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Vallejo, California Map

I got to help build this trail when I was 10 years old.
It's great to see it's still there, not so great to see it in such a sorry state, Thorny bushes block your way, the local cows damage the path during rainy months, and ticks are a constant threat. In the end, your only payoff is a long, unobstructed view of Vallejo's shopping district.

It's great for a quick escape outdoors or a trail run, or prep or hiking season.

Great views but the trail is in terrible condition, completely overgrown with thorny plants. We had to turn back only a half mile in. Unless you have thick pants I’d advise against this hike.

Great hike. I cannot wait to explore it more.

Beautiful view, trail had been recently cleaned up but the last part of the trail still needed a lot of work. I would consider this between easy to moderate.

Great hike if you enjoy wading through sticker bushes, being covering in ticks, and rattle snake threats.

Open, Fri, Sat and Sunday, lots of cows, open grassland and hills. High point is the view from the ridge. Distant points that can be seen: Diablo. Sierra's, including Pyramid Peak, Mt. Saint Helena, Mt. Veeder, Mt. Tam. and GG bridge towers, if you know where and when to look. Good intermediate hike. Watch for ticks and respect the cows:)

Beautiful view of the strait! Sadly the trail has not been maintained and is overgrown so I was not able to complete the walk/hike...:(
Will try again!

Not a difficult trail by any means, small bits of rocky terrain to cross. There are a couple of steeper shortcuts if you want to make it slightly challenging at points.
It is an out and back, but has nice views.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Beware: only open Friday thru Monday 0900-1700, tried to do a hike with my son during the weekday on summer break to come to a closed sign...ugh

too much horse shit

trail running
Monday, August 07, 2017

As a beginning trail runner, I was stoked on the technical aspects of this trail: easy hills, some rocks and cracked mud to dodge and climb, alternate routes with varying difficulty, etc.
It's August, so maybe that's why I didn't have problems with stickers, mud, ticks, or horse shit. Plus (on a Monday morning) there was no one else on the trail... except a few cows and lots of scurrying rodents.
Even though the trailhead is at a park/dumpsite and the stunning suburbs are in view throughout the hike, I'll come back to run this trail again because it's close and it's good technical training for my skill level.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Could not get past 1/4 mile. Went with wife and 6 year old. The path was overcome with sticker bushes couldn't squeeze by with out getting stuck with thorns. Trail not wide enough for my little 6 year old to pass through without catching a thorn to the face. We were really looking forward to a nice hike up to the ridge but had to turn back. If the over growth on the trail was cut back it would have been a nice little hike.

Went several months back and it was a real mixed bag. On the one hand the location is easy to get to, the views were pretty and it offers a range of options with plenty of hills. On the other hand there were calves easily spooked that charged and created some tense moments. At this time it was also muddy and messy with trails fading in and out. I would go back again, but would do some things differently.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

No dogs allowed. Got to the top of the 1st hill at the beginning and there was a sign that said dogs not allowed. Since when is a trail not acceptable to dogs when horses are able to use it? Myself & my group couldn't complete the hike. Fairly disappointed.

off road driving
Saturday, April 15, 2017


Friday, April 14, 2017

You can make it a much longer hike if wanted. Quiet and beautiful.

Lots of fun, quiet, away from the crowds of more popular trails. Lots of fruit trees and animals

off road driving
Thursday, March 09, 2017

Off-road activity prohibited. Petting livestock prohibited. Must pay to park. Staging area has decent outhouse and picnic tables.. 1/5

Sunday, February 26, 2017

This trail might be a nice one in the summer but dear god avoid the wet months. I thought there'd be enough break in the rain to dry out the path but I was wrong. It was very muddy and that coupled with it being a cow trail meant that the trail was completely torn up. Not too much climb after the beginning, and pretty hillside but do it well into the hiking season went the path is in better shape, otherwise risk getting stuck in the mud or twisting an ankle.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Took my 2 and 4 year old daughters on this trail and was surprised they were able to hang the whole time. Thorns were a little over grown and eye level to my kids face so my husband and I had to carry them through that part of the trail. Other then that, was very enjoyable and fun trail. Would love to do again.

mountain biking
Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm a amateur mountain biker ,and i consider the moderate trails great practice to get a feel for the disc brakes.I almost crashed twice .A full suspension bike would've handled this trail better.Not much to look at on the trail.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Even though this page's description describes the Lynch Canyon Open Space as a 3.6 mi loop, there are actually a multitude of trails out here, the largest "loop" is close to 10 miles. Earlier this week (mid April) I hiked the Middle Valley/Prairie Ridge/Kestrel/South Valley trails (around 6.5 mi) and found that at the top of Pine Ridge the trail disappeared into the grass frequently. I suspect that the trails will "reappear" later in the summer after the grasses dry out and more people have walked on the trails. Since you are never really at risk of getting lost out here (find a ridge to climb and you will probably find a trail reappear somewhere below you) losing a trail, or following a fading trail, is a good opportunity to practice your navigation and trail reading skills. Watch your footing--cattle walk on the trails year round and lots of the (now dry) trails are very uneven and hard to walk on. Overall this was a good hike! Amazing views! I will probably do again in the fall.

