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Many great hikes with scouts from Troops 737 and 164. Beautiful views and a good test for longer hikes

Great hike! It was clean and right before the end there is a bench overlooking the mountians. Peaceful.

23 days ago

If I could give this trail 10 stars, I would! Awesome views, well kept trail, a good workout...the list goes on! LOVED IT

1 month ago

Had so many pretty views!! A lot of incline but I enjoyed it. At the summit there was a cool notepad you can write notes to people in or sign your name with a little Saying.

Love this trail! Great for hiking on hot summer days. The pine forest , high elevation, along with scenic vistas are fantastic.

This is a moderate to moderated + trail. The trail splits at one point and iyou can opt for a steeper grade hike for about .5 mile at this point.

There are several trail options at the summit... should you want to extend your hike.

it's an alright hike. easy and quick.

2 months ago

Pretty awesome for my first time on this trail made it to the creek and headed back up a few more miles we would’ve saw the planes and cabin, next time

Smooth dirt path with plenty of shade spots the whole trail. Open at the top with amazing views all around.

2 months ago

Great hike for a quick outing. Started off of Hwy 2 at the yellow gate. I hiked past Little Jimmy Trail Camp, visited Little Jimmy Spring, moved up to Windy Gap then to the summit of Mount Islip. Fantastic views from the top. Signed the book and returned the same way. I clocked about 6 miles on this route.

Took the day off from work to hike on the first day of summer. The trail conditions were really good. Especially loved the fact that I had the trail to myself. Be aware that there are lots of flying bugs this time of year, and the weather is much warmer so make sure to plan accordingly. I can't stress how important keeping oneself hydrated is to the enjoyment of this hike.

trail running
2 months ago

Lovely trail but very buggy. We’re from the buggy east coast, so not strangers to the winged menaces but these were next level awful. There were swarms around us for miles with loud horror movie-esque buzzing.

Difficult hike. Continuous switchbacks and elevation. You really don't get any sections where you are not at an incline. The trail is easy to follow although it does narrow a few times and I felt a bit uneasy. The closer you get to the top the steeper the sections. The day I hikedbthisbpeak was a beautiful day and could not have asked for better weather. I did however feel the affect big the wind bad I got closer to the summit. My hands especially did get cold and were shaking at one point. I recommend taking cold weather gear with you. At the very least, have it available. I didn't have gloves and I only had a cheap wind breaker jacket. I was pretty miserable at the top and definitely wish I'd taken gloves and a sweater/jacket. The view from the top is spectacular. Bring plenty of water, snacks and cold weather prep even if the conditions don't seem to call for it. This is a difficult hike. I'd recommend training and building up your stamina before attempting so that you could enjoy it. Good luck!!

5 months ago

Great hike. Great view. Thanks to the fella that left a midweek hiker pin at the top. Cheers!

Started out around 6:15 in the morning and arrived on the summit of Baden Powell at 8am. There were only a few small patches of icy snow and most of them I was able to walk around, I did bring spikes but did not use them. On the decent I came down the West ridge of Baden Powell, up and over Burnham Peak, and up to Throop Peak. There were already a dozen or so people on Throop so I continued down the North ridge a ways stopping for a short break before continuing back down to the trail head. This is a beautiful trail more scenic than the trail up from Vincent Gap with views looking both East and West into the valleys on each side of the ridge. An important note about the actual trail head, it is not the one directly across from the Caltrans shed that popped up here about 10 years ago, it is about 50 yards or so east of there near a culvert just before the bend in the road. Start here and at the first switchback you will see the sign placed by the Boy Scouts.

Awesome hike made more awesome by ice-avoidance. We were told that there was no snow on the mountains, so we did not bring spikes of any sort. The trail on the side of Throop, however, had significant sections of ice on the trail; significant enough that we felt it was dangerous. We chose to power up the hillside to the top of Throop. Wind was a good 35+ mph on the ridge and peaks for most of the hike. If you're going on this hike in the next few weeks, I recommend either bringing crampons are plan to bag Throop and Burnham. Also, if you include these peaks, consider this hard rather than moderate.

