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Temecula, California Map

I did the loop yesterday, my first time. the loop is passable but be prepared to battle with trees and bushes as you make your way through the midpoint of the hike. overall it was a great day! love the vistas and the challenge, will be doing this one often!

I wouldn't say this hike was a "difficult" rated hike at all. done many 14ers and this was just a mellow uphill. we hiked a total of 12 miles up the dripping springs trail, after you pass the first mountain, the climate changes into a rain forest type of environment and it's extremely beautiful and rewarding with panoramic views. Looking forward to hike it again in the spring when all the flowers are blooming

Beautiful surroundings. Easy trail. Good for jugging. I wouldn’t categorize it as difficult. Very easy. Climate change was awesome.

Trail is closed during fire season...which might be forever! I enjoyed walking on the paths around the lake. It was peaceful.

I didn't realize the lake was closed until I was leaving....many trails without barriers leading to the lake. It was beautiful and quiet...now I know why! The map I received was pretty confusing...there are no markers on the trails to coincide with the map. Overall, I enjoyed my day hiking to Vail Lake.

This isn’t even a trail. If you call a cement sidewalk a trail then I don’t see why you’re on this trail finder app because any old side walk will beat this any day. This needs to be removed.

1 month ago

Hiked to the top of the first big hill. Started at 2:30 pm because the trail was shaded. Beautiful 360 view. Campground below was surprisingly very well kept and appealing.

This hike is deceptive. It's long if you go all the way to Palomar and also goes up almost 3000' elevation. It's my go to hike when I don't want to travel because it's close to home. The beauty of this hike is in springs there's millions of flowers, summer has lots of leaves, and winter the leaves are turning color. I always like doing the same hike at different times of year.

Tough trail, done the full out & back 2x.

Wild horse trail Monday morning beautiful an quiet ...the only person out here...I'm about 1 mile from Crosleys saddle⛅️

2 months ago

This is not a 'real' trail to grab in all the beautiful things lol. Lots of cyclists!! More like a race track than anything. I would definitely use this as a conditioning hike. It can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it...depending on what it is you do. Outside of that...it was ok.

Great Challenge of a hike. Bring Hedge clippers though and if you look it has amazing sites. You can even see the pacific half way through the loop.

It’s a great lil doable simple path around a beautiful lake and surrounding area! Sunsets are beautiful there!
Great for beginners and little ones!

3 months ago

This is a beautiful spot, but I agree with the majority - this is not a trail in the slightest. If you’re looking for a casual stroll or are in need of something very light duty, this is it. I highly recommend a sunset walk here. Looking west from the far side of the lake, after the sun has set behind the hills is quite the sight. Dogs are welcome and there are bag stations throughout - please be a good citizen and dog owner and be sure to pick up after your pets!
There is also a playground on the “trail” for the little ones to expend their excess energy.

Trail was not marked. Nobody knew where to go. Terrible!! I do not recommend.

Something to do while camping. Very easy - starts at the camp ground (B) and ends at the water. Out and back! Did I mention this was very easy.

Gorgeous views of the lake

trail running
4 months ago

Beautiful trail. Well defined and great views. Parked for free and campground was deserted. But it was a Thursday. Would do it again, and also Dripping Springs.

This isn't a trail. It's a road.

Hiked in July. Bring lots of water. I carried 6 liters. 2 of the 6 liters ended up on my head, face, body. Well worth it! More like 15 miles round trip when you turn around at the very top. There is a sign post where the Palomar Magee Trails meets the Dripping Springs Trail. It's not a true peak. I thought about continuing the loop to make it a total 19 miles down the Wild Horse Trail, but I didn't want to push my luck for the day. Definitely considering doing an overnighter and camp near the sign posts. I hiked solo and took my time and had an MRE for lunch, so I spent nearly 10 hours on the trail. Certainly not the fastest I can go, but I really had the day to myself. Paid $5 for self parking, probably going to get an adventure pass. I was certainly tired and sore at the end of the day, yet so satisfied!

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