decent back to the lake an my vehicle. Overall, well worth the adventure and added a lot more challenge to one of my favorite hikes.

Ass kicker! Worth it!

2 days ago

An easy to moderate hike with incredible views of Mt. Baldy and surrounding peaks. It's a busy trail, but worth it.

Def all incline most of the way! The start and very end of hike were hardest for me! I got poles & they helped a lot! Worth the hike to the top!

First time here. Great hike. We got here at 8am on Saturday morning, parking lot was filling up. Don’t forget your Adventure Pass! This is a high trafficked trail, very easy to follow and all switchbacks.

There was a lot of PCTers which was awesome to see.

There are also bathrooms at the trailhead (no TP) and a few picnic tables.

I’d say I got about 50/50 shade and sun on the trail.

I logged 8 miles round trip.

This hike is a moderate hike with some uphill inclines and some washed away path areas but nothing that can’t be done. Beautiful views and a fun hike!! At the end is an old mine that you can go in just remember to bring a good flashlight!

This place was so beautiful! We spent the day above the clouds. It was windy and cold on the way up but really nice once we got to the top. The directions on my map from the app was not accurate but I eventually found it. You do need a parking pass FYI

The view is worth the work!

13 days ago

BEAUTIFUL view at the end! Very rewarding!
An easy hike, with some inclines to give you a little sweat. Love love this hike!

Trail conditions are pretty good to Etiwanda Peak. The last section from the main trail to the peak is a little steep and loose, but not too difficult and it is only about 1/8 mile long. The trail is exposed with little shade and can get hot. Make sure you are prepared with enough water and that your fitness matches the difficulty of the hike.

This hike is wonderful! easiest trail to find and follow that I've done thus far. If you are in good shape and have done hikes before I highly recommend this one. I recommend to start early because it starts to get hot by 10 am. I started at 7 and made it back to the parking lot by 11 and it was pretty hot by then.

17 days ago

This mine is perfect for a simple day out. The trail is mostly covered by trees which keeps it nice and cool.
We brought our small children here several times.

23 days ago

Hike is short and rewarding with a great landscape view and cool little mine. Well worth it.

1 month ago

Super fun hike, pretty strenuous at times. We did this last Saturday in perfect weather and took our 2 dogs. They did fine but would only recommend dogs that mind you and are sure footed. Parts were rocky and somewhat exposed. Nothing sheer but nothing I’d want to roll down. There were some snow patches towards the top and micro spikes were handy but not a must. The distance is 6.5 miles one way - I wish AllTrails was more consistent with this...

1 month ago

Finally did this hike, it’s been on my list of hikes for some time now. Overall it’s probably 1-2 hour hike. There were some dicey spots on this trail mainly where the rock slide areas are. Great for kids and dogs. Did this one with my dog and he did fine with the exception of dicey spots.
One recommendation is do this one early morning so you can beat the crowd. I was fortunate enough to get there when no one was around the mine. I was able to relax take some good shots and just enjoy the natural environment, sounds and fresh air.

In addition you will need an adventure pass. If you haven’t purchase one yet spend the 20-30$ to get a pass for the whole year.

1 month ago

Great hike. Great view. Thanks to the fella that left a midweek hiker pin at the top. Cheers!

Beautiful views and a fun trail with enough variation to keep the hike engaging. The mine itself is a great reward at the end of the journey.

1 month ago

Great trail. Says easy but I would rate it moderate.

An incredible hike through the quintessential wooded mountains. I tracked it at just under 8 miles. The last 1.25 miles to the peak are the hardest. We made it up and back to the parking lot in about 5 hrs with plenty of short rest breaks & lunch at the top. Weather was ideal at around upper 50s with a subtle yet steady breeze. Bring at least 3L of water, poles (the trail gets pretty narrow & there was unmelted snow), & 10 essentials.

Very fun, there’s a lot of switchbacks, but not as bad as can really be. There were some leftover snow patches that made me a bit nervous, but other than that, not too shabby.

Started out around 6:15 in the morning and arrived on the summit of Baden Powell at 8am. There were only a few small patches of icy snow and most of them I was able to walk around, I did bring spikes but did not use them. On the decent I came down the West ridge of Baden Powell, up and over Burnham Peak, and up to Throop Peak. There were already a dozen or so people on Throop so I continued down the North ridge a ways stopping for a short break before continuing back down to the trail head. This is a beautiful trail more scenic than the trail up from Vincent Gap with views looking both East and West into the valleys on each side of the ridge. An important note about the actual trail head, it is not the one directly across from the Caltrans shed that popped up here about 10 years ago, it is about 50 yards or so east of there near a culvert just before the bend in the road. Start here and at the first switchback you will see the sign placed by the Boy Scouts.

Beautiful trail in the same time it’s a kick ass trail

Awesome hike made more awesome by ice-avoidance. We were told that there was no snow on the mountains, so we did not bring spikes of any sort. The trail on the side of Throop, however, had significant sections of ice on the trail; significant enough that we felt it was dangerous. We chose to power up the hillside to the top of Throop. Wind was a good 35+ mph on the ridge and peaks for most of the hike. If you're going on this hike in the next few weeks, I recommend either bringing crampons are plan to bag Throop and Burnham. Also, if you include these peaks, consider this hard rather than moderate.

Nice easy hike. Parked at Inspiration Point and hiked to Grassy Hallow and back.

1 month ago

Remember to buy an adventure pass at the visitors center. Park at Vincent Gap parking lot. Walk to the path going downwards, it has a gate lowered on it. The signs weren’t really clear, just follow the Mine Gulch trail and then after a short walk you find the Big Horn Mine trail sign. It was an easy hike, some spots had a landslide of rocks making it a little more challenging to pass by, but not impossible. Definitely rewarding to make it to the top and to see that view.

1 month ago

This. Hike. Is. STUNNING. Did it with my mom when she came to visit and it was her first summit! Pretty relaxed little single track trail with amazing views at every point.

There was a bit of snow left on the trail at higher elevations, but it was easily navigated in regular hiking boots, only an inch or two deep.

Plenty of parking right along the 2, and Little Jimmy Campground is a nice spot to take a break halfway up with bathrooms and a spring.

I’d say this hike is longer than 4.2 miles, my GPS came out to roughly 6 all said and done. I highly recommend this trail to everyone, it’s a blast.

great hike ! the storms have definitely caused some wash out areas as you proceed to the mine . but my buddy and I made it safely to the mine and even made it inside the mine with our headlamps . nice 49 degrees and full sun made for an excellent adventure !

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