9 days ago

Pretty cool spot to check out. Nothing much to it. We started with this one then did the flat loop trial. Since they are right next to each other

I did this hike 3 weeks ago. we started early in the morning as usual so no one was parked but one car. It was a fairly easy hike as I have done more challenging hikes. however it has tons of flowers along the hike, lots of gorgeous views. beware of ticks

over grown
29 days ago

no shade
off trail
private property
1 month ago

Looked great- but there is absolutely NO access point to the trailhead with parking closed and security. If looking for a hike during quarantine this isn’t the best place- lovely drive tho.

1 month ago

Very easy, good time of year to see wildflowers.

Nice trail and very long, I would say “Easy”. Just had done 8 miles. Great sweat for a nice spring day of quarantine.

Such a beautiful hike, some ups and downs...nothing too drastic. Will do this again for sure!

Have done this trail many times, excellent for a winter spring and late fall. not recommended for summer. loaded with historic value. get the East bay mud trail map. requires a permit which you can get on line or pick up at Commanche lake entrance. trail is easy to follow with good markers. there are a couple places on trail with picnic benches. a nice 9.7 mile hike is to second set of tables, then return. or you can drop a car off and do 11 miles 1 way. Definitely keep eyes out for rattle snakes. Good hike!

Nice for quick hikes but nothing special. Dirt road al the way. Nice views though at the resting area. If you are looking for a easy quick hike this is right for you

Loved this trail. Super long. 6 hours total and i didn’t even complete it. The path is well taken care of and there are signs all over the place guiding you through the whole path. I only saw 4 other people throughout the whole 6 hours and ran into some deer and geese. Beautiful scenes and I will be back.

horseback riding
8 months ago

nice trail for horses but can be very hot in the summer.

I did the section in the James Bar area and up to Pattie's Point with the longest mile stretch. Went during the peak of the wildflower season and it was gorgeous. The hike up to the point is a good workout. Watch out for rattlesnakes, they are notorious in this area.

Tue May 28 2019

Beautiful trail on a quiet piece of land and water. However, we came across two folks who may have been dealing with serious drug addiction. The woman was passed out face down on the bench, motionless to the point of us feeling like we had to approach her and ask if she was ok. She didn’t respond, but a male companion rose from the tall grass nearby and said she was ok. “Too much partying.” We let them be and continued on, but ultimately felt so uncomfortable we ended the hike early. Reading other reviews of nearby locations, this seems to be a sad trend in some of the area’s parks.

Sun Apr 21 2019

This trail was nice, open, and beautiful views of Hogan!

Thu Apr 18 2019

the road to get to the trail is a little bit bumpy and there’s quite a lot of potholes but this trail was a lot of fun. i hiked the trail and onto the MCCT and did the “hardest mile” and turned around. there’s a cool lookout point before dome peak and i stayed there for a while just admiring the view. it gets pretty difficult though and i ran out of water a lot sooner than i expected but the James Bar part of the trail was super well maintained and there was so many flowers everywhere and they all had labels on them sayings what type of flower/plant they were which was unexpected but cool. i didn’t know wild cucumbers grew around there

nice trail for a short hike.

Tue Apr 16 2019

best to do this hike not in the summer. My kids and I took bikes in the spring and it was perfect. Trail was wide enough for me to pull a bike trailer with my daughter. FYI had a park ranger stop and tell us my kids (3 and 9) weren't allowed to play in the Lake without a life jacket :(

This trail is a mix of single track and larger, but more single track. Some views of water but not a lot. The trail markers keep the direction fairly obvious.

Hiked the Campo Seco to Cook’s Mesa section yesterday. Some sections were pretty muddy but most of the trails was dry and clear. Unfortunately we went off trail as it was not marked clearly but thankfully we had GPS and we made our way back to the trail. Beautiful area and the weather was great. We tracked approximately 9 mikes on our Apple devices.

Was between mile marker 2&3 near camanche lake was not impressed with trail condition or lack of sight or being able to get close to lake better for experienced long distance hikers

Sat Jan 19 2019

Great trail but the bridge over the water has been washed out. Other then that a beautiful trail

Went on this trail on 01/13/2019. It had rained pretty heavily several days before that so it was a little muddy. We actual went to wrong direction or shorter distance on the trail. There were scattered hills but definitely moderate in difficulty. We were only able to explore a small portion of the trail but the small part we did was amazing. Definitely will be back to explore more and go the other direction. Fortunate to have gone when everything is green and lush. I only saw one person and that was when we were returning to car. Trail is also maintained well.

easy, wide trail. beautiful flowers in spring. lots of birds.

nice little walk, peaceful and clean

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