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not a hiking route.

one of the most beautiful alpine lakes. unfortunately has been discovered by too many people.

Question: has anyone day hiked this? Thoughts?

Amazing views!

6 days ago

This is always an enjoyable hike regardless of some of it being flooded during certain years. Time it right and see the beautify Camis Lilies and many other beautiful wildflowers. I posted a photo of Browns Peony which we only saw once over 12 years. A fun after hike is to go to Webber Falls… Jackson Meadow Rd...should be great in 2017. Last I checked it out 5/26/17 area was closed, so check before you drive extra 14 miles out there.

Easy and beautiful. Run along the creek which is nice on a hot day with dogs. We didn’t find a swimming spot on stampede for us to dip in but still awesome

11 days ago

Pretty walk following a stream, through wooded areas and open meadows, I ended at the reservoir and turned around to head back. Took me around 1 1/2 hours and was about 4 1/2 miles.

14 days ago

Our group of 3 was looking for a "hard" and adventurous day hike, and we were more than pleased with what Warren Lake had to offer. From the I-80 rest stop to Warren Lake was just under 7 miles, making it an almost 14 mile hike. The last mile before coming down to the lake was pretty steep and by far the most challenging part of the hike because you knew you had to make that same trek back up out of the lake on the way back. It took us a total of 7 hours including a 45 minute stop at Lake Warren. If you're looking for an awesome and challenging day hike with some steep climbs, I highly recommend the Warren Lake trail. And if you haven't upgraded your AllTrails app to the "pro" version, I definitely suggest you do so. AllTrails is a lifesaver!

Nice mix of rocky path and forested trail, sun and shade.

I’ve hiked this trail many times over the years. Very beautiful and fairly easy for beginning hikers.

21 days ago

Warren lake is beautiful. We camped there one night and had a great time. However, as another user previously mentioned, the “trail” between Warren lake and Paradise lake does not exist. It’s a steep, rocky area with lots of brush, very unsafe. The trail that comes down to Warren lake is really steep and difficult but doable. I’d leave the dogs at home though, my Golden’s paws got torn up really badly.

5 stars for first half. 2 for last half (going clockwise from rest area) I do not reccomend doing the "loop". its not really a loop, I think it's just some guy recorded his hike and called it a loop for alltrails. once you get to the back end of Boreal or condos I think, turn around. The rest is exposed, hard up, hard down on a 4 wheeler dirt road. Thankfully it wasn't too hot today, but there is virtually no shade this way for the last 3 miles. the Trail was perfectly easy to follow so nice to this point. I really do not think the last part in Boreal is a trail. it's not marked and I got "in trouble" for walking on the property with my dog. So, save yourself the frustration i had and turn around when you get to the Donner Summit Resivour.

Easy trail with great overlook! Not much shade coverage so bring a hat and/or sunscreen. Plenty of parking with a port-o-potty and picnic area.

Loved the views on this easy walk! However, the rocky trail bothered our dogs paws and lack of much shade had them scrambling for each tree... Was only 80° out, but quite warm in the sun for them I guess! Would do again, but earlier in the morning and leave the pups at home!

Easy enough for my senior dog to join me. Beautiful views! Location of trail head is very accessible and the parking lot has some shade. Big bonus that other great trails cut off from this one.

24 days ago

This was not the initial trip we were going to take but I am stoked we did... It is gorgeous!!! Like amazingly beautiful - worth the agonizing trek we had. If you are one of the few trail runners we saw out here Kudos to you!! We thought it was crazy they were running out here and they thought we were crazy for packing in all our crap! Lol. We may have been a little pack heavy. The trail is a little non-apparent at times but the end is well worth it. There was more traffic than we anticipated. Our hike in took two days because the altitude, although not crazy, had some effects on the other person in our group of two. We camped a little bit after the first accent then woke up and finished up the trek to the lake. After camp was set up I headed to the lake which was pretty much ours and one other group of two. It was a great backpacking/camping trip (4days 3nights). We hiked in with 35+lbs, next time packing lighter - but there will be a next time!

24 days ago

If you park at the castle peak trailhead you can do the full 17.2 mile loop from the Warren Lake trail to the PCT. This is a backpacking trip not a day hike. There's plenty of water right now but in a couple weeks a lot of the small creeks will dry up. Be sure to bring plenty of water and to fill up when you can cuz you will be sweating.

25 days ago

Warren Lake is a substantial hike, well worth the effort. The first few miles have a fair amount of foot traffic, even occasional bikes, up to the Frog Lake over look. Take a break and enjoy the view. After this, there is very little traffic all the way to Warren Lake. The final mile into Warren Lake is pretty steep and slow going. The lake itself is so isolated and so beautiful. We found a small sand beach on the north-north west side of the lake and went swimming a while. We had the lake to ourselves for a good 24 hours. On the way out, we met a couple who was coming in- they told me that they were planning to hike over the ridge on the west to Paradise Valley. It should be doable, but I don't believe there's an existing trail.

Susan, no wilderness permits are needed for this trail but you need a fire permit if you want to have a fire in an already established ring. You can get those online. We camped along the east shore which requires walking through some brush, but it was way more private, swimming is better off the west shore though. Did this trail about a month ago and plan to go back. Beautiful but the mosquitos were absolutely horrible, like hide in your tent horrible.

Question - Do I need a trail pass to backpack here?

26 days ago

AllTrails directions take you to the rest stop on I-80 as the trailhead. It's signed as 4 hour parking only, it doesn't seem likely they keep close track of it but if that worries you the PCT trailhead is only about a mile away with an unlimited lot. From the rest area the trail starts to the right of the building.

In late July there are still wildflowers, and good water for almost the duration of the hike, which was needed as I went through ~6L on a hot day. The snowpack looked nearly gone, so not sure how long all those streams will keep running.

This is a tough hike for 1 day - I'm sure it can be done in 5.5 hours as someone commented below, but this is a hard trail to maintain 3mph on the whole way. The 4 climbs are pretty significant, and the downhill is loose in a lot of places.

Great trail with a beautiful overlook of Donner Lake!

Amazing view of Donner Lake!

trail running
29 days ago

It is about 6 miles total from the parking area. Very very rocky in the beginning. Almost impossible to run. It’s worth it as you get to the summit and then a great run back to the parking area. Running up to the summit is really hard at a high altitude! Beautiful area!

Beautiful view at the scenic lookout! Not a hard hike and very nice trails!

1 month ago

Hiked out the north-west side of the creek, back the south-east side. The AllTrails map doesn’t show the south-east side going all the way through, but it does. It’s a less-used and a slightly more grown-over trail, but it was not difficult to follow and provided some visual variety on the way back, as well as fewer people. Scenic, although somewhat devalued by the quite smokey conditions from the CA fires.

1 month ago

Got pretty hot, pretty quick. we did the loop in reverse so the dogs could play in the water. great trail.

Amazing wild flowers end of June through July

1 month ago

Don't do this hike without a bike. All except the last mile is highway and city streets. Do China Cove instead.

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