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8 days ago

Last two miles before Twin Lakes is difficult but well worth it.

Great hike to a beautiful lake. Would recommend starting early enough in the day to continue on to Pear Lake. Heather Lake is a great spot to relax and take a swim in refreshing water. About 4.1 miles via the Watch Tower. Would recommend this route as its much more scenic both coming and going than the Hump Trail. Took bug spray but didn't need it at all on the trail or near the lake.

12 days ago

We went out by way of Watchtower and back over The Hump. Watchtower view is just extraordinary, even for Sequoia. The Hump route is a bit of a slog. Great hike if you’ve had time to acclimate to the altitude. Otherwise it will seem longer and steeper than it is. It was wonderfully cool on a July day when lower elevations were baking.

Great trail with plenty of water. Last 1.5 miles tough but the lakes and views are awesome.

22 days ago

The ridge has awesome views of the lakes. Bring plenty of water.

I took my 8 year old son and 64 year old father on this hike. It was a first time backpacking for both of them. They both made it and enjoyed it; though, this hike was a little harder than I expected it to be. My son carried his own pack with his sleeping bag and clothes. But he struggled a little. It was very steep going in towards the lake. Still, Heather and Emerald lakes are beautiful and we had a great time. On the hike out, my dad was already making plans for his next backpacking trip, and after In ‘N Out, my son was excited to hit the trail again, too. We all got eaten by mosquitoes pretty good on this trip, so if you have some kind of netting, I’d recommend getting taking it.

Getting the permit for overnight was easier than expected. We showed up at 6:55, doors opened at 7 and we were second in line and able to get a spot without any trouble.

Went here on June 23. I thought the weather was beautiful but the Northerners with me were a little too warm. Well-marked; you don't need a map to do this one. This is a trail I wouldn't hesitate to take with fit friends but depending I think the altitude and distance might be tough for some.

It's worth it though, the view is lovely at the top and on the way up. Bug spray is essential. Consumed 2L of water round trip, could have used more.

Bring a bug net when hiking in the summer, trail on Elizabeth pass may be covered in snow. Doable in 4 days

1 month ago

I did this hike on Monday 6 18, 2018. weather is nice in the mid-70s sunshine. there was a few people up there I saw Maybe 4 hikers on my loop around hump and back down Watchtower. saw only two people at Heather Lake. mosquitoes at Heather Lake will not bad though they were hungry. it seems that the trout in the lake we're hungrier they were swimming around ravenously hopping up and grabbing the bugs off the surface.

Completed this hike on 6-16-2018. The trail has consistent up climbing for the first 3 miles. It’s not too bad until the elevation gets to you. The trail was easy to follow and we only crossed a hand full of hikers. The hike itself is not done for the views but once you arrive at the lakes, you won’t regret it. The bugs aren’t too bad but if you stop for any length of time on any part of the trail, you will have a swarm of mosquitos around you. Make sure you bring bug spray and sun screen.

We hiked in with a lunch and about 1 gallon of water and the hike took a total of 8 hours. That time included exploration at the lakes, a hike around the lake and plenty of picture breaks. If you are going to do the hike in a day, I would suggest following the trail to the 10k mark of elevation to see the lake from above. We hiked in the rocks to the east of the lake as high as we could but it would have been nice to make it to the top of the rock rim.

The trail is not as steep as the summit lake hike out of shake camp in the sequoia national park. The trail does not have any surprises but the main river crossing at least around this time may be difficult for those who don’t want to get wet. I’m sure later on it will dry up a bit to stop that issue.

Lastly, I completed a 4 mile hike 7 months prior and had very little preparation for this hike. I was able to complete it with energy to spare but I did need a few days to recuperate. Anyone with any amount of experience can complete this hike.

Love this hike

Superb trail with spectacular views and great camping along the way.

the uphill climb was brutal in the snow, but definitely worth every drop of sweat. the snow and view was so breath taking! and the way down is a breeze. wear shoes with a good grip, the ice was very slippery and the snow was up almost to my knees.

