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Trabuco Canyon, California Map

It was very nice trail. I was impressed with the red rock itself. I had a very nice day.

Great trail for mountain biking. The climb is nothing too bad and once you hit the decent, you'll thank yourself for deciding to put in the effort at the climb. Very good. Definitely recommend for everyone.

Difficult but manageable, expect a lot of incline it’s all incline right when you start at the trail head, the incline gets harder and harder the more in you go but you get a break every once in a while, the trail get more narrow about 2 miles in and make sure you pay attention and I would highly suggest this app be on use the map because you can easily get put on the wrong path, just a heads up the trail is “closed” due to the fires so hike at your own risk, when you almost to the peak probably make a mile left to go your ping to be right in the middle of the burnt after math of the fires

off road driving
19 days ago

they recently paved the trail and the end is a fire hazard so the gate is closed. they also added signs stating that you are not allowed to go off course so basically you are forced to drive on the pavement. used to be my favorite trail but now it is just a normal road with a speed limit of 25

My first major hike. Incredibly challenging. It is about 16.7 miles, not 13.4, since Joplin Trail is no where to be found till about 4/5th of the way up to the peak (which is why you see the parallel trail used by others through the forest). I was with a much more experienced hiker and he said it was one of the toughest hikes he’s been on. There are two ways to get started: if you make a left, it’ll be an easier start since it’ll be about a 25% incline, but for us we made a mistake and took the road straight up which gave us about a 50% incline for the first 0.2 miles... I don’t recommend it since there are glass shards and a rolled over jeep in the middle of this incline. About half way up, you’ll start descending about 200 feet and your trail will continue for about 3 miles into the forest, which is why you need wear long pants, bring mosquito repellent and sunscreen. Be aware of mountain bikers zipping down the trail; you won’t see them going up past you since they use a fire lane to get dropped off on top close to the peak then they speed down 4000 feet. Crazy!! You’ll need about 5-6 liters of water. Hiking down was equally as challenging due to the steep slope, slippery rocks and feeling absolutely exhausted so don’t think coming down will be any easier. Pace yourself, take lots of rest and listen to your body. You’ll feel greatly accomplished when done. Good luck!!

Beautiful view

off road driving
1 month ago

I'm new to the off-roading world, and we came here around 6pm on a Saturday... It looked like a great place for a little drive, but the gates were closed and said it was closed due to "fire hazard"

Great for a quick trail close to home. Gives you the feeling of being outside in open space which is hard to find in Southern California. This time of year (September) it’s definitely very dry. But still beautiful. Nice hills but nothing too hard. Kid friendly.

We only made it to Old Camp as we were not prepared for the overgrown poison oak that started to take over the trail after Old Camp. The hike up to that point was a lot of fun though and very challenging (lots of incline on the way up and some steep slippery downhills on the way out). If you plan on making it all the way to the peak, make sure you wear long pants to protect from the poison oak!

A great Sunday afternoon hike with a highlight at the end of the trail!

There were minimal bicyclists and all of them were very cordial as they passed by.

There is lots of shade for overly hot days although it was very mild when we were out there.

The signage for Red Rock Trail really needs to be better...I might have missed it had it not been for the folks in front of us.

My wife was obsessed with all of the woodpeckers we spotted!

Nice out and back. Lots of sand in the bottoms. Bring good hiking boots that repel the sand. Hat with a front and back bill to keep the sun off the neck.

But the Red Rock canyon is a nice treat at the end of the trail. Will upload pics soon.

1 month ago

Nice easy hike. Trails poorly marked.

off road driving
2 months ago

A nice drive, with an emphasis on “drive”.

If you’re looking for a nice drive with okay scenery then look no further.

If you’re hoping to off-road, there are offshoots (one of which is Holy Jim). Other than that, this is definitely an easy to moderate trail.

fun times and nice trail.

Only negative is all the trucks and motorcycles. A very dusty trail due to that... otherwise it’s a great hike with great views... nice trees!

A great hike with amazing views at the top on a clear day! Need to be in good condition.

3 months ago

A great hike... nice views and beautiful trees of many varieties. Some of the largest Acorns I’ve ever seen. For sure I’ll do again.

Great trail. I’ve done it too many times to count. The red rocks at the end are beautiful & the main attraction for this trail. They are for viewing mostly as they are steep & sandy/slippery. I wouldn’t chance an injury out there by climbing on them but many people do. I have brought an 8 year old & first time hikers who are up for a slight challenge (only at the end of trail as its slightly uphill briefly).

You have to share trail with bikers for first mile which is annoying on a busy weekend. Be careful of the poison oak when dodging them.

off road driving
3 months ago

Nice trail, some steep areas that get a little exciting but mostly fairly tame driving. It can get hot, so keep water close, totally worth the ride for the views.

If you do this hike in the summer, start early, it gets very hot. Best to start by 6 am. Challenging hike but the view at the top is well worth it. Bring plenty of water, I drank almost 4 liters.

Nice tree cover on the earlier sections of the trail. Saw a decent amount of bikers and other hikers passing us in both directions on the trail. View at the top was very nice. Start early because it gets hot!

This was an awesome, but brutal hike!! Bring plenty of water/electrolytes, food/snacks and a bandana for the dust from trucks and motorcycles! I drank plenty of water on the way up but still ended up cramping pretty bad! We hit the trail head at 6:30am and it took us 9 hours! ✔️one off my bucket list! ✌

Nice trail, beauty at the Red rocks, easy for all levels! Worth it.

Don't do this in the heat. Wait until cooler weather. Nearly had a heat incident because i also ran out of water (3L). Two rattlesnake encounters. The views at the peak were meh, but I went for the workout anyway. View of the trail is nice towards the peak tho.

Edit: This trail and the peak are consumed in the Holy Fire.

Great wide trail. Absolutely beautiful up in the Pine Tree areas. We were blessed with a cool morning, but not a shaded hike. Moderate hike, took longer than expected, as we did not have any parking at the trail head. Lots of friendly bikers, we missed the very top, but hiked 16 miles. We plan on a Fall Hike to make it. A must see.

6/23/18. Brutal hike for me. Make sure to bring a lot of water. Drank 9 bottles round trip. Pack a bandana to cover your mouth from the dust left behind motorbikes and trucks. Enjoyed the first half. Dirt and very demanding the last half, but I am 67, lol.
Went slow and it took 9 hours, 41,000+ steps!
Hike on a cool day, no shade near the top.
Very inspired when we made it.

Really beautiful hike however there was a few things I wish I had realized before I went on this hike. The road going out to the hike is dirt and has some pot holes. I didn’t see a sign for this trail just a steep downward slope to the left where maps said it was. I took the path and sure enough it led me to the falls and it was really pretty along the way. There was a lot of poison oak pretty much unavoidable and not super clear paths the whole way. Lots of bugs and the waterfall was very small and no where to swim (went in June 2018). Still very beautiful spot however wouldn’t bring young kids or dogs.

Great hike, but wear good hiking shoes for the smooth rocks at Red Rock (covered in loose rock/sand).

Allow 2-2 1/2 hours if you want to take photos and spend time at Red Rock...you have to hike through Borrega Canyon first.

It’s easy to miss the turn to Red Rock so keep your eyes peeled immediately after the covered rest area that marks the end of the two-way trail.

Not suitable for kids under 12 - the rocks beg to be climbed and are steep. Bring lots of water in the summer also. Great local hike and easy to reach.

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