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17 days ago

Perfect amount of hiking and scenery. Loved this hike!

27 days ago

Done this twice. Plenty of water, meadows, views, and room to camp on the way up. The lake itself can only hold 3 or 4 group camps, and there were 30+ people there last time during a holiday weekend. That last mile is fairly brutal. Will certainly go back.

2 months ago

July 2018 - 6.5 mile gravel road in off Eagle Creek Loop, don't need 4WD, just be mindful of the rocks and make sure you have a spare tire. Stay on the main gravel road and you will find your way easily. Trail starts further up the road than All Trails map has the trailhead at. Beautiful scenery and meadows, trail is rocky in some places but overall I'd put it on the moderate side of easy. Several springs along the way. I'm not sure if the loop is still a loop, I went out and back the long way around. Beautiful, deep lake with many well used campsites. Temp good for swimming. I loved this lake's modesty. It has everything you love about the Alps without being too showy. Will be back!

It was a really nice hike all the way to the lake and a nice Camp spot but the lake itself is nothing you'd want to swim in it's pretty much a puddle

There are some great sites along granite lake! Went in September though and the lake was very cold for swimming. We also left our stuff at our camp at granite lake and hiked the four lakes loop, which even as just a day hike with a lighter pack was pretty exhausting, but well worth it. You’ve gotta hike up the bowl of granite lake too, there’s some killer views up there and it doesn’t take long at all. We also saw very few other people along the route. Literally no one the first day. Definitely seems like a good way to go if you’re looking for less crowds as opposed to some of the other trails in the alps.

3 months ago

3 months ago

This was a fantastic hike! We started at the Parks Creek Trailhead and hiked in along the PCT, meeting many other hikers along the way. There was an abundance of wildflowers and the seeps are flowing, gorgeous! Mount Eddy was socked in at the top, but still worth the trek.

We primarily were looking for wildflowers - we started at the meadow trailhead, not the PCT trailhead. The meadow is full of flowers, and not too difficult to cross (multiple soggy spots). Fantastic flowers

4 months ago

Excellent hike, beautiful lakes and a multitude of trails make for a superb weekend camping destination.

The Alltrails route actually follows the Pacific Crest Trail for the first part of the trail, and switches to Deadfalls Trail right after the Lower Deadfalls Lake. The actual Deadfalls Trail trailhead is about 3/4 mile further south on Parks Creek Road and starts in the Deadfalls Meadow, which is definitely worth visiting - I recommend making a loop out of the trails even if it requires hiking back to your vehicle the last 3/4 miles on (low traffic) Parks Creek Road.

Starting from the Parks Creed Summit (where Alltrails' route starts), until the Middle Deadfalls Lake (the largest one), the trail is relatively Easy (unless you are coming from Deadfalls Meadow, which is a bit steeper), but above that it is mainly Moderate.

5 months ago

The secrets out for this area, try and check it out early in the spring, there’s an abundance of wildflowers and wild onion that grow in the meadows.

7 months ago

Is a permit required for camping?

Easy hike with views to the northwest, southwest, south and east and the treat of a lake at the end. A regular for the Siskiyou Wanderers, often in winter or spring.

10 months ago

Favorite trail! Great backpacking camps up there too!

Monday, October 09, 2017

Very nice trail, especially as access trail to Four Lakes area, which is what we used it for. Difficult to do as a day hike because of massive elevation gain. First 5 miles or so is a monotonous climb of 2,700 ft, which isn't too difficult, relatively speaking, thanks to even grade and smooth forest cover. The views of the lake and the mountains are breathtaking. The last 2.5 miles or so change elevation and scenery rapidly. Some ascents and descents are quite hard on tired legs because of granite stairs or rock. This section is totally gorgeous though. All in all, you should be in excellent shape to enjoy it, and - as I already said - best to use it as a part of a multi-day hike around Red Alps.

Navigation to the trail - beware: if you hit "direction" on this AllTrails trail descriptions to navigate to the trailhead, it will take you to the wrong place! We lost over 2 hours trying to find the trailhead, which is accessible from a different road altogether.

