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Amazing wild flowers end of June through July

4 days ago

trail was good and clear . paradise lake phenomenal like always

on Donner Lake Rim Trail

4 days ago

I followed the advices and went on the real trail, not the dirt road. Definitely better, well worth it!

5 days ago

For flat-landers, this is an easy first-day-at-altitude hike/walk, along a pretty creek to the quiet end of Stampede Reservoir. Great for dogs, good picnic places.

A well-maintained trail with 3 different water fill-up stations. 1 at the sports park, 1 at the lower level bbq grassy area, and 1 at the regional park at the end. Great for bicyclists or avid joggers. If you go to each detour you will reach 6 miles 1 way

The trail starts of fairly rocky and smoothed out again until you get closer to the top. Very nice scenery throughout the hike. View from the top is a nice payoff. No water so bring what you’ll need plus food. Did it in early July and saw lots of wild flowers. Well marked. Hard to get lost. It took us three hours with stops.

6 days ago

This was a fun hike with a friend. Lots of great views and the weather was perfect since we live in the valley. Nice day trip to get out of the heat and get in some fun exercise. Would definitely do it again.

11 days ago

I was worried that this trail would be too advanced for me, since it was my first ever solo backpacking trip. But it was AWESOME. Like Weston said (in the reviews), the wildflowers were in FULL AND AWESOME bloom. There were lots of people at the lake, which may have just been because of the weekend after 4th of July, but one of the groups was super loud. I'd go during the week if you're going on peak season. Oh, and I went through about an ounce of bug spray. The mosquitoes are there to eat you alive. But the trail was fantastic, the meadows were amazing, the hills were manageable and fun, and overall, it was a trip I would happily take again.
You can still hear the freeway from the 80 most of the way up there, and there are planes overhead. It's hard to dock a star for that because, well, life is life. But I'll be looking for more off-the-beaten-track trails in the future.

11 days ago

Easy short hike. Was a bit confused as to where the hike started so we had to walk up a road for a good while until we found the trailhead. Once we got out to see the lake it was worth it. Saw very few people on the hike which was nice but a lot of people on the beach, but it was Saturday so I didn’t really expect any different. Very pretty views of the lake and creeks nearby.

WARNING: once you get past Warren Lake the trail is extremely overgrown and difficult to find. I was tracking with the AllTrails app the best I could but ended up in some dangerous situations making a few bad, and really unsafe, decisions. Not smart.

So if you do this hike- and I HIGHLY recommend that you do because it is freaking gorgeous- consider making it an In-and-out from Warren Lake.

Great easy trail. Good for kids! Not a loop trail though.

Great hike !

Beautiful hike! Good workout. Stunning views.

20 days ago

Uphill almost all the way. Well marked until you hit dusty Jeep road, then it isn’t. A loud motorcycle joined me for the dusty Jeep road part. Some parts of hike are lovely with great views of Donner Lake. I didn’t make it all the way to Summit Lake - too much dusty hot up up up. Some freeway noise for about half of hike.

Really beautiful, shaded hike. Very flat, runs along water, peaceful and easy, perfect for novice hikers. Only went in about 40 minutes, will do the whole trail next time!

21 days ago

I liked it. Lots of wildflowers. I hiked counterclockwise and really enjoyed the beauty. The last part was less exciting mostly because it was a county road. Still had lots of wildflowers. Not too many bikers as it was midweek. Good hike/run.


22 days ago

Great views of the lake, easy hike

24 days ago

Nice enough hike with some good views of the surrounding mountains.

It is a single file track for most of the trail so some basic trail etiquette would make this hike more enjoyable for everyone. But no such luck. Yielding to uphill traffic, packing out dog poop or even a simple "hello" seem to be altogether foreign concepts on this trail. We did this on a Monday when it was relatively quiet, I would definitely not do this on a weekend when lots of people compound the trail etiquette issue.

