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Took the day off from work to hike on the first day of summer. The trail conditions were really good. Especially loved the fact that I had the trail to myself. Be aware that there are lots of flying bugs this time of year, and the weather is much warmer so make sure to plan accordingly. I can't stress how important keeping oneself hydrated is to the enjoyment of this hike.

3 days ago

We were two families with kids aged 4 and 5 with us. It is a great hike with lovely weather. There are some rocky narrow patches but nothing that cannot be done if the kids cooperate. The mine is quite old. Nice view of the mountains and the river basin. We also encountered a mini waterfall near the mine. It was quite refreshing. The trail is partly shaded. Parking lot is big. We reached at 11.30 am on Sunday and there were lot of parking spaces left. The restroom on the trailhead - not clean. The greenery on the trail is really welcoming and we saw lots of beautiful wildflowers. All in all - a nice family hike on Father's day!

A Boy Scouts MUST - Baden Powell, the founder!!! Monument at the summit!!

All Trails®:
Total Distance: 8mi.
Elevation Gain: 2,759ft.

We got to the trail head at 7:55am and by 8:05 the entire parking lot was filled up. There were lots of large groups gettin ready to take off so we quickly used the restroom and were on our way. According to my All Trails® map, the first mile took us 25 minutes and was 656 ft elevation gain. The second mile we did in 26 minutes and was 732 ft elevation gain. Third was 27 minutes and 696 ft elevation gain. And lastly, our fourth mile was 35 minutes and 679 ft elevation gain. The last mile was definitely the hardest and I could feel my legs gettin heavier and fingers pulsing from the elevation by the 4th mile. There is a great stopping point near the 1500 year old tree that will give you a glimpse of what the summit looks like. I personally thought that was it. It was so gorgeous. But, only a few more minutes and you'll be at the summit. And you will be so happy. Its a panoramic view that will take your breath away. We got to the top and dropped our gear and just relaxed a little. There were a good amount of folks at the top and they were all super friendly. We ran into some PCT'ers that have been hiking for roughly a month with 4-5 more months ahead of them. Unbelievable!!

So after we took our pics, we made our way down and that was fairly quick. It can be a little dangerous when trying to get out of the way for folks coming up so I caution you to be very careful of where your feet are. But for the most part, you'll get down quick and its not so steep to hurt your knees. I will suggest, dry, tight shoes to keep from rubbing the bottoms on the way down. That was my mistake and my soles were pretty sore by the bottom.

We saw kids on the hike who were doing great. I'd say any kid over the age of 12 would be good if you were going to bring them along. And I had my to pups as well so as long as yours are in good shape and can handle other pups, they would love this hike. My heelers absolutely enjoyed it but were exhausted by the end so keep that in mind when debating the furry friends.

This was my first of the Six Pack of Peaks and very well could one of my all time favorites. It was a beautiful hike all the way up and down. Go early and you'll enjoy the wonderful weather. If not, I fear that It may be too hot, especially to a beginner.

See ya on the trail!

This is one of my favorites in the Angeles Forest. The parking is pretty plentiful but I would still get there early because it will fill up. The trail immediately starts off steep and is basically a series of switchbacks all the way to the top. You will have plenty of shade and some beautiful views even before you get to the top.
As soon as the switchbacks stop you will reach a saddle with the summit at the end of it.
This is a moderately trafficked trail. You will run into PCT hikers who are always interesting!
All of the photos I saw had a cool layer of clouds below the summit but I didn’t get that lucky.
I definitely recommend this hike!

best hike I ever went on in my life

Tough trail for beginners, the switch backs will make you feel like you’ll never get there but the trail is well worth going to the top. I definitely felt the altitude changes, make sure you take breaks often, it only took us 4 hours to do so it’s not too bad of a hike. Was really windy but was a good start to my weekend. 6/15/18

06/12/18 Started @ 5:08pm and finished by 8:15pm this was including water breaks and a 15 minute break @ the chair. Avoided the hot sun. The hardest part is the mile getting to the trail head, after that it is pretty easy. Bring atleast 1.5 liters per person or 4 16 oz. water bottles.

fantastic views. Well marked. Free parking. it is VERY hot right now, I would consider getting here right as the sun comes up, maybe 6am? we got here before 8am and finished before noon but it got too hot too fast. Watch where you step because there are rattlesnakes, we saw one infact. also be sure to check out the awesome little visitors center, it has live animals from the area!

