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Gorgeous, shady, sublimely quiet hike. We got on the trail around 12:30 and the parking lot was full, but most people were coming out as we were coming in. We didn’t pass many people on our way out. Early evening might be the best time to go. Don’t skip the loop at the bottom as it’s the reason for the entire hike. It’s full of huge redwoods, lush ferns, and old growth moss covered maple trees. Our kids thought it felt like a fairy garden (oh and our kids rocked this hike - ages 7 and 4).

Fun hike! Pretty cool scramble to the top as well. I saw 2 mountain lion #2’s on trail, which is a little unnerving.

Not the most exciting trail, but an epic view at the top. Great view of the redwoods and ocean together. Doesn’t take long at all to get up too.

Amazing view at the top!

Need a permit from the visitors center to get the Days code for the gate. Long dirt road to a short loop trail but the joy is seeing the former record holder, and knowing the current Worlds Tallest Tree is near! Quiet and majestic.

Nice flat forest trail though busy during tourist season. In winter it’s seldom used. The stone and wooden steps up Ceremonial Rock is a fun climb yielding views. Fun for kids if you’re staying at the PP campground.

The view is worth the muddy narrow trail. Although now that the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust is looking to get oversight, the trail will be able to be cleared and widened nicely. Users seem to keep trail and landscape clean of trash. Thank you to those who maintain ropes on the rock.

16 days ago

Beautiful mix of scenery - redwoods, aspen, rock formations. At times the trail is incredibly narrow with foliage on both sides. The end has a rock climb with rope assist, so our dog and one friend had to stop before the real view.

Absolutely amazing trail. Larger grove at the bottom and a beautiful clear creek. If you step out into the creek area, you can see the majesty of the y’all trees. I recommend reading the board when you first get to the trail head as there is one tree in particular that is pointed out but we didn’t know that as we didn’t read the board till the end.

If you’re in Redwood, you HAVE to do this trail. No arguments!! It’s super easy to get a “permit” from the Kuchal visitor center. Ask, and they’ll give directions and a lock code for the gate you have to drive through in order to get this trail head. The only thing is that it’s a one way gravel road and they’re doing a lot of construction in the area, but the whole process (including hiking) took only 4 hours. 1. Kuchal center for permit 2. Drive to trail head 3. Hike one of the most incredible hikes you’ll ever do 4. Drive back up. The hike itself is a about 1.5 miles down hill with switchbacks, then a WONDERFUL flat mile loop trail at the bottom surrounded by redwoods, then 1.5 back up. I’m a runner and I gave myself a challenge to run the whole way up, and I made it up in 13 minutes! All that to remind you: HIKE THIS TRAIL

Beautiful view of coastline! Not over crowded either.

Well worth it! Beautiful⛰

it's the best.

Awesome trail!

2 months ago

Feeling homesick and missing this place. This is a fun hike with an amazing view at the end! You have to breathe it all in!

Did this hike on 5-3-18, nice starter trail to see huge redwoods. You do need a free permit that you can get at the visitor centers. This will give you the code to the gate, that is changed daily. You can search out Hyperion, tallest tree in the world. If you do you must cross the stream at the bottom of the trail. ****A word of caution****** if the stream is above knee high it can get sketchy real quick. Plus if you get across following Tom McDonald Creek is tough because it gets deep with no way around. I am 6' and in excellent physical shape and it was all I could do to hold my footing in the rushing water when it got thigh deep, not to mention the water was very cold in May and the river rocks can be like walking on marbles. Good luck and enjoy!

2 months ago

The trail can get muddy and you have to scale the rock with a rope when you get there so kids and dogs are not the best to bring along but the views are AMAZING and it’s a Humboldt must see!

The natural Springs seep through the trail climbing upward all year. Obviously during our "rainy season" much muddier! This winding hike upward is beautiful and a Mission Bell Blue Butterfly fluttered up the path with me. This is an endangered butterlfy. I am delighted. The Labyrinth is newish and LOVE it. I'm in love with the top of strawberry rock! Beautiful . Now that the land is no longer with the lumber company it is protected an soon trailwork an clean up. This place is special to us all.

This trail is the whole reason you visit the Redwoods. The hike is down about 600-800 ft in elevation which leads you down to the grove which is another loop. Plan to walk uphill the way back! This is a must during your visit here. Don’t forget to pick up a permit from the Kuechler visitor center ( opens at 9am). Note that the roads out to the trail are unpaved and a little bumpy. Definitely recommend starting this trail early as it gets crowded later in the day.

One of my favorite hikes. Absolutely magical to watch the sunset here! In the early Spring can be extremely muddy.

4 months ago

My Husband and I went to go hiking when we saw a no trespassing sign so we left not a fan so disappointed.

5 months ago

Incredible unmatched view at the top

I love this trail. It's all up hill on the way in. It's usually very muddy. I think there's still tree sitters of you keep your eyes peeled. I always see a lot of people. the view is incredible though.

Excellent trail! Can be a little muddy and slippery but it’s got an unbeatable view at the highest point.

6 months ago

Enjoyed the super quiet walk through the forest. Delighted in the labyrinth. Loved the view at the top!

off road driving
8 months ago

Great road down to Tall Trees TH. Enjoyed the ride to and from as much as the over rated trail...

Very enjoyable hike through sparse but tall redwoods and would be better done in the summer That way you could enjoy Redwood Creek at the bottom. I was surprised at the amount of guys illegally harvesting mushrooms here. The lock at the gate went bad so the couple ahead of me called a Ranger to let us out so we were able to escape. The trail is a hassle to get to and do....34 mile round trip from where you get the pass. Will definitely go back and do Redwood Creek Trail as planned. Nearby Prairie Creek has much better trails and no permit needed...

8 months ago

Enjoyable simple trail that ends up at the beach near Trinidad, Took a few photos but not of the beach. I got distracted throwing a stick in the surf for my lab, Brook,... Nice little stream and a couple of bridges. Way too many spur trails along the way, Found two couples a bit lost due to the confusing spurs along the trail.

8 months ago

Great hike! Love the forest and the rock climb to the top.

Don't forget to grab a permit! I actually got mine in Crescent City before I left the area. READ THE DIRECTIONS on the slip they give you on how to open the lock! Beautiful, relaxing hike. Not a ton of people - so it's a great place to connect with nature. Enjoy :)

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