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Easy short hike. Was a bit confused as to where the hike started so we had to walk up a road for a good while until we found the trailhead. Once we got out to see the lake it was worth it. Saw very few people on the hike which was nice but a lot of people on the beach, but it was Saturday so I didn’t really expect any different. Very pretty views of the lake and creeks nearby.

trail running
6 days ago

Shaded and well marked 10+ mile trail run. Super fun and not too technical. Loved being in the trees.

Great easy trail. Good for kids! Not a loop trail though.

Really beautiful, shaded hike. Very flat, runs along water, peaceful and easy, perfect for novice hikers. Only went in about 40 minutes, will do the whole trail next time!

19 days ago

I hiked this but it looks like a great mountain biking trail. The first half was easy, second was moderate (more easy than moderate). I started at 8:30am on a Saturday and only ran into one other hiker and ~7 bikers so there were less people than I expected since this trail is so close to Truckee. Only one view point, but it's a nice walk through the trees. Perfect amount of sun/shade for hot days. Nice long hike but I was ready for it to be over due to the lack of views. I'm glad I had the AllTrails map since there are a couple tricky trail turns that aren't well marked.

trail running
21 days ago

Nice and flat run (no incline) that goes to Boca. Would recommend to run on weekdays when not as busy as the path narrows in most places.

26 days ago

Good hike while getting acclimated to the altitude.

Bring bug spray.

Beautiful trail!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Challenging bike ride! Make sure you read the signs, we ended up doing the second half of the trail twice. Lots of sharp rocks during the first part but it was lots of fun to go down!

1 month ago

Nice cruiser trail through meadows, grasslands and low forest. Fine for kids and dogs. Perfect in early June when wildflowers are in bloom, but would be hot and dusty by Aug.

Such a great hike for beginners! If you're looking for something easy and beautiful, this is a great option. We went in the middle of the day so there was not a lot of traffic due to the fact it was a bit hot. But the breeze kept it bearable and the reservoir at the end was beautiful! Also, I had read June was a great time to go because of the wildflowers and the nice full Creek from the snow run off

1 month ago

I’ve tried this hike twice in the past, but was never able to complete it. As they say, third times a charm!! I finally completed it a few days ago. Though it’s a bit of a lengthy hike, it was pretty moderate, so no having to worry about major uphill or downhill. Word of advice: pay attention to the trail signs!! I almost got turned around a couple times!!

Stumbled across this trail while out on a drive. The walk is beautiful and right along the stream. Fairly crowded with a lot of dogs off leash. Most the owners we passed were respectful and would put their dogs on the leash when people passed with other dogs. I did not think it was very fellow hiker friendly when one couple didn’t control their golden retriever.. I have a 2 year old 80# German Shorthaired Pointer who is hit or miss on tolerating male dogs. For precaution I was moving him off trail when people would pass. They decided to not call their dog to them and let it run up on me and my dog after we had moved about 15/20 ft to the creek. . I’m yelling get your dog. My boyfriend is telling them to leash your dog- you don’t know when a dog is t dog friendly.. rudely the wife tells us if he isn’t friendly not to bring him out... should I have chanced (small chance) a potential dog fight? . Better to be cautious. Shouldn’t you be following the trail rules of dogs on a leash? Or even keeping your pet with you when people are passing. Unfortunately people are still ignorant. The pup didn’t even bark at anyone our hike.

1 month ago

Beautiful area, easy trail. Parking area is very small and busy during the spring when wildflowers are peaking. Most had dogs on leashes but others did not. While we were in the parking area some lady's dog ran into the road because she hadn't leashed it and it was nearly hit by motorcyclists going way above the speed limit. It was nice to see little to no trash on the trail. I fear the sensitive meadow areas could become degraded by off leash dogs, dog excrement and people that don't stay on trail. We didn't get ticks but some have said to me their dogs have come out with ticks on them.

Such a pretty trail! Wildflowers were blooming but this trail was very easy. I would rate it as a “easy” hike more than a moderate one. The trail was family friendly but no fly fishing allowed, which was a bummer.

Nice flat hike surrounded by beautiful scenery and mountains. There’s not much shade, so wear a hat and sunscreen.

Fun, family friendly trail! Dogs love it too :)

1 month ago

Despite being so easy, it was such a beautiful walk. A great place to let the dogs run around. There was water through the trees and it leads to a great scenic view of a lake.

road biking
1 month ago

This is a awesome trail for all ages and abilities. This trail is away from roads and has great scenery and views. Affordable rental bikes are available in Downtown Truckee.

This trail is my favorite to date! Easy. Nice path. Beautiful water and trees. There is a well maintained picnic area and restrooms. I took some amazing pictures!!!

Definitely a super easy stroll. Beautiful scenery

Very nice. Easy to follow. Creek is pretty in places. Lake is beautiful. Entrance right on 89. Directions will take you to a different way in but you'd need an off road vehicle. Crowded and LOTS of dogs off leash.

Camas Lilies are just starting to open. Maybe next week the will al be open.

Beautiful view of the water awaits you at the turn around point of this out and back trail. You can walk along the waters edge to the
South and connect with the Emigrant Trail to make this a large loop.

Fantastic easy hike! I agree with other reviews. Muddy meadow early in the season, great for dogs who love the water. Listed as a loop, but we didn’t see where the loop went after the lake, so we made it an out-and-back. Also, the description here says that dogs must be leashed, but I didn’t see any signs saying this, so watch out for off-leash dogs. (Most) everyone we encountered with dogs were nice enough to leash their dog when they saw us.

Great time to hike this trail. Limited muddy areas. Wildflowers are just starting.

2 months ago

Nice view of the Donner lake and the mountains... still with some snow caps but perfect weather for a walk.

Nice loop trail! Plus, we saw a blonde bear by the houses midway through the hike! It looked like it just woke up from a long winter nap!

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