I went mountain biking on the devils chair trail and ended up in antelope valley hospital because of that I am taking away one star. it is not really a mountain biking type of trail.

4/20 gorgeous day but wind chill at the top was pretty cold. Very few patches of snow left, no spikes needed but poles recommended. Highly recommend this hike.

15 days ago

I really, really loved this hike. Kind of wound up there by accident, but it's very easy to find this park on a map. The trailhead is labeled "Burkhart Trail" and is located right behind the port-o-potty that is currently in the parking lot (all the way into the lot and to the right). There is also a station where they can provide you with pre-highlighted trail maps. Make sure to sign in at the trail register located inside the metal "box" right at the trailhead!
It's a beautiful UP UP UP for close to a mile, until you meet up with the PCT! That was a pleasant surprise. From there the trail is mostly pretty mild, until you're approaching the Devil's Chair. It was a warm day, which may have made it a bit more difficult than a milder day. Devil's Chair is a TRIP. I am afraid of heights, so it took me a minute to get the courage to stand up, but I did it. There are some spots where the trail is mostly washed out, and one spot where there was a little rockslide where the trail was gone entirely, but only for one step and hopefully will be shored up soon.

The trek back to the main trail is pretty brutal in the midday sun, so try to start this trail early or hike it in cooler weather. That's my best recommendation. Bring a couple liters of water, more if it's going to be a warm day. I onl encountered a few small groups on my way out, and several more on the way back. There was a small group of people doing court-ordered trail cleanup, and they were all really fun to talk with. Please keep your dogs on a leash!! It's not only for other hikers' safety, but for your dog's also. Snakes, slippery conditions mixed with steep drop-offs...just do the right thing. On all trails, not just this one.

Great reward of a view/location for a short hike. Elevation gain is not too bad, pretty easy but I am in decent shape. Maybe about 45min one way. I went about 1/4 mile into cave...but its pitch black, wouldn’t go in w/o a good lamp. Who knows how far it goes but there are several deviations in cave.

Very challenging with all the switchbacks. I made it to the top where the flag and wooden sign is. Great views all around. Very refreshing at the top. My group found a great spot to relax, eat, and nap.

Was a great trail, but wouldn’t say easy and I’m in great shape. Few slippery spots and narrow areas. Be mindful that you are in the wilderness. Saw a king snake, was informed by two separate hiking groups of a rattler near the cave by the mine. Also saw a deer crossing the hillside.

18 days ago

This was a fun hike! We got a late start driving up from LA (2:30pm), which actually worked to our advantage because a lot of the morning traffic was heading back to the parking lot and we had most of the trail and the mine to ourselves! The weather was also perfect - 77° and sunny. You’ll definitely break a sweat on a couple of the steeper climbs, but for the most part the trail is a nice gradual incline. There are a few areas that are washed out which feels a little sketchy, but totally fine if you just concentrate and watch your footing. The scramble up to the mine itself is also a little sketchy, but totally doable. We were back to the car around 5pm - we took our time on the way up taking photos and breaks to take in the views and we hung around the mine for a good 15-20 mins. My only negative about this trail is all the graffiti and destruction to the landscape. I will never understand what motivates people to tag graffiti on mother nature. Aside from that, this is a great hike and the views from the mine are absolutely amazing.

its was a breathe taking hike but such great views of the scenery. would defenaly be going back but a bit earlier then 1pm.

Got an early start, around 8am, along with a good group of people planning on doing some trail maintenance! Nice cool breeze during the assent with plenty of shade along the way. Was a steep hike consisting of switchbacks all the way. Plenty of space on top to kick back and relax. Even got buzzed by a glider. Started to warm up on the way down but the trees shaded us plenty. Overall a very good hike. Would highly recommend! Trail is easy of the feet. Hardly any rocks or big steps. Enjoy.

