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Love the intensity of this hike to the top. Beautiful and nice to walk downhill on the way out...

24 days ago

Good uphill trail with progressive incline. There is no official parking lot or trail markers. You can park on the side of the road.
Trail length is 5.5 miles. View at the top is nice, although not the best.
The road is public with a few cars passing to watch out for on a few blind corners.

1 month ago

It was beautiful, challenging and totally worth it!! You must make it to the top, the view is unbelievable. It was 6.70 miles round trip and elevation increase of 1680ft. .

1 month ago

This is not a trail but a paved (public-ish) road that takes you up to the peak. There isn’t a sidewalk so you are walking on the road but there were hardly any cars when I walked it. I didn’t see a single other hiker on the way up or down. This was on an early Saturday morning.

Oh, and parking. There are some pullout spots that can accommodate a few cars near the marked beginning of the route. There is no actual parking lot that leads to any trail.

The view at the top is fairly decent, I would say if you’re looking to get a good workout hill climb, then you should check this one out. Takes about 1 hr to the top if you’re fairly fit, 45 mins back down for 1 hr 45 mins total.

2 months ago

Nice, easy stroll. Watch out for disk golfers, they don't always call "fore".
Take extra time at the grove at the bottom of the hill, by the freeway to take in the cool shade.
Keen eyes around the lagoon will spot turtles, frogs, toads, beaver and otter in addition to waterfowl and raptors.

Gets busy on weekends. Kiosk is currently closed so parking is free until the city gets new permit machines.

3 months ago

It’s all climbing. If you’re doing hill training for running, it’s great. It’s kind of a boring hike. In August 2018, it looks like the dry grass could ignite at any time, and an adjacent hill is charred. Not much fun for my dog. A local warned me that cops write tickets for off-leash dogs.

4 months ago

Hiking is a loose term, very loose. Its a stroll...If you have little kids part of this trail is ok, but most of it is actually on the road so be careful. I would say little kids under 5 might enjoy a 10 minute portion of it when the sun isn't hot. I wouldn't drive more than 15 minutes for it. I was positive enough about it until I discovered most of the walk was going to be on the road. We had to dodge cars a lot. I would skip it and I definitely wouldn't pay a fee for it.

5 months ago

Explored this trail this afternoon and it was a great little hike. The trail is paved but once you get closer to the top it breaks up a bit. Not a lot of shade, so I would recommend it hiking early morning when it’s cool or a day that’s not too hot. Although, I am not in shape enough to run it, I can see why people it enjoy as a running trails. All up hill in the beginning and down hill all the way back. Lots of parking and a great place to bring family.

6 months ago

Really windy. Great views.

6 months ago

Fun evening stroll with some decent views. Definitely not a trail, but a road ranging from paved to dirt. Worth doing, but not spectacular.

6 months ago

It’s not a trail as much as it’s a road. There’s no trail head. The directions take you about a mile or 2 up the road the hike is on. There’s not a real designated parking lot or “trail head”. Nice close hike to get outside. The last mile-ish is pretty steep and once you’re out of the tree cover it’s warm. The lookout is pretty—they mowed out an area but there’s nowhere to sit and enjoy the view. I’d recommend bringing a blanket to sit on if you plan to have lunch at the vista. Very green and lush in the spring. There’s a stream that runs along the trail but can’t get to it since it’s mostly private property and it’s fenced at the road.

Very beautiful just wish I.T was longer . Less than a 5 minute walk

Took my dog for a hike here a few times now. It’s great but the only thing that sucks is that the entrance from Eleanor Nelson Park has sketchy loiterers. I’ve had one of these loiterers come too close to me to try to chat me up as I was hiking. I also always find a couple homeless men that sit on the benches at the start of the pathway and they smoke and drink alcohol. I had to keep looking behind me to make sure I wasn’t being followed. This is a lightly-trafficked path so honestly I would bring a knife or mace just in case. You can never be too safe.

horseback riding
7 months ago

Hmmmm. I don’t think it’s a trail, more like a road. Don’t look for a trail head, it’s not there.

Perfect for an inexpensive day out with the family!

on Gates Canyon

8 months ago

Beautiful walk to warm up and all hills to a nice view. We packed a lunch to refuel and headed back down.

8 months ago

Only crossed paths with two wayward vehicles during our two hour trek. Not what I'd expected but beautiful and quiet nonetheless.

9 months ago

You can drive all the way up during certain times of the year and/or just pull over to explore. The best views in the bay area from the top.

That’s a lot of uphill! Stunning views.

Enjoyed a nice stroll around the lake!

10 months ago

Good hike. All paved with a few gravel spots. Steep at the peak. Fantastic after work exercise. Gorgeous view at the top down the canyon towards Sacramento

10 months ago

Wonderful 2.5 mile walking trail around the lake. Beautiful at sunset and lots of geese & duck to watch. Well kept, clean Trail. Looks like there’s a great frisbee disc course, saw a few groups playing. Only negative thing I’d say is that sound of people flying their drones. They’re not too loud but just annoying. Loved this park!

on Lagoon Valley Loop

10 months ago

Well, it's better than no trail. But this trail is very close to a busy highway and the only way to escape the constant loud sound of cars is to wear ear plugs or listen to music. So i definitely don't consider this a relaxing, mind clearing hike. There are some nice things like the little redwood grove. But it's tiny. There's a lake which is cool. But again, the sound of the highway is ridiculous. I honestly feel that if it wasn't for the d*** highway right next to the entire trail it could be a lot nicer. But that's not the reality.
Also if you want to walk along the lake be ready to dodge tons and tons of goose poo. Cool to see gooses. But man do they poo all over the place!

11 months ago

Monday, September 18, 2017

I keep my horse here and was attacked by a Pit Bull that jumped out of the dog park. Everyone who uses this park should BEWARE, that fence is not high enough to keep dogs in, or out of, that park. There are people that run pit bulls off leash at sunrise and sunset. I've received emails and testimonies from witnesses to all sorts of dog attacks on horses and other dogs in Lagoon Valley.

Horseback riders, beware, the bridge over the lake dam is not maintained, and in poor shape. It's also very narrow. Don't let horses, people or pets in the bacteria infested water. This is sadly common in small lakes.

Few riders from the near by barn venture here. :'( Avoid the drug needle littered trail that goes through the upper parking lot. Sounds great doesn't it?

Saturday, September 02, 2017

memories from 10 yrs ago...

This is a playground, far from hiking trail

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The swing is on the hill. Don't expect to find it in this ground level trail.

Monday, May 15, 2017

kickass if you hike both towers forget the lap around the lake.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Easy walk to clear your mind

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