4 days ago

Still plenty of snow from foothills on up, and it’s a generally soggy mess between parking and the snow. However, I approached from the West not East. I’m new to the area and an amateur outside of familiar forests and hill trails. I kicked off the season with a hike to Lake Sylvia by way of Lyons. I had enough time and weather finally broke today (vs yesterday), so I figured what the heck, I’ll give a go at that summit. I approached from the West, starting just north above Sylvia. Marched straight up the steep sticky snow, then swerved north a bit to finish initial ascent over scree/boulders. After that, it was mostly deep sticky snow until the final summit, which was a few hundred(?) yards of big boulder-hopping (no snow). I doubted my ability to descend the way I came, so headed down more West, just north of that lake sitting south of Sylvia (over the range). Looks like a little bear activity back there btw. Otherwise, lots of thick sticky snow, but also loads of melting snow pack forming a big wet sloppy mess from there back to Lyons and then parking. Summary: it’s wet and snowy up there. But y’all locals/regulars probably already know that.