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This is one of our major hikes here in the Angeles national forest, I went to the mine to evaluate the trail, and am dismayed at the abuses our historical places have suffered in this ‘ new age’.
And now, In the last week the cabin has been paintballed. Please, this is my home. I would not follow you home (as much as I want to) and tag and paintball your home! And this is why I don’t go down ‘there’. The National forest is everyone’s, why would you destroy it? Please have respect for my home.

We do it the other way, we’re old. And we use a shuttle car down at Apple tree.
And we go from grassy...

Kicked my butt! Ole sir Baden-Powell, yesterday was the last time i will see the summit, my 3rd time up, and now to find my bucket list...

Just a two hour drive from Los Angeles to Guffy Campground will give you a wonderful launching point to some of the finest wilderness in the San Gabriel Mountains. Even though we hiked this trail on the July 4th holiday, with the exception of the summit which was overrun by people who took the ski lifts, not another soul could be found along this lonely route. The ascent from the saddle between Dawson Peak and Baldy is a burner, but watch your pace because once you get to the summit you still have to turn around and head back cresting Dawson Peak and Pine Mountain again. The three tallest peaks of Angeles National Forest in one trip is ample reward.

I love this trail. I drove up pass blue ridge campground and parked on the overlook. I walked

This hike is rated hard for the right reasons.
Its a challenging Hike, you will walk up many miles, they are many switchbacks, and will test your hiking skills. The good news is, once you make it to the top, its all Worth it. Here are my recommendations. Take 3 litters of water. take a few snacks, and go on your own paste. There is lots of shade which makes the hike much pleasant and beautiful. I took a hiking stick and it helped allot. This trail is perfect to train your body, mind for mt baldy or other challenging hikes around the San Gabriel or San Bernardino mountains.
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I love this hike. I been here many times just because its such a beautiful hike.
First off, The parking is great with lots of space. Bathrooms are a bit dirty. Bring your own toilet paper!. the hike to the mine over the white gate beginning point is moderate. 2 miles of beautiful scenery and nature. At points a bit slippery so hold on to your kids and dogs. Once you make it to the Mine, the views are amazing for pictures and sunsets. when you enter the mine. bring flashlights

Gorgeous hike. It was a bit chilly at the parking lot starting out but as soon as we began climbing the trail it got warmer. There’s also a good amount of shade until you get near the top. It was pretty chilly up top, had to put all the layers back on. The wooden sign is missing but the flag and monument is still there. We began the hike at 630 and made it back a little before noon. It was starting to get pretty warm when we got back to the lot.

Great hike, gives you a good workout and beautiful views. I took my kids and our dog and they had no problem getting to the mine. My kids loved exploring in the mine it was fun... just take flash lights and you'll be ok. I would of given this trail 5 stars, but there is way too much graffiti and trash everywhere.

Loved this trail! Nobody in our group had to use trekking poles. This is a rocky trail! I wish someone would have posted that! This is a dog friendly trail. There are nice spots with shade to rest. Lots of bees at the mine! Nobody got stung but they were annoying. Many places for photo opportunities. Please take your trash with you leave no trace! Great hike for children’s 8 and up. Keep your dogs on a leash. Have fun!

Many great hikes with scouts from Troops 737 and 164. Beautiful views and a good test for longer hikes

Pretty cool trail. Great views. Watch out for rattlesnakes when you get to the mine. Had a run in with one of them. You don’t know fear until you hear that death rattle.

Great hike! It was clean and right before the end there is a bench overlooking the mountians. Peaceful.

The mine has such great views. Has always been a favorite hike. Last time I went, there was a lot of trash, so don’t forget to clean up after yourselves.

I LOVED this hike. Yes, there are switchbacks and yes, it is uphill because your main goal is to summit a MOUNTAIN, right?! Anyway, if you are conditioned appropriately for altitude (which is basic hiking safety) and you do some stair master at the gym, you’ll enjoy this hike as much as I did. I loved all of the shade and easy trail navigation. I also loved that the thugs haven’t ruined this trail with trash and graffiti like some of the others. We went today (on a Monday) and didn’t really see many people. Enjoy this hike, it offers awesome views at the top.