This was an amazing hike! My goal was to backpack overnight at Pear Lake, but I went last Wednesday when Sequoia got a ton of snow. I was caught in the snow throughout the hike but made it to Heather Lake. It was completely frozen over, and it was snowing so badly I couldn’t even tell where the lake was until I was almost on top of it. I don’t recommend going when it’s snowing! I was the only person out there with the exception of one group of about 3 people. If you do go in the winter, definitely have microspikes. I left mine in the car to save weight in my heavy pack, and the trail was completely clear of snow when I started. Biggest mistake! I ate it really bad many times on the thick sheet of ice that was blanketed by the fresh snow. Still a beautiful hike that I can’t wait to complete (to Pear Lake) in the spring.

Awesome View of Mable Fork Canyon!! I was unable to get through to Heather Lake due to snow. Please notice, this trail is also called the Watchtower trail. There is a sign along the trail notifying hikers when the Watchtower trail is closed. It suggests that you take what is called The Hump Trail to get to Heather Lake. Can’t wait to try again in better weather

Great day hike. The trail via WatchTower has great views and places to sit and absorb the scenery from.
The lake is beautiful and worth the steep climb...

Nice hike mostly in the woods gets more demanding towards the second half of the trail. Leads to a nice small lake.

Did this hike back in July, it's really beautiful but a steep climb

Amazing hike!! Lots of snow sticking around and the watchtower is technically closed but it was in the 70s and not icy, I wouldn’t do it again this year though. Worth it!!! This map is to Emerald lake which is just another mile up the trail.

on Twin Lakes Trail

9 months ago

We did this hike about 2 months ago in August though the mosquitos were the worst it was still a very beautiful hike one lake was more like a pond and the other was somewhat small it was still so peaceful and pretty. the hike it’s self was very strenuous and I’d recommend being in shape!! There was a lot of steep parts and with a heavy pack it sure made it a challenge. Late summer was the time to go there were sill many streams and creeks flowing and in the spring it seems like the larger creeks would be hard to cross safely

Be prepared to hike long trails and inclines. Crossing streams and snow the higher elevation at 4,000/over. Follow the trail to get to the Watchtower viewpoint....what an amazing site. Heather Lake over 9, 345ft+ elevation. You get snow, over overcast, cold/high winds depending on the weather condition(s): check with the rangers before.

We went in June 2017 for 3 days and 2 nights, the lake was partially frozen, soft and hard snow, and what I called slushy snow, and it was still cold. We hiked over 20mi+ round trip. Not for kids. Need really good hiking shoes, gears: hiking poles, clamps for shoes, water filter, etc. Must be prepared for camping/backpacking/hiking trip if you're planning on staying overnight, it gets colder the higher you go, over 8,000+ elevation and the ground is still frozen. Need bear canister.

Need to check in with the rangers station and get an overnight permit in person before 4 pm. Other than that, it was an amazing trip. Try it out! God Bless.

10 months ago

I found this trail to be hard, only because I'm a couch potato and am not used to carrying 30 pounds, 3000 feet, up 7 miles. Once I got to the top, I realized how worth it, it was.

Thoroughly enjoyed Heather Lake Trail. A cool day on the 23rd of September 2017, about thirty-five degrees at higher altitudes. Spoke to some campers who stayed up there in 20 degree weather last night. Saw a bear!

10 months ago

Beautiful trail. Plenty of uphill to keep your legs warm, and you'll need it! When I reached the lakes yesterday there was 2" of snow on the ground. The clouds rolled in around 4 and made for a surreal experience! By morning skies were clear and the temp was below freezing.

10 months ago

Good overnight trip.

Great incline and views. Light showers on the way down. If you are looking for distance and a challenge this is a good choice.

Good amount of climb without being unbearable, and unbelievable views!

This hike was on my agenda of hikes, a friend tag along, it was her first time hiking, well least to say, SHE HOOK. It was a nice day hike, light showers in the morning, not too many bugs, the water was comfortable to swim. Climbing the watchtower was a little challenging for myself, do not climb the watchtower without proper footwear. Being my friend first hike she felt it was strenuous and as for me, it a clean clear
trail, not many rock steps, an easy to moderate hike.

11 months ago

We took the Mt. Silliman trail up Silliman creek to get to Mt. Silliman. it was a decent hike until we hit the granite slabs. We had to switchback our way up several sections of granite slabs. 2000 ft. of mountain side to be exact. It was no easy feat.
At the top was Silliman Lake and it was beautiful and another 1000 ft of elevation gain will get you to the top of the mountain. Going down the mountainside could've been easily dangerous if you took things to fast. Very steep. After it's all said and done, I would not go back as the mountainside almost killed me.

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