The notable pleasant exceptions to the above we encountered were PCT hikers and a handful of very friendly Europeans.

Who this trail is for: people looking for a workout instead of their usual gym and do not care about hiking as such.
Who this trail is not for: Anyone looking for inspiration or who enjoys hiking. Keep looking elsewhere because you are not missing anything by skipping the Mount Judah Loop Trail.

The view at the end at Point Mariah is stunning, almost rivaling something you’d see at Yellowstone.

There is also a great bluff overlook approx 1 mile into the trail that makes for a good stop and a 2 mile out and back if traveling with kids who can’t go the full 5 miles. The trail has a surprising amount of elevation climbing so bring a good walking stick. Great great great hike!

Easy hike to a spectacular view of Donner Lake! Gradual incline through pretty wildflowers. Most of the trail was sun exposed, so a hat and sunblock are a good idea. Really great hike for kids. Ports potty available at the trailhead as well as doggie bags. Plenty of parking in the trailhead parking lot.

26 days ago

Wonderful hike with beautiful views. Fairly easy and steady climb up to Mt Judah. We started at 6:30am to avoid the crowds and hot temperature. There were a ton of mosquitoes at the trailhead so be sure to bring your bug spray. Not much snow at the top (small patches here and there). Highly recommend Mt Judah and maybe tacking on Donner Peak along the way!

trail running
26 days ago

Nice and flat run (no incline) that goes to Boca. Would recommend to run on weekdays when not as busy as the path narrows in most places.

Third time hiking this trail yesterday, June 22. One of my favorites in Truckee - I’m a local. Views are stellar. Started at 7 am as it was going to be a hot day. Got very warm at the end. The trail is sun exposed. We had 3 dogs with us all in good shape and young but they went thru almost all our water. Leaving the trail around 12 noon we ran into people just starting the hike (in the heat of the day) with a 13 1/2 year old dog. Felt very, very sorry for the dog. Asked if they need the rest of my water. Said they had some by didn’t have a bowl. I gave hem mine - which is a collapsible. Folks: there is no water for the dogs on this trail and it gets very hot especially at the end when the dogs are tired already. Please remember to bring lots of water for your dog. And think about whether a 13 1/2 year old dog should even do this hike. Hope he made it.

Rather easy hike if you happen to be in the area. Didn’t think that the traffic noise would bother me, but it did distract from the hike. There has to be better places in the area.

29 days ago

We did this hike in two days, Took us about 4 hours each day, so if your in good shape you might as well do it as a day hike. There was still a lot of snow (6/20/18), so maybe bring an extra pair of socks, in case your feet get wet. I also would recommend some sort of GPS since its easy to get off the trail with the snow coverage. But the main reason why I am writing this review: BE AWARE! Warren Lake is a breeding place for MOSQUITOS!! I only brought my "hippie oils" (as my husband would say), and they did not do anything to repel those f......lying creatures as soon as we were at the lake. Literally TONS of MOSQUITOS!! If I would do this trail again, I would actually camp a little bit uphill, where the concentration of the `squitos is way less. Besides that, the hike is beautiful!! Super adventurous and no one is out there! Great climbing spots and places to fish!!

Bring bug spray.

Great view at the end. Bring a hammock or type of chair.

1 month ago

Awesome trail with great views and a few meadows. Meadows should be in full bloom in the next week or two. There’s still some snow on the trail in the sections that are in Paradise Valley, but just follow the footprints and you’ll be ok. Overall pretty moderate hike with some harder sections that’ll keep you entertained. I recommend setting up camp on the eastern or ESE part of the lake to get a great view of the sunset...or just make camp elsewhere and take the short hike around the lake for the views. If there are storms in the forecast for the next day be aware that winds will be pretty strong at the lake. P.M. thunderstorms were in the forecast the day that I hiked out, yet I was met at 530am with thunder, lightning and some sleet at the lake. So as always, be prepared!

Busy trail, but definitely worth it.

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