Safe roads and minimal gravel!

2 days ago

A beautiful trail. difficulty is your option, depending on how you want to climb the hill. If you go clockwise it’s more difficult which meant a good workout and great surprise going down. Not much of a view from the top, no lookout point, but the way up is beautiful on both ends. Watch out for poison oak along the trails.

Hard up hill but excellent pay off!! Look out for mo-cows.

8 days ago

The trailhead is in a neighborhood, watch for resident parking only signs. (I parked on Mission Blvd and walked 0.4 miles to get to the trailhead.) I hiked counterclockwise and it took me about 2 hours. Trail is mostly exposed. It was cloudy and rainy on the day I went, so unfortunately I didn’t see any views.

To add to previous reviews, there was a ton of flies in random patches. Kind of annoying, but the path was beautiful. Had to double back past south fork because a cow was standing on the trail where the trail narrows and you couldn't go pass without climbing up a hill. Lots of cow poop.

Decent trail. Beautiful hills and adorable cows make it worthwhile. The clientele, on the other hand...ehhh

bridge out
no shade
22 days ago

23 days ago

One of my favorite hikes in the Bay Area. I took a group of gradeschool-age kids from my church here twenty years ago. Love it still. Parking lot fills up but you can park on Mission Blvd. With Covid, they’re closing the parking lot early too, 5:30 pm, I think.

24 days ago

Hike is a little boring, crowded at times. The reward is at the end when you have a good view of the Bay including a decent view of the city skyline (on a good day). On the way back you can enjoy Mission peak and Mount Hamilton as background view. It is almost 23 miles round trip, which makes it a decent hike.

27 days ago

A wonderful and easy to walk trail! Not a ton of shade however so better to avoid on very hot days.

Nice to see sunset along the ridge. Lots of cows, be patient to let them off the trail, move gently :). Lots of cow’s dung of course .

29 days ago

It was not bad... but for us the trail is crowded and too dry

Great trail overall with great views of the bay at the top! The loop starts about one mile from the parking lot, and the real hike with gradual elevation gain starts! Before that it’s pretty flat and wide and horses and bikes can use the trail too! The loop itself is beautiful after 0.5 miles get great views of the bay while walking along the cows! We loved the trail! We started late in the afternoon so we were walking in the shade! The majority of the trail is in no shades!

road biking
30 days ago

Boring is the first word that comes to mind. its pretty flat with the exception when going under the bridges....that makes it easy for kids, and theres no cars....thats about as good as it gets. there usually a strong headwind when your going towards to bay. theres always lots of people walking and on bikes. most of them with no situational awareness or etiquette... which is a problem when biking as you have to slow down constantly to get around them....something as simple as keeping to the right seems to be a problem for many. at the end of the trail we saw flamingo's and we saw deer too which the kids where exited about.

Beautiful trail !! It’s open and also you could park on the street.. it’s about 5 miles hike .. it has no shade.. lots of cows !

FYI the parking lot closes at 5:30. People can still exit the lot after that. Really wonderful views,rolling green hills with the bay as a backdrop. It was a bummer to see folks blatantly disregard 6’ social distancing even though the trail was very wide. Luckily, nearly .5 miles in the trail there was little traffic. Lots of juvenile cows on the trail. Came across a coyote that shot across the trail very close to us. Saw a whole lot of Turkeys. And the apartment complex that you pass as you enter, houses peacocks.

The trail description is accurate. parking is good. The parking lot was crowded but the trails were not

Cows blocking gate 1.5 miles out so Mocha & I had to turn back

Loved the scenery. Kinda trafficky. But will come again.

1 month ago

Great hike!

Great views! Lots of cows. Pretty uphill on the last bit but totally worth it and doable. Then, it's a lot of downhill. The parking lots are closed because of COVID but plenty of street parking, and entrances are still allowing walk-in. Not very crowded too, which was a plus. Note: I accidentally got some of the car ride in the recording, so ignore the 6+ mile count. Altogether it was about 5 miles.

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