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off road driving
2 months ago

Fun local trail to get the car dirty. As discussed before the North Divide road is closed going South at Bedford Peak. Be careful as several kids in pick up were driving really fast and this trail is narrow with alot of blind corners.

Would be fun to continue on the North Divide Road toward Corona.


The last reviewer must have gotten lost because the trailhead is exactly where AllTrails indicates and it’s not a gravel road, it’s a dirt single track trail. It’s not private property either, all Cleveland National Forest.

Hiked this 4 Months ago, lots of loose dirt and rocks up West Horsethief, bring a walking stick, extra water, and sunscreen. Beautiful views and worth it! Switchbacks were hard, especially in the Sun! Will be back.

this one is a butt kicker and should not be done on a hot day or a beginner. the first section of Trabucco is great and pretty easy with a gradual climb, once you hit Los Pinos it gets a bit steeper but nothing too major. the butt kicker is coming down bell and yearger. it is SUPER steep, very loose terrain like sandy beach loose and you will end up on your butt, walking sideways, falling and possible poison oak. We got all of the above and it puts a lots of stress on your knees. It is very narrow and tree branches hitting you in the face. I loved the first 3/4 hated this section and it was about 4 miles of this. You keep saying "Are you kidding me" just when you thought you were done here comes another section. it is full of shade most the way but the bugs came out in this area. the trail is not marked once you hit Los Pinos peak so you have to really pay attention or you can miss it especially once you get to the meadow and ring the bell. One you ring the bell take a few steps backward to the trail on your right and follow it back into the forest.

Beautiful hike with some amazing views at the top. Went on an overcast day and the cloud cover on the mountain made portions of the hike feel like an enchanted forest. The first half to the top wasn’t too difficult and we made good time. The second half of the loop was another story. The review written by Amy Morrissey is spot on. The Yeager portion of the trail is no joke- areas with super steep inclines and extremely loose dirt (like potting soil loose), side stepped most of the way, fell a few times, slid down a few times on hands and feet or straight up on my behind. I’ll definitely go back again but most likely just to the top and back down.

the "trailhead" is not where alltrails indicates.. also the trail is not a hiking trail but as the name indicates, a gravel road. careful when you get out there, there is a lot of private property

Awesome Trail with a great view of all of Southern California. As other reviews say, its 3 miles straight up but there are plenty of switchbacks to help with the ascent. My garmin said it was about 2023 vertical feet. There is gravel for about 75% of the hike so be sure to wear comfortable shoes with good traction. Bring plenty of water and maybe a little snack to fuel up after your climb. I'm defiantly planning on coming back and doing this one again.

Side note: We brought our dog (which this trail is dog friendly) but maybe have your dog wear boots cause the gravel can be a lot of a dogs paws.

Nice scenery, quite empty, good for dogs. Second half is little bit challenging - since it’s targeted for bicyclists.

Stunning views, lots of elevation gain, exposed to sun the whole way. Easy navigation.

We did park 2.5 miles from the trail head because we didn't expect the off road experience to the trail head. Our elevation gain according to SHealth was 3,087 and 17.03 miles. Very rocky terrain on the switch backs ascending and descending. My Ahnu boots' sole fell apart, went to REI for Vasque the next day. Bring ample water. We only saw 2 people on the trail, who said they only went 3 miles in, and 2 motocross bikes on the ridge. From the ridge you can see Lake Elsinor, very beautiful.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

The trail head is a bit farther than the Holy Jim parking lot with a few spots to park. It’s marked as Horse-thief trailhead where you start. It’s a lot easier than Holy Jim according to some friends who have done both.

This was an awesome hike. I did this hike in December and the weather was perfect. The first third of the trail was pretty open and exposed so bring sunscreen. I didn’t see any other hikers the entire trek, just a few mountain bikers. Though the trail was rarely marked and there was no cell service it was easy enough to figure out where to go. The accent felt very mild it wasn’t too steep.

The Bell Canyon section of the trail was more narrow and less maintained but still pretty, with much more shade. It was a lot more green than I would have expected without a recent rain.

The Yeager portion of the trail was pretty wild. It was a steep decent through very loose dirt. I fell a few times and spent most of that portion in a side stance trying to do a semi controlled slide down the hill.

I had never hiked in this area before but I totally enjoyed the views from the Divide Road and the peak. There was also geocache boxes at the peak with little notes which was cute. I will be back to do this hike in the Spring for sure.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Steep going up and obviously a breeze coming down. Very enjoyable views

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

I found it hard to find the trailhead, no distinct signs. Just hiked on Maple Springs Rd.instead.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Grace my GSD and I just finished this hike. I 100% agree with a previous review that you can skip leg day after this one. I agree with everything Sara Anne Robinson wrote. I'd like to add this this isn't kid friendly. I say that because you're exposed to the elements and it's a straight up for the duration of the first half. Also, getting to the trailhead isn't tricky but you could start to second guess yourself. Just stay on Silverado Canyon Rd until you come to the end of the road and that's the trailhead.

You can definitely skip leg-day after this trek. Once you hit the trail, it's 3 miles of straight up. Single track trail (lots of gravel). Gorgeous views the entire way, especially at the top. Watch out for mountain bikers coming down... There's a reason it's called the "Motorway." Water crossing at the trail head after rains. Absolutely No tree cover!!! If you're thinking of doing this in the Summer, start early!
Absolutely stunning in winter/spring after a bit of rain!!!

Trail head parking is extremely sparse (5-6 designated spots) with a sign posted "No parking unless within designated spot." Adventure pass required.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Awesome views quite a few switchbacks do it when it's cool out ,early morning bring water and snacks and sturdy shoes. Also sometimes the mountain bikes really come down that trail fast so if hiking keep alert

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Also referred to as the 'motorway', this is the best sustained climb on the south side of the Santa Ana Mountains. Do it two or three times back to back if you're looking for mileage!

Monday, August 18, 2014

3 miles and a 2k ft climb. This trail will definitely kick your butt, if you aren't used to a steep incline and switchbacks. There is no shading, so it will definitely get hot. I wouldn't recommend it for the summer, unless you leave really early. The views are amazing on a clear day!

Saturday, December 09, 2017

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