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Moderate hike. There scenery up to the lake is phenomenal. Make sure to take chicken wire for the marmots if you plan to stay over night. If you forget, you can always rent it at Silver City.


Amazing trail. We only managed to get as far as the steep section below the intersection with the Mosquito Lakes trail - lots of partially melting snow with loose gravel and dirt made it impossible to climb much further up. The first stream you come to was somewhat dangerous crossing (shin deep) but was certainly dangerous as we came back (almost knee deep). That stream is very dangerous, don't cross in the morning if it's more than shin deep or you don't have poles!

I'll re-review once I make it to the top here soon.

So sad. Drove 3 hours to find out the bridge crossing wasn't passable. The drive was VERY windy. Ended up hailing.

June 25th - June 27th 2017

Amazing trail. Never been on anything like it. The trail is straightforward and clear the whole way to Hamilton Lakes. Tree cover is on and off. There is no snow up to Hamilton lakes. You can try go further but there is a lot of snow starting 0.5 mile before precipice lakes. Probably having an ice axe is a good idea. The Kaweah Gap will take a good 5 hours from Hamilton lakes.

A couple of things are very important to do on this trail.

1. Shoes to cross the creeks. The creek crossings are pretty dangerous and super cold - there are 5 main crossings on this trail. First one is Mehrten creek. Probably the hardest of them all. There are two options to cross this creek a) go straight across (very exposed) b) go upstream 50 feet and cross a log. I choose the log because I thought it was safer. Second one is 8 mile creek (there are logs to cross). Third is 9 mile creek - use the log available and perhaps a stick / hiking poles. Fourth is bucks creek - bridge. Fifth is hamilton falls - there is a massive log upstream, get on it and walk to the end and then jump onto the trail. Also, if you leave early the creeks are significantly calmer. I brought trail runners and just took off my socks and soles before going into the water. They dried in less than an hour.

2. Don't bring too much water. I brought 1L and filled up along the way. There is so much water due to the big rain season. Plus it is ice cold!

3. Don't bring too much food. Most people I met along the way including myself packed in heaps of food. In reality, dense food like oats and nuts goes a long way.

4. Enjoy the trail! The wildflowers, butterflies and spectacular views :)

1 month ago

Still very snowy (6/11/2017), picked out an old route on the north side (climber's left) of Monarch Creek to avoid the sketchy river crossing, rangers suggested this alternative despite the harder route-finding. Almost entirely snow past the first meadow where you'd normally cross the river. Made it to monarch lakes, and up to the pass in the AM (~1 hr from lakes). I'd recommend crampons & ice axe for the pass! It's all snow up to the ridge. Marmots are active! found one trying to get at my car when I hiked back down.

This hike is full of breath taking views the entire way through. After a very wet year for California in late May the trail was still partially covered in snow on and off starting at about 10 miles in. I would have gone to precipice lake if I had brought crampons with me but the trail became unwalkable right at Hamilton Lake. At this time of year there were a few rivers that were tough to get across but are doable if you are in good physical condition (be okay with getting wet and jumping). There were 2 bears on this trail on the way up so make sure you take the necessary precautions. Overall it was definitely worth the hike. I have never seen a more beautiful part of the world and will be absolutely be coming back when I can.

the lakes blew my mind!!
towards the end of 2016.
i cant wait to go back..

3 months ago

4 months ago

3-12-17 Beautiful trail. Made it about 5 miles down the way. Snow in several parts of the trail. Used it to refill water bottles! Snowslide canyon was gorgeous. The way out is all uphill and is a good workout.

The hike to Eagle Lake is only a little over 3.2 miles but tough elevation gain...anglers who love to catch small brook trout here can do so on at least every other cast...I recommend center of the East side of the lake...this lake is beautiful...I'm a local and make the trip at least twice a year...I'f even for a day hike...id visit more often but there are so many wonderful spots in Sequioa National Park...

The windy roads there seemed ongoing. We camped at Cold Springs then went on a day hike to Eagle Lake. The elevation gain is pretty rough if you're not conditioned. The destination is 5 stars and well worth the pain! Call ahead to see if the roads are open; we did this hike in June 2014 and there was still snow up there!

Mildly strenuous unless you are is great shape. My husband and I have done it several times and have usually had the lake to ourselves. There are some tough moments of scrambling over rocks, and at times the trail is hard to keep track of, but we love it and will likely do it again.

Excellent! Lots of campsites. No bear boxes, so definitely bring a bear canister. The squirrels and Marmots are everywhere and not afraid of people at all. Hike up the talus from the pit toilet. You can reach the Miners ridge. Becareful of loose talus rock. The view up there is amazing. You can see Mosquito lakes all the way across the valley to sawtooth pass. Also out of all Mineral King area Eagle Lake had the most Pika's I've ever seen. Made a really fun camping trip, but be warned this lake is popular. During the summer I'd recommend Franklin Lake to get away from people.