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12 days ago

This was the first hike I’ve ever done so I am an out of shape BEGINNER. Took me about 2 hours to get down to the waterfall. Don’t be intimidated by the rope assist to get to the base of the waterfall. I was able to do it with a bit of effort. Not a lot of water but it was so worth getting down there. I really enjoyed this hike and will definitely return.

Did this a couple days ago. Depending on where you cross the river, the trail can be hard to find. I walked up the dry creek bed for an hour and a half before realizing my mistake. That was frustrating. I found the trail using google maps, and took it. This trail needs maintenance! Got stung by a bee in the face, came in contact with both poison oak and poodle dog bush. I had to do a lot of bushwhacking, in these plants and others. Got stabbed by those pointy bushes that have like 100 spines. The trail was sketchy the entire way up to where I got, only about a mile in. However, some of these faults were my mistake, and I’ll try again next weekend.

27 days ago

Nice trail if you are looking for a fairly gentle hike with nice views. The trail goes just above and behind residential neighborhoods, including passing right by the house where "E.T." was filmed.

28 days ago

**I did not buy an adventure pass and had no problems**

Great trail! Began hike Saturday at 6:45 a.m. with one other car in the parking area-returned to 7 more cars at 9:15. Still, definitely a lightly traveled trail-saw 4 or 5 other hikers on the path. Not much incline (most of it approaching the falls) so I’d say this is easier than other “moderate” trails. Saw a rabbit and plenty of birds, lizards, bugs, hummingbirds, and tadpoles. Great views of the mountains from the floor of the canyon. Fine for dogs. Nice picnic area about 3/5 of the way to falls. Falls itself is definitely pretty, although not a ton of water in late June.

29 days ago

My hiking group hikes at night, and we hiked this on a Thursday night around 11pm. We all had bright lights, nothing crazy or scary. Really cool waterfall at the end with a steep descent down and a rope to hold on to. Good hike.

nice day hike. don't be intimidated of the rope assisted descent it's worth the effort.
some poison oak along trail but easily avoidable

Fairly easy hike except near the falls with steep descents that were too tough for young kids. Majority of hike was pretty and trail was well maintained.

Beautiful walk and waterfall.

Beautiful hike with a lot of lush growth and some wildflowers! Nice payoff at the end with the waterfall. You can access the top of the falls and also the bottom via an old rope to aid you in getting back up. Be careful! Bring lots of water

1 month ago

Beautiful trail!

This hike was great although I decided to hike in the afternoon... in June... with no clouds in sight! There are a few patches of shade but once in the gulch it's pretty much sun all the way. it was about 2.3 miles in to the falls so 4.6 round trip. I did it in 2 hrs and 6 min not including the short time i rested at the falls. Overall a pretty easy hike with a few inclines that make you dig in and push. Once you see the falls the fork will come up quick to a steep decent which a portion has a rope for you to use to hold on to. I wouldn't recommend it to the faint of heart, any timid beginners, elderly, people in improper hiking footwear or young children. there was water but the falls weren't magnificent. I'll definitely have to come back after a rainy day!

Awesome hike!

Trail isnt maintained very well but was really not too much of a hinderance. I walk in shorts and apart from brushing a few branches was otherwise unscathed. Trail was really easy to follow and the waterfall and views back across the canyon were well worth the climb in height. I hiked starting at 3pm and there were a good few parts in the shade as well as the sun which provided a good mix.

Had a great hike there, first mile or so is shaded, after that be prepared to hike exposed to direct sun. We actually camped overnight at the campsite a mile past the waterfall. Great secluded campsite just be extra careful did come across a rattle snake on side of trail...

I enjoyed this hike! Went on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend thinking it would be busy, and only saw 3 people in my 2.5 hours to the summit. Indeed longer than stated, as others have said. I clocked 10.5 miles round trip. My knees were way more sore than I thought they would be. I took the west loop on the way down (the way this hike leads you) and it was a cyclists dream. Although narrow at parts, it was beautiful and I recommend it. And that VW Bug! What a hilarious treat.

1 month ago

i give this trail 5 stars but a little dangerous for kids .nice views! overall a beautiful trail . the only wird tging is thats the trail goes through a small town and i almost got bit by dog .

Great hike!

This was an excellent hike! The trail was easy enough for an adventurous 7 year-old, including the navigation down the rope-assisted section.
I would plan on spending an hour at the waterfall and just chillin with a snack, that way the crowds come and go in waves so you end up getting time alone.
Would highly recommend as a pretty easy hike!

The trail is very overgrown and the foileage was more cumbersome than it was enjoyable. The incline itself is a great workout but I just wish I wasn't fighting my way through all the brush. I am 90% sure we encountered some poison oak along the way... I would suggest wearing pants or leggings as well as a breathable long sleeve to avoid contact with unfriendly plants. I would NOT recommend taking dogs - our pups usually love a good hike but this trail begins in a rocky riverbed and there is hardly any shade on the way up. They didn't seem to be having too much fun in the overgrowth either.

2 months ago

Beautiful views and a pretty decent waterfall at the end. Brought my dog who was too scared to go down the rope to the base of the falls, so we went to the top of them instead which was really nice. Be careful of snakes! We saw 3 of them (including a rattlesnake) on our way back to the car

2 months ago

Super fun! Prepare to have hiking shoes tho

Very beautiful and peaceful

2 months ago

Did this at 9am on Monday, April 23rd. Didn’t see anyone on trail for at least an hour. It’s decently marked. A few spots where you can lose the trail but fairly easy to figure it out. Last mile to waterfall is a good steep incline. Trail narrows but if you keep going, it widens a bit again. We almost turned back before reaching waterfall. But ran into some hikers finally who said we were close. Continued on and got great views from distance. Final descent to waterfall is almost like repelling down using a rope to hold on to. We skipped that part but still got awesome views. Falls were full. Plenty of pretty wildflowers along the way.

If you enjoy overgrown trails and poison oak, this trail is for you! I was thankful I read the other reviews and wore pants. This was a training hike for Mt. Whitney and was definitely good exercise. There are a few places where the trail is barely there with loose shale. I was also glad I had my trekking poles. The city views were cool at the top. Worth doing once but not sure I would go again.

As noted on previous reviews, the trail is a bit overgrown. Don't let that scare you away. We hiked it on Sunday morning and had the whole trail to ourselves.

Gorgeous trail! we didn't complete the 10miles, we did 8! got as far as we could and had to turn back because it became too difficult to get through bushes and climbing over fallen trees, once u hit the waterfall at mile 2.5, I believe, it's amazing!!!

3 months ago

Decent trail, but mildly overgrown along most of the route with several thicker sections.

Hiked here 2 days ago and it was beautiful.. so many flowers blooming and the waterfall flowing nicely! Pretty easy hike. It’s best to start early to avoid all the people. Busy trail! We started by 7:00 am and had the waterfall area to ourselves, which was great.

nature trips
3 months ago

Beautiful trail with amazing plant life, and Wildlife. Please pick up after your dogs and don't leave any toilet paper and other trash. Make sure to take lots of water after the first my and a half if you go for new officials taking area, the trail gets into higher elevation and he gets very warm and very exposed to the Sun. I do recommend going from the official staging area which is another mile or so on Big Tujunga Road.The older Trail entrance is really overgrown and very eroded. So the official trailhead route is longer, but it is a beautiful addition and the larger staging (parking) area makes it worth it.

It’s a very nice place to go.

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