I hike about 2x a month and do big hikes such as this one about 1x every other month. I was able to finish the hike in 3.5 hours including water breaks, and pictures when we reached the end. It is a moderate hike. It starts of steep and levels out and becomes steep on the way back and levels out again.

21 days ago

This hike was better than expected! The first 3/4 mile is a gradual ascent and the trail heads into a forest. There are mileage signs every half mile for the entire trail. The views are magnificent the entire way as well. This place is alive with wildlife. I noticed wildlife scat and tracks in many areas. As a huge bonus, the flannel bush (Fremontia) were in full bloom with their bright yellow flowers throughout the entire trail. The ranger told me the blooms usually last 2-3 weeks. The trail is up and down for the entire 3.7 miles After arriving at Devil's Chair, there is a decent ascent back up to the trail so save some water.

TIP - Unless you like the heat, try to get here early or go on a cool day.

Took us about 3hrs to hike the summit, only seeing one other hiker on the trail after spotting a few deer grazing along the hill side. Steady incline. Glad to have brought the hammocks! Made for a most relaxing and peaceful excursion once we made it to the top. Amazing and breath taking views! I highly recommend starting early in the day.

22 days ago

Bighorn Mine is just sublime! This hike is awesome!
It's relatively short and easy. It has epic views throughout, a good amount of foresty tree shade throughout, and the mine itself is a wonder in it's own right. The platform of the main structure is a great play to chill in the shade and soak in the mountain views. Up to the left of the structure is the main entrance to the mine. It has a door on the mine that can be open, and then are warnings of death! If you've got a headlamp or flashlight and you are not afraid, walk a few hundred feet into the mine to get to a juncture where there is water flowing to another mine opening nearby, yet water is flowing, so I stopped at the juncture.

All in all, I had an amazing hike. This is now one of my favorites. I filmed and edited a vlog for this trail. You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/TmPHA197BgI

Also here's some music for the trail: http://sptfy.com/G00

Great scenic route, good exercise. Not for those who have arthritis and scared of heights. Views are amazing.

The trail is indeed 6.5 miles, round trip , if you begin where one should a couple/ few miles past Guffy. The trail is basically a straight line up the mountain. There are only a few soft shoulder turnouts to park in where the truck trail meets the Pine Mtn trail, so first come first serve. If you do start at Guffy, you are in for a much longer haul as you will be traveling on PCT which traces the Blue Ridge Truck trail. Lots of scree. Trekking poles help. I saw only one other person when I went the day after Memorial Day. Mildly strenuous but fun in dry months. In winter I imagine it would get pretty sketchy at places. Dogs def need to be sure footed, as a previous reviewer mentioned.

Difficult hike. Continuous switchbacks and elevation. You really don't get any sections where you are not at an incline. The trail is easy to follow although it does narrow a few times and I felt a bit uneasy. The closer you get to the top the steeper the sections. The day I hikedbthisbpeak was a beautiful day and could not have asked for better weather. I did however feel the affect big the wind bad I got closer to the summit. My hands especially did get cold and were shaking at one point. I recommend taking cold weather gear with you. At the very least, have it available. I didn't have gloves and I only had a cheap wind breaker jacket. I was pretty miserable at the top and definitely wish I'd taken gloves and a sweater/jacket. The view from the top is spectacular. Bring plenty of water, snacks and cold weather prep even if the conditions don't seem to call for it. This is a difficult hike. I'd recommend training and building up your stamina before attempting so that you could enjoy it. Good luck!!

Amazing hike! View was incredible!

I would give it 5 Stars if it were not for the four jerkoffs that decided to make the devil's chair their own personal picnic area for 20 minutes. People ruin everything. Will stick to more remote trails from now on!

Beautiful Hike. Mostly all switch backs. 360 views from the top. Hike is 10 miles round trip if you go to the very top peak.

Nice easy hike

Ok walk if you want to get in a bit of elevation gain and a few miles. Views from the devils chair are good

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