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This hike was awesome! Seriously there’s so many different trails I’d have to come back several times to try them all out. Bring plenty of water & have fun!

nice trailrunning, beautiful views

Not a bad trail, although it’s hard to feel that you’ve escaped when you see and hear the power lines most of the way. Nice view at the top though.

Hiked this trail and loved it. I only saw one other person the entire time. The views at the top are fantastic.

trail running
3 months ago

Great For trail running!

China Flat semi loop w/Semi Peak. 6.1 miles total. If you're interested in this check out the recording under the China Flat Trail 3/18/18. Started 1400 King James Court and went up China Flat trail, then to Simi Peak trail. On the way back we to took Suicide Trail back to China Flat. It was a sunny but really nice day. Not too warm and every once in a while got just a tad chilly. But really it was perfect. This would be really tough on a hot day, there is just a couple of small spots with shade. Beautiful views.We were able to see mountain tops with snow (one of which should be Mt. Baldy but i can't tell) and also channel islands.

Really a nice hike.

Challenging areas of the trail leading to amazing views!

This is a great trail. It is strenuous and adventurous. There are places where you need to go over boulders and rock faces.

It is a bit confusing to find the trailhead, but the direction on all trails is accurate.

The arch towards the end and Simi peak are great places for photograph. There are also multiple places for photos all along the trail.

beautiful landscape views from atop the ridges

Lots of clean trails amazing views even a couple picnic places that on the hike. Highly recommend it

Great path. Gets really iffy at some points but as long as you use common sense you'll be fine. Also a lot of great views

6 months ago

Nice long hike. Free parking.

great hike with my kids!

It starts out basically hiking beneath powerlines and behind houses, so it isn't very scenic at first. Once you gain some elevation, you get spectacular views over Newbury Park and Camarillo. To get to and from the peak, I suggest taking the earlier route up (not easily visible) instead of the later one that is right by the power line tower where that part of Powerline Trail dead ends. The earlier route is less steep and more direct to the peak. Saw only one other person on my hike.

I'm a new hiker, suggest good shoes long pants and long sleeves. Lots of climbing. I got lost twice and could not complete the circuit. Very glad I had this APP to get me back on track.

Did this as an out and back instead of a loop. As others have said, great workout & good view. Not busy at all even on a Sunday afternoon. Bring water & sunscreen.

Great trail, but couldn't find the way around to get to the back side of the loop. After seeing it on satellite, it was practically right in front of us. Bummer, our bad. Great calorie burn, though. Fairly. challenging, but totally doable if you're in good shape. We frequently mountain bike a lot of this trail so we knew to expect a lot of climb. Would do it again now that we know where we went wrong. Looks like the overgrown parts are no longer an issue.

Great hike! Not for novices or dogs, that's for sure. I lost the trail numerous times due to overgrowth. Be sure to follow the track on your phone using GPS and offline maps. This hike is best done during the winter. The summer is WAY too hot for this uncovered trail. Pants are a must due to the overgrowth. I posted some pics so you can see the 'trail.' Haha.

I second what Chadwick said. Think twice before taking your dog, my pup was covered in foxtails and even in places you can not imagine. So if you are not ready to spend a good hour afterwards pulling all that stuff out then don't take your pup. Also a good harness is a must, to assist when rock climbing. I would do the hike again cause we did not reach the peak due to the heat. I'd go very very early too, crack of dawn! GPS is a must! Lots of bees in certain areas.

Everything Chadwick said about this trail is 100% accurate. We did the loop today, though we didn't go to the peak due to time, and almost didn't make the loop because the trail was so difficult to see. Heading east on the Oakbrook Edison trail you MUST use the gps to find your left turn. From there on the trail is very difficult with times that you'll be doing a little rock climbing, searching for the trail, and wondering if you should turn around.

Great views! I'll try to post them here but this is my first time posting on this app.

We had resolved to not do the route again, but only afterward did I read the description; we want to get to the peak now and see the market and journal.

If you plan on hiking this trail make sure to wear long pants. Spent roughly 30 minutes of the hike picking the foxtail barley (I think) out of our socks and shoes. This trail is so overgrown with this devil plant it took away a lot of the enjoyment.
However, apart from that, this trail brings you up to some great views, a cave and some great rock outcrops to climb on. This is a steep challenging trail. It was sometimes difficult to find the trail. In places the foxtail is so dense you can't see the dirt. Had to use the app to make sure we were going the right way in a few spots.

I'm glad I hiked this once. I probably won't ever hike it again though.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Nice trail, but the waterfall and the river are partial urban runoff (which means they smell horrible, and the water is inaccessible). There are official signs that tell you this. Otherwise the majority of the trail is pleasant.

There is a lot of sun on this trail. From Paradise falls it is pretty steep to lizard rock. Still some nice water in the creek and a small waterfall.

For me the Lizard Rock was anti climatic don't get me wrong the wildflowers along the route are beautiful but the real gem is Paradise falls.

Great trail with some great views. A few sections pretty overgrown. Part of the trail would be tough during summer months with no shade as you climb up.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Enjoyable hike. Started from paradise falls and followed markers for lizard rock.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Awesome incline to a pretty decent view.

Nice hike. We hit the waterfall and Stagecoach on our hike. Was a pretty easy hike and very pretty with all the rain we have had this year. Paradise Waterfall was the highlight of the hike.

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