Monday, August 14, 2017

We enjoyed this hike very much, as it had been years since we had been out with packs. It was just right to get us warmed up to hiking again. Found some beautiful spots along Union Creek. Beautiful meadows and wild flowers. And we had union lake all to ourselves!! Well almost. Sock eating chipmunks were abundant. Lol. And many many Deer. So peaceful!! July 27th 2017

Thursday, July 27, 2017

This is a rad hike. Beautiful views, get locations to camp, and fishing was great.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Perfect family hike. A good challenge for the younger ones. Gorgeous and abundant wildflowers. Lunch in the shade at upper deadfall lake and a Mt Eddy ascent for those looking for a little more adventure. Wonderful day.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fantastic hike!! Just do it, you'll be glad you did! Great views, lush forest, vibrant wildflowers, small waterfalls, and stunning lakes make this one of the best hikes I've ever done. Plus our dogs had a blast.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sonya ST gave good description. water temperature for swimming in early July.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Amazing backpacking weekend all with a full moon!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Follow a bumpy gravel road 6 miles to the trail head but totally approachable in a car. Did it on 5/27 which would be just barley outside the recommended season after a snowy season. We made it about 9 or 10 miles in going counter clockwise close to the north side of seven up peak with mountains surrounding giant meadows. This early we encountered several (4-5) river /creek crossings ranging from a 1.5 to 3 feet. after 6 miles, snow drifts covered more and more of the landscape interrupted by big lush green meadows, making the trail difficult to impossible to trace but we followed the Bear creek occasionally finding stone made pathways and lightly visible trails. We are for sure going to try this again when more snow has melted. It is totally worth it even early in the season if you like an adventure but would totally recommend past June depending on the season.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Great hike. Doable with a pregnant wife. A bit crazy in the early spring though with snow on the ground. Some gnarly crosses (see pics) that require prudence. .

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Camp at deadfall and summit Eddy! Nice little backpacking trip. Makes a good day hike too.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

I can't wait to go back and check this trail out again. I used it every weekend to get to different lakes and peaks in the Trinity Alps. Stargazing in Mumford Meadows is a must!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

This was my first time backpacking and my husband thought a challenge would be ok. The first mine felt super easy, we reached a bridge and the view was breathtaking! A little down from the bridge was a great spot for camping. unfortunately the previous people didn't put out their fire, so we got some water from the river and put it out. There was a load of switchbacks going up a huge granite rock that was pretty exhausting and you see this huge opening! Don't be fooled like me, it was mumford meadows, not the lake. You have another mile to go up more switchbacks up another granite slab. A bit more woods and then you see the huge granite cliffs! There's a few spots to camp, cross a stream(great for filtering your water because you're probably low or out) and you find a few more spots near the water. We choose the furthest for privacy and knew it'd help keep our two dogs calmer. It had a slight decline, a perfect fire pit with bench made of slab of wood across two boulders. Climb up from the spot and there was still plenty of great wood and twigs for a night fire and morning fire. Waking up to that sunrise was amazing, i saw it creep down the face of the mountain. The hike back was nice. I recommend wearing pants, parts of the trail were brushy and I was glad to not have my legs scratched up. Overall I can't wait to repeat this trail! I have a much firmer grasp on how to pack, and what to expect!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We have done this loop counterclockwise, and didn't regret it one bit as it has allowed us to completely avoid the crowds even though it was a long weekend.

A word of caution: even though this trail description says the loop is 14.2 miles, in reality it's closer to 17-18.

On the first day we walked 7.5 miles to Bear Basin and camped on an established camping site. The closest human soul was an entire 1 mile away, and we got an amazing experience of being alone in the wilderness.

On the second day it took us another 5 miles to reach the Seven Up Pass. The Seven Up Pass was the most beautiful part of the hike. Wherever you are hiking from, make sure you traverse it! We were originally thinking to connect to the Four Lakes Loop from there, however, that trail involved going down into the Black Deer Valley and coming up on the other side just as much as we have just done out of the Bear Valley, and we didn't feel up to it.

So we had an amazing lunch in an incredible tucked in spot at Seven up Pass and headed down to the Granite Lake. Granite Lake was a zoo - we counted 10 tents visible just from the trail! It really felt like there needed to be an established bathroom there at this point, it was so overcrowded. So we headed down to the car. The second day for us was 11 miles, which is a bit of a stretch with backpacks.

More photos and description can be found here:

Sunday, August 14, 2016

It was like walking into Disneyland as a kid. Easy hike/walk in and then for a real challenge the summit of Mt Eddy. Perfect area, lots of different sections to explore and hang out.

It was pretty steep and fun

Friday, July 22, 2016

We followed the trail in from Deadfall Meadows TH on July 18th and out on 20th. Boggy area at beginning otherwise great trail to a marvelous adventure. Camped on South side of main Deadfall Lake, less windy. Only downside, no campfires allowed at this time.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Beautiful hike with spectacular views a number of options to create a nice loop or connect to other trailers. Morris meadow is a beautiful walk to the higher elevations with the anticipation of high alpine beauty this will inspire you with amazing lupus fields scattered with a variety of incredible wild flowers. It's a moderate hike go enjoy the beauty!!!!

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