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Absolutely breathtaking views. Easy to moderate at times, but thoroughly enjoyed the hike. Would recommend you don't pass this one up!

6 days ago

This was my second time hiking Pyramid Peak. Last year around September I did it for the first time and always wanted to come back. It is such amazing. We underestimated the hike last year and wasn’t preapared enough and the trail was covered with snow on the top to some extent. This time we started the hike around 08:00 in the morning and we were back by 04:30. The first one and half mile will be a straight vertical climb, so is the last one and half mile which involves scrambling rocks to get to the summit. The rest of the hike has a gradual elevation gain. But, trust me the views from the top are worth every effort. They are amazing. Lake Tahoe, Lake Aloha, Echo Lake and Fallen leaf lake are visible from the top. Better to carry around 100-120 Oz of water and a good snack to have once you reach the summit. Knees might take a hit while coming down. Overall, this is one of the best and tough hikes in the tahoe area. Definitely, a must one.

I haven't been back here for many years, but it's still the same..and that is a great thing! (Considering how much foot traffic this trail gets)
Nice and easy trail to the Falls.

absolutely amazing!

Clearly the trail is hard to find. I was off course a few times. Keep the river to your right as you go up and on your left as you come back down.
However, the scenery more than made up for that. The river flowing by on the right as you go up toward the falls was awesome. The sounds of this river flowing is hard to describe. As you get further up you will see the Horsetail Falls flowing from the top and you can hear that as well.

Beautiful! Where a good pair of boots

nature at its best!

12 days ago

Love this hike! We’ve been here twice in the past two years in early July and we absolutely love it! The trail isn’t marked all that well, but that’s part of the fun! The view from the top is amazing! We found a nice pool for the kids to cool off on the way down. Overall a great hike!

14 days ago

Ralston is without a doubt one of my favorite trails around Tahoe, at least for summit views. The trek up is pretty straight forward starting as a dirt hike across moderate switchbacks before kicking up to a more aggressive mix of loose rock and more dirt as you leave the treeline. Given the consistent exposure and fairly steep upper section, be sure to bring plenty of water (see many people hiking this as if it's a couple city-miles rather than mountain ones.) For the effort, the view up top is all the reviews say and then some with so many lakes, peaks and forest lands to take in at once.

Conditions as of this post: All dirt, no major obstacles, fairly easy to follow the trail though do pay attention on the upper sections as the path can fade out over the boulders. Bring extra water, good shoes for the steeper climb, layers for the exposed summit.

14 days ago

As you will read in most reviews, this is hard hike and not be taken lightly. If you desire to reach the peak, you better be ready to bear crawl up boulders and navigate rocky terrain. Back to the beginning; yes the start of the trail is hard to find but I will try to put it in my own words. Just as you enter the passing lane the 50 E. Bound, you will see the overhead chain control signs with a small dirt lot between Strawberry and Twin Bridges and that's where you will need to park. Cross the street at this point and walk about 500 yards traveling East on the 50. Keep looking for the trail marker, I have a picture of it loaded. You will notice one trail marker at the start and another slightly higher where begin you ascend. The Trail: Hard and steep, from the very beginning you are put to an approximate 1,500ft gain over the first mile. After that; there are parts where you get relief but you will still be gradually gaining elevation. The home stretch gets difficult again as you are taking a single track straight up to the pyramid. The pyramid: is no joke as it will require you to negotiate boulders as you climb, hope, and bear claw your way up a very, very windy summit. If you put in all the work to this point...enjoy the view. The reward is worth every step. We started our hike around 7am and I am glad we did because I would not want to fight the climb and the sun. I recommend carrying no less than 6L of water, but if you have a water purifying system, then you can refill at about the halfway point and only have to carry 3L at a time. Hiking sticks would be a good idea as long as you can strap them to your pack when climbing the pyramid. The only reason I rated this 4 stars is that they call out 6.3 miles; however I recorded 9.9miles on my Garmin watch (watch stopped recording the first hour which was an additional 2hrs) and my buddy recorded 11miles on his Fit-bit. I think this distance needs to re-evaluated. Still a great hike and worth the challenge.

