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7 days ago

This was not much of hike. It would be great for runners and their dogs.
Worth mentioning again, lots of dog poo on the trail!
Most of the trail was campers, screaming kids and intrusive music. Lots of people watching though some of it was more like wild kingdom.
I wont return.
I'll go walk on the side of the freeway for better views.

1 month ago

Watch out there are snakes on the trail. We saw one hidden in the bushes and one on the trail. Kept warning people to watch out.

This trail is good if you want a short walk and easy water access. There were benches along the trail for resting or just enjoying the scenery. Make sure you read the signs posted in the parking lot. There is a Tick Warning! We ended up bringing ticks home. I would suggest bug spray. It’s something I wish I would have thought about.

off road driving
2 months ago

NO 4 x 4, no off-road allowed, no motor vehicles.

I would rate this trail as just okay: Nothing special. You're basically walking along a service road that takes you through cow pastures around a reservoir. Might be great for trail running but there are many cow and horse droppings on the trail. There are not many "views" as the pictures suggest. Worst part is you need a specific permit to walk this. There are many sings warning of fines without permission. I said f*$k it and went anyway bc it was a Monday afternoon. Unless you live close or intended on hiking all over this area, I would unfortunately not recommended.

3 months ago

Nice, safe hike. Rattlesnakes present, one crossed right in front of us on the gravel path. Mostly a gravel road through but there’s a path through the grass from the cows. Lots of cows & equestrian use. Little shade on sunny days definitely bring lots of water. $3 Permit required. Views at the overlook are very beautiful. Small creek & waterfalls. We didn’t go the whole route but instead logged 8.5 miles. Couple of steep hills, mostly rolling hills.

4 months ago

Pretty short trail.. finished it in 15 min. Watch out for rattle snakes.. we saw one hidden in the grass so I’d suggest just staying in the trail where they’re easy to spot. Then we saw one in the trail jumping in circles..watch out had to warn a couple folks taking the trail. I wouldn’t bring my pets or small children. But overall it’s ok.

4 months ago

I was happily surprised with how much wildlife I saw!
a lot of this trail is next to the road. pretty heacily trafficked with people and their dogs.

Careful where you step, lots of dog droppings along the way.

I would really recommend taking the Disc Golf course. Trails not well maintained, but pretty scenery and bettet if you are looking for that hiking feel.

Easy and well marked trail. Good for animals and children.

Heads up! Backpacking is NOT allowed on this trail. My buddy and I were out for four days camping along the trial before being stopped by the Sheriff. We avoided the fine because we had the trail pass permit that is required. Other than that... great hike! beautiful and well kept trails, pristine creeks and the like.

4 months ago

Excellent trail. Well maintained. Dogs allowed on leash. Beautiful views. Great for strollers.

5 months ago

A lovely hike above New Hogan. There is no shade- must be prepared. The dog loved it though, and got to roam free since we were the only ones there on this lovely winter day.

6 months ago

Beautiful view of the lake. There are about 4 clean toilet facilities on this trail.

Great lil Sunday stroll.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers. A brochure is available at the Visitors Center. Open year round, and an excellent, lightly used, multi-purpose trail. Double track. This is basically an out and back with loops. The actual trail is fine gravel, smooth, and well maintained. Making use of the connecting boat launches and campgrounds, adds to the mileage. Taking the hill up to the water tank offers a fast downhill. There are plenty of clean, toilet facilities (about every 1/2 mile or so, and each campground has water taps. This is an excellent family area. The actual trail head is a short distance north from the main HQ and picnic parking lot and is marked. This is a pretty location with plenty of photo opportunities.

For the more adventurous, there is an intermediate-level 9-mile out and back, single track with advanced sections, located between the Oak Knoll campground and Coyote point picnic area. Look for the small marker on the right just above Coyote Point Picnic area. The trail begins to the left of the marker.

Be advised, there is very little shade anywhere. So if riding in mid-summer, go early in the morning or late afternoon - it does get very hot in this area. Equestrian trails are also offered. Contact park headquarters for more information. Google the site for current contact numbers.

Steep clime to Patty’s point from Gwine Mine Road great views

Thursday, July 06, 2017

There is not much to see here. There is water but is not accessible. There were a lot of blackberries on the trail. There were some wild flowers.
You must have a permit. Luckily we got internet signal near the parking lot and were able to get the permit online.
I see other reviewers suggesting that it was beautiful. I am guessing that we went during the wrong time when it was too dry. I wouldn't go there again.

Monday, June 26, 2017

I went here with my folks and we only did half and then headed back. I really only came here because of the length, the nearness to my home, and because dogs are allowed on this trail. There were some pretty moments as the sun came up on the water, but I won't be returning. The views just aren't my type of thing. Their is very little shade. The entirety of the trail is littered with rocks. The overgrown brush surrounding the trail is a tad frightening because it is hard to see through all the bramble, who knows what will pop out? Bunnies, rattlers, or mountain lion?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nice easy trail for the kids.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The walk along the river lacked station markers but it was overall a great walk for myself and kids.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Nice short, shaded trail. It's maintained with rocked in trail edges. Good for an afternoon stroll.

Good to be outside. Great this spring.

Permit required, $3, can be purchased online. EBMUD I believe.
The trail was relatively mild as far as elevation.
Lots of cows and people riding horses.

Monday, March 13, 2017

I love this trail because it's one of the very few trails that allows dogs! The trail runs through the bushes which can block the views of the lake at some points, but they do provide some welcomed shade when needed. It's also nice that the bikers are on one path and hikers on another. CAUTION: be weary of rattlesnakes, especially as the weather begins to warm up!

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Thick brush but pretty views of the lake. Other than that there is a lot of just walking through the brush and we found the trail markers and signs around the park to be unhelpful in finding your way.

3.5 (Hiked to the Pardee overlook)

To hike the trail a daily parking permit is required. Very inexpensive ($3 for the day, $20 for the year?)

The trail itself is wide, mix of gravel and dirt. The trees are spread apart. Not too shady so if hiking during a sunny day or the summer, bring a large hat, sunscreen, water!!

The hike was mildly moderate/easy from my experience and duration. Rolling hills. Small streams caused by the rain we've recently received. At the top of Pardee Overlook, great views westward toward Camanche and the valley.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Beautiful winter hike. Lots of history if you look closely.

rolling hills, gravle road, not much shade, lots of cows and no dogs.

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