Nice easy hike. Parked at Inspiration Point and hiked to Grassy Hallow and back.

5 months ago

This. Hike. Is. STUNNING. Did it with my mom when she came to visit and it was her first summit! Pretty relaxed little single track trail with amazing views at every point.

There was a bit of snow left on the trail at higher elevations, but it was easily navigated in regular hiking boots, only an inch or two deep.

Plenty of parking right along the 2, and Little Jimmy Campground is a nice spot to take a break halfway up with bathrooms and a spring.

I’d say this hike is longer than 4.2 miles, my GPS came out to roughly 6 all said and done. I highly recommend this trail to everyone, it’s a blast.

Good section, plenty of shade, very enjoyable trail. will do again as section D this spring.

6 months ago

Good trail, excellent steady climb on the way back out, found a few camp sites in the gulch, will be back.

7 months ago

Entered Trail at fireroad with yellow gate and traveled approximately 3/4 of a mile and took a left at the trail sign towards Little Jimmy's Camp and proceeded to the top of Mt. Islip. Some small spots with snow on the trail, but easily passable. Great weather and a little windy at the summit.

This is NOT hard but is moderate. It's a very popular hike and the views are excellent on clear days.

1.27.18 It’s a great steady incline. There is still a lot of snow and Icey trail after 2miles Mark. Micro spikes is recommended.

8 months ago

Had a great day hike up there for Summits on the Air. My gps marked 3.12 from the road to the summit. 6.2 mi round trip. Great little campground with multiple wood stoves for cooking and restrooms 1 mile from the summit. The view is top notch.

Very easy, pleasant hike. Weather was great.

Spring snowmelt brings wildflowers and mule deer out in droves. Summers offers an array of hiking opportunities and PCT travelers from everywhere. Fall ushers in a myriad of colors when the oaks shed their leaves in preparation for snow. And winter bestows a place to ski and escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Mountain High is situated in an ideal hub of outdoor activities. Everything from hiking, geocaching, hunting, camping, disc golfing, mountain biking... you name it, it’s there. It offers a little of everything with merging trailheads and campgrounds situated in and around its perimeter. For me, it’s a great place to hike and explore. To visit friends who work the resort. To go skiing and get lost looking for geocaches. To look for the little bits of history left behind by the great outdoor recreation boom from the 1920’s. I adore this place and recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who wants an adventure no matter the time of year.

9 months ago

This was easy hike and great view but WARNING!!! The direction to Mt Islip in this app is little misguided. It drop us off to park on little Jimmy campground fire road. If it wasn't for running into people we would have missed the trail up because there is no sign on this road telling you Mt Islip trail. How do we tell the app?

Fantastic three peak hike! We tagged Mount Baden-Powell first then went on to get Mount Burnham, and Throop Peak last. We went back the way we came except by by-passing Mount Burnham and mount Baden Powell on the way back by staying on the PCT. Once you get up to the ridge line before summiting Baden Powell you will have amazing views the rest of your journey. The switchbacks going up Mount Baden Powell are nicely graded and not too taxing. There were just a lot of them! I believe 40 to be exact. See my recording for my track and stats as the track listed here does not include summiting the two extra peaks.

This is a well marked and well maintained trail with gentle switchbacks in all the right places. Mostly wooded with plenty of good views along the way and the summit is stunning.

Mt. Baden Powell. Named after the founder of the boyscouts. It's about a 9-10 mile hike with an elevation gain of about 2,600 ft. Peak elevation is at 9,400 ft. It's known for its 40 switch backs. Along the way you will meet Wally Waldron, a 1500 year old tree. At the peak there's a concrete monument dedicated to Lord Baden Powell and the American Flag. You'll have beautiful views of the Mojave Desert and the San Gabriel Mountains. You will be able to see Mt. Baldy and Mt. Gorgonio on a clear day. Enjoy!

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