I hiked this early June, and while it seemed impossible the views were amazing. The terrain was a bit rough and I recommend hiking boots for sure!

easy to moderate trail
beautiful views
2 water falls

Great hike with really cool views. It is challenging that the trail is not marked. It is still fun though!

Best workout ever. This hike is along the river and ends with a lake.

on Ralston Peak Trail

21 days ago

An excellent trail with great rewards. We took off at 7:30am which was perfect. You start by working your way through the trees and meadows which isn’t too hard. The next stretch is the hardest as you wind through a part of the trail with lots of rocks and loose dirt. The final climb is steep but the ground is solid so it’s easy to keep your footing. The last 1/10 of a mile you need to maneuver over lots of rocks but just take your time. Great views of Echo Lakes, Lake of the Woods, Aloha, Lake, Fallen Leaf and Tahoe. Took us about three hours with a few breaks to enjoy the views.

22 days ago

The trail is not well marked at all (it's easy to lose the trail right from the start!) but fortunately there's multiple ways to get to the same point and you can follow the pink ribbons in the trees. Be prepared for walking on rocky terrain and the occasional log. The last 0.5 miles in Desolation Wilderness is the steepest and most uneven part but the view at the end is great!

worth the work. wear long pants, good shoes and hug the river on the way up. slower but amazing

24 days ago

Great fast hike. Nice to be able to choose granite scramble or waterside mellow.
Water is still moving fast and making a great waterfall to have as destination! Took puppy and did great! Strongly recommend.

25 days ago

If you’re looking for a difficult hike with lots of climbing, this trail is it. This trail was all uphill right from the beginning and gets even more steep when you get to the top, but it was definitely worth it for the need view of the beautiful blue lakes. There were a lot of bugs everywhere, and even more bugs up at the top, so make sure you bring bug spray!

27 days ago

I thought this trail was difficult due to steepness, but so worth the views at the peak! First 1.5 miles isn't bad but when you get to the fork and turn right, you're looking at a steep climb. Bring poles! They saved us. At the peak, we saw at least 9 lakes. Gorgeous. Great mix of sun and shade throughout the trail. Bring more water than you think you'll need!

28 days ago

Good work out with payoff of excellent views at the top!
It has a fair amount of sun exposure so bring lots of water and sun screen.

Thigh burner strenous steep hiking. Amazing view from peak

One of the hardest trail heads to find and one of the HARDEST hikes!! I still give it 4 stars bc the view is great.

28 days ago

This was a great hike. The only downfall is the trail is not clearly marked. We ended up off the trail most of the way up. if you stay near the creek you should be ok. It would be hard to get lost. Took a lunch up and had a picnic end of the trail near the falls. It is beautiful.

Would be more enjoyable if marked at all. 'Trail' does not really apply here, you pretty much need to follow the running water to it's source, or use alltrails' map with gps as guide, it is made for places like this. As it was i was constantly checking w my phone, which kind of took the wind out of hiking in the first place. Nevertheless it is a nice area, easy, and pretty short distance to the fall's base as long as you stay on the 'trail' (good luck with that)

29 days ago

This trail was definitely hard with mostly vertical hiking, but the views were totally worth it! There's even a ledger box at the top, though it needs a new notebook. To find the "trailhead," look for an orange ribbon hanging off a small tree. From the top, you can see part of Lake Tahoe, Lake Aloha and a bunch of other lakes in Desolation Wilderness, along with the mountain ranges. The bouldering over the last part of the hike was one of my favorite parts! I recommend an early start and a windbreaker since it was really windy toward the top.

1 month ago

A very challenging hike! Beautiful views at the top though! Highly recommended!

1 month ago

Perfect day hike. Trail completely open from trailhead to summit now. Wildflowers everywhere especially near summit. Creek is still full and flowing.

Desolation Wilderness is perfection right now, get out there.

No snow. beautiful hike.

The trail is relatively easy. That hard part is actually finding and staying in the trail. It isn’t clearly marked at all. I suggest running this app while you’re on the hike so you can see when you’ve ventured off trail. Overall it’s great!

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