Monday, February 08, 2016

The thorns were not a problem...even wearing shorts like I was. The trail was heavily destroyed due to many horseback riders who also use the trail. Although being an experienced hiker and outdoorsman It makes it really hard for hikers to walk on the trail when the trail head is destroyed. I almost rolled my ankle three times just by trying to walk through heavily destroyed portions of the trail. There is also ALOT of horse and cow shit everywhere on the trail. There is more shit on that trail in 10 feet then the amount of people who walk that trail daily. It's almost ridiculous. The trail is very easy. No extreme elevation and mostly flat and dry.

I will have to say....there was a beautiful portion of trail once you cross the private road that runs through the park. Once you get far enough over the first hill you will see a large rock formation that over looks Vallejo (who doesn't love to see Lowe's and giant subdivisions on a hike?) You can climb the rock formation but only with proper experience and training. I must say...after you climb to the top. It was the only good thing about that hike. ...and bring a beer for the top.

I hike in this park on a regular basis, and love it. You can can take an easy hike through the valleys, or get a more strenuous work out by hiking up and down over the hills. Sure there is little shade, but the usual breezes keep you cool. Also, there is an excellent panoramic view of the north bay and the Napa Valley. You see few people, so this park is like a little bit of wilderness in my own back yard. I do have 2 minor complaints. Lynch Canyon is only open Friday thru Monday, and it does not open until 9 am.

mountain biking
Sunday, July 12, 2015

I have hiked this trail before but this time I decided to ride my bike. Now, I had seen someone ride a road bike last time so I figured it could be done somehow. I am kind of new to biking so I don't claim to be a good mountain or road biker. However, I now do about 20 miles a week.
I brought a cyclocross/gravel bike this time but I think a mountain bike is more appropriate for this space. I did about a 5 mile loop from the parking lot, down Lynch Canyon road, and then through the middle valley and south valley trails. There were several sections that were a bit too hard to pedal up and my tires weren't knobby enough for some of the ruts but overall I had a good time.
Again, this entire park has almost no shade so wear sunblock and bring a hate no matter what you do.
Also, I am not sure if the parking fee just changed but it is now $6 which is overkill to me for just a few hours. Below is a video I did so you can see much of the space.

Nice open meadow but having to avoid mine fields of cow diarrhea, mean cows who'd chase you from the trails and running into garden snake. It was my first time hiking this Canyon and will be my last.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Although it was a bit windy, I went ahead and hike the entire perimeter of this trail today. The first couple miles (3) was very pleasant: rolling hill sides and very scenic views. However, the last 6 or so miles wasn't as pleasant, mainly because the path (cow path) was really trodden, which is to be expected when one is hiking in , for all intensive purposes, a cattle pasture. I didn't have any problem dodging cow poo, or even walking around the many cattle frolicking about. I'm merely stating that the "trail" was rough on the feet is all. And speaking of the trail, I think the Park Services need to do a better job of marking it. I saw several people who were lost/turned around. Anyways, I would rate the trail as moderate overall, and would not recommend it to anyone who has week ankles.

mountain biking
Saturday, September 13, 2014

Went on a Monday. Only 3 other people there. 1 bike 2 hikers. Went on a breezy day. Hot days not recommended. Out of parking lot went left. South valley trail. nice workout on the hills. nice view of hwy 80. Then went past a group of cows. Walked around them did not want to spook them. To middle valley trail. then left to lynch road to the reservoir. Then back to parking lot. Very nice ride if you want a workout and not technical stuff. If you realize this is a working ranch the cow and horse poo is to be expected. share the land folks. several live stock gates on the trails so please secure them after going through. If you like to be alone on a trail and get a workout go here on a Monday if you can. A breezy day helps as well.

Super quiet. Didn't run into a single person. Did a 6 mile hike. I feel it was a moderate one. Beautiful views. Only downside is the amount of cow and horse poop on the trails.

trail running
Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Visited Lynch Canyon for a trail run this morning (Tuesday, 8 April 2014). The park was closed...it is only open Saturday-Monday. No worries...you can park right outside the gate and hop the gate to gain access to the trails. Note: I don't recommend this as the best course of action. The area outside the gate is a no parking area. While your vehicle is not visible from the road, I am sure the local police patrol the area. Once inside, I grabbed a trail map from the kiosk and took off on a circuit around the park, in this order: Lynch Road to the reservoir (small pond), then up the Tower Trail to the North Ridge Trail, across the Saddle Trail to the Prairie Ridge Trail, left on the Kestrel Trail, right on the South Valley Trail back to the parking lot. All told, about 7.5 miles. The trail is mostly single track and clearly used b horseback riders. In several places the horses have torn up the trail so much I had to stop and walk or risk turning an ankle. Also, the trails were surprisingly wet...small streams running in a few locations and very muddy areas in others. While the park is closed, cows are allowed to wander freely in the area. A few times I had to walk to allow the herds to move off of the trail. One particular momma cow was not happy and briefly charged me. You also need to pay attention to the frequent cow pies and horse poo that litters the area. In a few places the trail disappears and you run cross-country in the general direction you believe the trail to follow. This happened on the Kestrel Trail and the North Ridge Trail. Both times it was fairly easy to figure out. No need to bring a compass or topo map. The trails are well-signed, especially at the trail intersections, but make sure to grab a trail map before you head out. The hills are awesome...good hill workout if you are into that, and the views are pretty cool too. All in all a good run, but only three stars because of the condition of the trail.

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