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Temecula, California Map

This is my favorite local hike.

6 days ago

This is a cute little man made lake in the Harveston community. However, it's not what I would consider a hiking trail. It's pretty to walk around but busy on the weekends with people and dogs. Everyone is really friendly. Perfect for a short stroll or for photo backgrounds.

trail running
12 days ago

once i found the original trail head, thia run is awesome. its easy t get lost without this app and doing this the first time. record your hike/run in the app to know the way. it will eat up your phone battery. i did an exyra 4 miles accidentally, lol. but now i know my way.

Good hike with good views. I was hoping to find more and see more at the top of the trail

Beautiful trail with barely any shade at the beginning. Lots of great views. I love how you go from desert to forest on this trail. At the end of the Dripping Springs trail, there are a couple openings to camp.

I like this trail better than the Wild Horse trail which is on the other side and connects via Palomer-Magee trail.

14 days ago

I broke this up into 2 days. My route was Dripping Springs > Palomar-magee trail > (camp) > Cutca to Eagle Crag (didn't make it) > back down to Wild Horse. Here's my review:

First off, you'll need to email a form to the ranger to get a permit to backpack. I filled mine at night and got it back the next morning. Super easy and free.

I started off on the Dripping Springs trail which had absolutely amazing views and I'm happy I started with this trail. This trail barely has any shade. It's well kept, easy to follow and is a pretty good climb. At the end of this trail, there will be a sign for Palomar-magee trail. You can camp here since there are a couple open spots and head back, or if you dare, head to the Palomar-magee trail.

The Palomar-magee trail, like everybody says, is heavily overgrown - meaning, there's a million branches in your way along with fallen trees that you'll have to climb over or crawl under. If you do not have pants, or a long sleeve, then you'll get minor scratches. However, if you look down, you'll see the trail and won't get lost. There was one point where I questioned if it was the right trail, but looked to my right and saw the opening. I've heard of some people who turned around because they didn't want to deal with it. If you're up for the fight and want to do the whole loop, then this is the only way to do it.

At the end of the Palomar-magee trail, you'll find yourself at the junction that says Cutca trail, wild horse, and dripping springs (aka going back to palomar-magee). If you go up about 20 feet on the Cutca trail and look to the right for an opening, there are several GREAT camp spots, which I camped at and saw an amazing sunset.

The next day, I went up the Cutca trail, which was almost just as overgrown as the Palomar Magee but not AS bad. There will be times where you may need to take off your pack to hop over some fallen trees. As I got to the junction of Cutca Trail/Dripping springs/Indian Reserve, I had no idea where to go. Do not go down Cutca Trail, which HAS a blue/white ribbon, or you will descend and will further yourself from the loop. Then like me, you'll realize it's the wrong way and have to trek back uphill. Instead, I placed several pine cones, south west, where there is an opening but easily missed. Just look southwest on your compass and you'll see what I'm talking about. Now this trail is HEAVILY overgrown. I attempted to go down this trail, got pretty far and got to a junction where I had no idea where to go. There was a trail that was going north, which I believe would bring me away from Eagle Crag. There was another semi trail that looked like it was going up a VERY STEEP hill on my right.. It was extremely steep and I didn't want to deal with it, so I retraced my steps to head back out. I wish Cleveland National Forest would put some signs here, in addition to clearing the trails...

I got back to the Cutca/Dripping Springs/Wild horse junction where I camped, and started to take the white horse trail. This trail has a lot more shade than Dripping Springs, however, A LOT of flies in the "forest" that will attack your eyes and ears (super annoying). Be prepared for a crap ton of flies.. Once you make it past the forest and flies, you'll be fine. It's all descending, not as beautiful as Dripping Springs, but you definitely don't want to go back to Palomar Magee. There are some parts that are overgrown but nothing crazy like Palomar Magee.

All in all, Dripping Springs was beautiful and everything else was pretty overgrown, except for the start and mid section of Wild horse. Be prepared to fight a million branches and hopping over fallen trees if you're doing Palomar-Magee to connect the loop.

Tips: There isn't any water so bring a lot of water, the desert will dry out your mouth. If you plan on doing Magee, bring pants. I had pants and a tshirt but my forearms were getting scratched quite a bit.

$10.00 entrance fee.

Not quite as hard as a normal black box "hard" icon would indicate, but never the less a great challenging hike. Wonderful views about 2 miles in. Went in February so we had a perfect day (70 degrees), lots of cool wind. Not that busy on the trail for a Sunday. Switchbacks were a bit redundant at first, but the scenery more than makes up for it. From walking in the sun, to passing through wooded covered areas, this trail has it all (except for a water source...streams were drybones for sure). Great quick hike up, and a fun hikers run (shuffle) down. Definitely coming back.

really good trail don't think that's half just long have to take decent shoes lot of pony rocks

There is some road, but if you follow the All Trails app, and their red lines, you will find the off shoot from the street to the trail, which runs along a white fence for a while, if you start by going left on the neighborhood road (And make a right on parado del sol dr) then it's a 2.5 to 3.5 mile climb to some gorgeous views of temescal valley and all the way to Vail Lake. you can still take wrong turns on the trails, so make sure you are following the red lines, or you are still on them. Coming back, make sure you follow the red lines as the end of the trail ends in a neighborhood again near some large houses, but you can miss that trail back to the neighborhood if you aren't watching carefully. then it's fee lefts and rights to get back where you started. You can park at Leoness cellars, and start running down Los Alamitos Rd (dirt road) which runs into a neighborhood street, follow All Trails red lines. be careful because you can easily miss the off shoots All Trails is directing you, either one, to get on the trails from the street neighborhoods.

love this trail, great for trail running. I get up the trail every chance I get. Beautiful and challenging, what a combo

28 days ago

Great Trail!

I did the loop yesterday, my first time. the loop is passable but be prepared to battle with trees and bushes as you make your way through the midpoint of the hike. overall it was a great day! love the vistas and the challenge, will be doing this one often!

I wouldn't say this hike was a "difficult" rated hike at all. done many 14ers and this was just a mellow uphill. we hiked a total of 12 miles up the dripping springs trail, after you pass the first mountain, the climate changes into a rain forest type of environment and it's extremely beautiful and rewarding with panoramic views. Looking forward to hike it again in the spring when all the flowers are blooming

Beautiful surroundings. Easy trail. Good for jugging. I wouldn’t categorize it as difficult. Very easy. Climate change was awesome.

Trail is closed during fire season...which might be forever! I enjoyed walking on the paths around the lake. It was peaceful.

I didn't realize the lake was closed until I was leaving....many trails without barriers leading to the lake. It was beautiful and quiet...now I know why! The map I received was pretty confusing...there are no markers on the trails to coincide with the map. Overall, I enjoyed my day hiking to Vail Lake.

This isn’t even a trail. If you call a cement sidewalk a trail then I don’t see why you’re on this trail finder app because any old side walk will beat this any day. This needs to be removed.

2 months ago

Hiked to the top of the first big hill. Started at 2:30 pm because the trail was shaded. Beautiful 360 view. Campground below was surprisingly very well kept and appealing.

This hike is deceptive. It's long if you go all the way to Palomar and also goes up almost 3000' elevation. It's my go to hike when I don't want to travel because it's close to home. The beauty of this hike is in springs there's millions of flowers, summer has lots of leaves, and winter the leaves are turning color. I always like doing the same hike at different times of year.

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