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10/15/2016 -Ross Mountain (7402 ft / 2256 m).
From Vincent Gap (6,593’) up to Baden-Powell (9,399’), Down to Ross, then back up 2300’ to Baden, & finally down to parking lot to ice cold brewskies.
Okie & myself we’re the only party on Ross. This is when we first met Michael & Scouty which we have had many hiking adventures since then.

Distance: 15 miles round trip on trail and cross-country.
Elevation Gain: 5400' total, 3100' out plus 2200' on return.
Time: 7-10 hours round trip.
Rating: Class 1, very strenuous.

this hike was tougher than i thought, i even knew while doing it but pushes to summit of Ross, its actually easier going back up Baden-Powell than down the ridge to ross, all scree much more slippery downward but no cliffside exposure so it safe from long falls, it was hell on my feet going down u need to be relatively tough to complete this don't underestimate the difficulty of this hike.

its beautiful a hike i will do again to see where i am physically going forward. u get great views of Baldy and the san antonio ridge, if u going to go Pine mt to baldy or Iron mt to baldy this is a good warm up for that and gives u great views of those routes as well. i really enjoyed this hike i paid for it but the price is well worth any sacrifice.

saw no one after baden powell and was a few days on the registry since, this is a remote route be advised of lack of accessibility let people know where u r. trail is clear difficult to get lost but terrain is harsh easy to twist and ankle fall bang a knee. Would suggest trekking poles and ample supplies plan well.

Once you get past the crowds looking to check another box on their six pack social media list, you'll have the trail all to yourself. Etiwanda Peak is probably better than Cucamonga Peak view-wise and definitely better solitude-wise. The section of trail between Cucamonga and Etiwanda is also superb with old lodgepole and limber pines decorating an undulating ridge. If you have gas in the tank after Cucamonga, this peak is worth it.

A few technical notes: the peak is a few hundred feet below Cucamonga, so you'll gain some elevation on return. The spur trail to the peak is also easily missed, so know that the peak is the second prominent bump (it is composed of white quartz) on the ridge past Cucamonga.

Pretty awesome for my first time on this trail made it to the creek and headed back up a few more miles we would’ve saw the planes and cabin, next time

trail running
1 month ago

Lovely trail but very buggy. We’re from the buggy east coast, so not strangers to the winged menaces but these were next level awful. There were swarms around us for miles with loud horror movie-esque buzzing.

3 months ago

Trail conditions are pretty good to Etiwanda Peak. The last section from the main trail to the peak is a little steep and loose, but not too difficult and it is only about 1/8 mile long. The trail is exposed with little shade and can get hot. Make sure you are prepared with enough water and that your fitness matches the difficulty of the hike.

Good section, plenty of shade, very enjoyable trail. will do again as section D this spring.

5 months ago

Good trail, excellent steady climb on the way back out, found a few camp sites in the gulch, will be back.

it was a very good trail we started out at the visitor center and Wrightwood and hiked all the way down to Jackson Lake, so coming back was all uphill but that was a good hike

A great way to get some altitude without the crowds Baden-Powell. The trip took about an hour and forty minutes including stops. This one I am going to add for quick after work trip.

Great trail for some solitude. The last person on the register on Ross was there about a week before me. Didn't see a soul after Baden-Powell. Really beautiful hike, but save some energy for the way back as you basically have to climb Baden-Powell again.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I combined this hike with Mt. Hawkins (as recommended by modernhiker.com). I hit Hawkins first and Throop last. Both have phenomenal views. I recommend using the eastern most trailhead (not the western most which this route uses). It's step and kinda sketchy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Got it off the PCT class of 2017. Nice summit, not too tough but fun. Could probably string together with Baden Powell and a few others.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Nice out and back hike on the PCT with fantastic views along the way!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Easy enough to take your kids, as long as they're use to a little bit of exercise.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

love this hike, very shady lots of scenery.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My 3rd time up to the peak of Throop Peak in the last year. Each time I'm up there I look for a peak registry log. I'm not finding anything. I'm a geocacher (BigDaddyGRC) so I've visited the cache several times. This last visit we found the trail covered in snow which made it a challenge without any gear for icy spots along the trail. The views are amazing for a quick after work hike.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

beautiful 360° views when you're in a time crunch

Friday, August 05, 2016

Windy at the top, but compared to the heat in the LA basin it ws a welcome relief. Short hike, but the altitude took more out of me than expected. Needed this hike to aclimate so I can hit the big peak hikes later in the yr. Awesome views! 7.70

Thursday, March 31, 2016

All downhill in and all uphill out. Just take your time on the way back up. There's some beautiful scenery here. I went to break in a new pack the day after a light snow. The sun came out and it was like a light rain falling from the dense cover. The trail needs some maintenance as it is badly overgrown with many deadfalls but is still passable. I tried to cheat the trail by walking back up the rock creek bed. By the time I wanted to retrieve the trail I was blocked by impassable brush and had to ascend straight up the big rock washout all the way to the Bighorn Mine Trail, losing all my switchbacks. Still had a really cool hike. I will do it again, leaving more time for the uphill. Maybe overnight at the bottom!

Average hike but the great views at 7500ft make me rate it higher. Sit and stare kinda place. Look for the bench over the road then hike up the summit to see north and south.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Great hike beginning has a few switch backs but short lived. Lots of shade trees. Great 360 view at the top,

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beautiful, moderately easy trail. Only a very few switchbacks right from the trailhead, and after that you just contour along the ridgeline towards the junction with the PCT. Follow the trail to the right, and then immediately to the right again to get on the short .2 mile use trail to the summit of Throop Peak.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Finally, I was able to get to the Throop Peak on April 26, 2014. This time I had a friend with me. There were lots of cloud which blocked my 360 degree view! This is a great trail for me which let me felt the thin air.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

I failed again today (4/5/2014). I tried to follow the track of AllTrail and after trying for about an hour, I was about to come back. I met a nice person at the parking of Dawson Saddle. With help of his paper map and a hiking booklet, I realized trailhead was east side of the parking and AllTrail posted trail was at the west, which probably is a climbing route. I tried this trail mostly to reach above 9k feet. but I had to descend after reaching little more than 8600'. Not sure if it was altitude sickness, or the cold weather (I was really not prepared for this bitter cold and wind), I was not feeling well. I will try this trail again!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I wanted to hike this trail today (3/29/2014). I started from Dawson Saddle but had very hard time to find the trail. After 20 minutes of try, I figured that I was on the trail but trail was covered with ice! I made few attempts to follow the trail. I think, my hiking boot was not safe enough, so I turned back. I will try this trail again after get crampons.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's an enjoyable hike on the way down. If you pay attention and catch a spur, you'll get to an old cabin that is said to be the owners of the Big Horn Mine.

We stopped and turned around when we got to the dried river bed, but I have been told you can follow that down into the valley to the Cabin Flat campground which I would estimate to be another two miles past that.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I love this trail. So many options once you get up to the ridge. Perfect for escaping the heat of the valleys,mid summer and kind of chilly in the shade!! Gotta love it!

Really enjoyed this hike. Once you get beyond the picnic crowd it is very secluded and pleasant.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hiked this trail for the first time last month with my two Weims...loved it, incredible 360 views at the top. Missed the turn to the top and extended the hike a bit, but I also ended up going to another peak so it was ok. A 4 star rating because of the views and the light traffic.

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