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If I could give this trail 10 stars, I would! Awesome views, well kept trail, a good workout...the list goes on! LOVED IT

ok they we're not lieing to you all switch backs like over 50 switch backs up to the top and sadly for all that work the American flag and the sign has been taken by someone and sadly some one wrote with chauk all over the Monument very sad to see this but the viwes is amazing and shad on the trail is more than I expected. I started at 5 am and got up by 8am and we took nice long breaks to enjoy the trip. the bathroom that are in the parking lots a super dirty when I went to days..... but with that note the trail is clean and is a single width trail loved the intensity and short Ness of the hike took 5 hours for me to go from the bottom to the top hang out for an hour and back down to the car and I'm a slower pace hiker. bring lots of water thoes switch backs get you super thirsty

1 month ago

My girlfriend and I pulled this hike off without being prepared for altitude issues and it was the longest hike we’ve ever done. We are not beginners and this hike took some serious gas to complete. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a nice long walk in the forest because it’s a continuous grind all the way to the top. Once you summit you’ll feel accomplished and the views are phenomenal. We love the fact that there is copious amounts of shade on this hike and trust me when it’s 80 to 85 degrees out you’ll be thanking those beautiful pine trees. The history of Baden Powell being the founder of the boy scouts is pretty cool too considering this hike is just minutes from my house in the high desert. After doing a few more hikes in the area it’s pretty evident that this is probably the best hike in the San Gabriels as far as trail maintenance, shade, work out and accessibility is concerned.

I loved this trail! Bagged my first peak! This trail is best to do in early morning when it’s cool outside. It is hard but it is worth it! On switch back 5 or 6 there is a nice resting bench on the left side of the mountain. I recommend tying your boots pretty tight so your foot doesn’t move around to much. I got blisters on the sides of my feet. Take at least 3 liters of water if you plan to do the full hike to the top and some smart snack. Make sure you have the proper hiking shoes for this! trekking poles are recommended! There is lots of shade on this trail. 42 switch backs total it’s ALL switchbacks! You can do it! One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve done.

Wow! Those views! This trail took me 5.5 hours. It was hard but totally doable. I just took my time. Lots of shade. I highly recommend!

Our favorite peak thus far in the 6 pack challenge. Not as difficult as we thought it would be - up and back 7 hours - including 2 hours at the top. The peak area was amazing -- so many beautiful, peaceful spots to explore. Shout out to our new friend - please join us for more hikes!

It was challenging on the way up, especially with all my camera gear but the views are well worth it.

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Had so many pretty views!! A lot of incline but I enjoyed it. At the summit there was a cool notepad you can write notes to people in or sign your name with a little Saying.

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Completed Mount Baden Powell Trail. Hiked 8.9 miles in 5 1/2hrs at an elevation of 9,363ft and a grade of 43%. Open your heart to possibilities. I feel so alive..!!

This hike is dedicated to all the people that showed me kindness, compassion, and understanding after all these years. The air is the mind, the fire is the soul, the water is the emotion, and the Earth is the body. Allow the chakra energy to flow through your body to find #balance, #harmony, and #serenity. Make your dreams become a reality.

Fun hike! Bring 3L of water. Food and take trash out with you. Great for building and maintaining durability. Altitude breathing. Not for beginners!

Really fun hike. Nothing but switch backs... most aren’t too steep. About a quarter mile from the summit, the Wally Waldron tree sticks precariously off the side of the ridge, one of the oldest trees in the San Gabriel Range. About 30- 40 people there at 10 Am.... whole hike took me 5 hours. There was a 90 year old man at the summit, looking like he could go another 20 miles #goals.

Love this trail! Great for hiking on hot summer days. The pine forest , high elevation, along with scenic vistas are fantastic.

This is a moderate to moderated + trail. The trail splits at one point and iyou can opt for a steeper grade hike for about .5 mile at this point.

There are several trail options at the summit... should you want to extend your hike.

Once you get past the crowds looking to check another box on their six pack social media list, you'll have the trail all to yourself. Etiwanda Peak is probably better than Cucamonga Peak view-wise and definitely better solitude-wise. The section of trail between Cucamonga and Etiwanda is also superb with old lodgepole and limber pines decorating an undulating ridge. If you have gas in the tank after Cucamonga, this peak is worth it.

A few technical notes: the peak is a few hundred feet below Cucamonga, so you'll gain some elevation on return. The spur trail to the peak is also easily missed, so know that the peak is the second prominent bump (it is composed of white quartz) on the ridge past Cucamonga.

Hard as hell..5 miles uphill good part downhill way home. Top is very impressive definitely bucket list hike!

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