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Tehachapi, California Map

Great area to hike and take pics. Many trails in the area. Took my dog and had a great time. Beautiful area.

My first “moderate” rated hike with AllTrails. First 2/3 of trail was pretty gradual incline. As a newbie, I took it at a bit of a slow pace but I definitely was painfully surprised by the last .88. It was a fight, but worthwhile trail to finish for me. If you’re looking for inclines and feeling really in the woods, this a solid trail for the area.

The last .88 miles is no joke! Not too much snow at the top small patches. Make sure you stay left on the way down otherwise you’ll go into private property.

1 month ago

couldn't make it to the top because of the snow but other than that I'll definitely come back

Really good trail. Easy to follow track with only a little bit of snow near the top.

Beautiful hike! If you enjoy hiking through the snow then I would definitely suggest this trail for this time of year. Beautiful scenery and light snow was falling down through the whole hike. Definitely one I would do again.

Got some snow in So.Cal. had to get up there. Harder than I thought but all n all a great trail, great day.

This trail was awesome! I was a bit hesitant to do it as it’s much shorter than we usually try and hike but it’s a climb, especially the last .88 miles. We love to climb and the last bit was surprisingly tough, definitely not what we would consider moderate. The trail was busy and many folks didn’t know which way to go. Follow the road to the right. When you reach the top there is a sign to the peak which is a straight climb for .88 miles. Brought the hammock and enjoyed the views from the top. Will do again!

3 months ago

great hike. make sure you wear proper shoes for the hike, it's quite steep in some areas. There's a point in the hike where it is fenced so if you decide to go over just be careful with the barb wire. we stopped our hike short once we saw a family of deer close by. they are wonderful animals but can still be dangerous if they feel threatened

3 months ago

First .5 mile is uphill and intense. Great workout. Short hike. There are areas were it can get steep and slippery and proper shoes will be needed. I went in February and it was a little cold and windy, take a light sweater. Great views.

Beautiful trail this time of year. I hiked this is late January, and had to deal with snow 1-2 inches thick at the most to make it to the top. Beware that the trail gets steep once you get to the part beyond the main road. That portion of the hike is difficult, and may require a bit of scrambling. But the views are great, and the trail is not heavily frequented in the winter.

Beautiful but challenging if your out of shape. Couldn’t make it all the way. Wouldn’t call it moderate. Stopped at a nice spot with a homemade shack though and still enjoyed wonderful views. Definitely try again

Good views, nice hike with my dogs

Beautiful well maintained trail. Tall trees all around and great views.

Great trail system with various options. I️ stayed on main service road, wide and fairly level minimal potholes. Enjoyed the changing views!

Great workout with pretty sweet views. Not sure how some people lost the trail on the way down? Unless there is snow, the trail is easy to follow both ways.

Tehachapi Mountain Trails Association has been building these trails since 2013. Lehigh Heidelberg cement gave us permission for the 10k acreage. Pristine singletrack with awesome views from the upper loops. These are the very same trails that host the SoCal NICA MTB finals every year. We hope to host the California State finals here in 2019. Come check them out! Great for a day hike, dog walk (on a leash please), or an awesome MTB ride. There is a $5 a day fee or $35 annual family membership. Come up and enjoy the fresh mountain air! http://www.tehachapitrails.com

great hike, last mile is the part you will be sweating on but shade and breeze makes it bearable. the view and the relative solitude of such an accessible trail make it very satisfying.

Hiked this today. It was awesome. Beautiful views and lots of shade. The last part of the hike definitely has a pretty good grade to it. Some trekking poles would help.

Good hike. Pretty steep at the end. Lots of shade.

7 months ago

Great workout if that’s what you’re looking for. Basically straight up for half a mile. Not very long so I wouldn’t travel for this hike, but if pure a local and looking for some great cardio.. I’d recommend this trail.

This trails views were awesome. Although the last section of the trail is quite steep and will test your endurance and conditioning. Definitely worth the trek.

nice challenge trail for begginers

Went with my husband, 2 children (ages 6&7) and father.
Made it about 3/4 of the way before my pregnant butt tired out too much to make it to the end.
Absolutely beautiful hike, lots of trees to help provide shade and my kids really enjoyed the hike as well which was surprising (no complaining).
Pretty steep, thought it was more of a flat trail but enjoyed the challenge. Will definitely be going again with all the kiddos once the baby is born :) hopefully we'll make it all the way to the top !

trail running
9 months ago

My wife and I had come here to go trail running/hiking on Sunday July 30, 2017. The last .88 miles is SUPER steep. We were about 1/4 the way up that last bit and my wife had a seizure. I managed to catch her head when she fell back and her CamelBak padder her back, so she didn't get injured. It was pretty precarious trying to keep her from falling farther down the hill and dealing with post-ictal behavior.

There was a gentleman nearby who was running towards us to assist. I yelled to him to not run up to us. My wife has a history of epilepsy, and I didn't want this man to get his adrenaline pumping running up to us only to have us not really need help. I didn't mean to sound rude or ungrateful to the man, but I'm sure I did.

If he ever reads this, I hope he knows we do appreciate his willingness to help strangers. I've just dealt with this kind of thing enough that when a person there who may not be trained or accustomed to witnessing these types of events, they tend freak out a bit. In hindsight I shouldn't have sounded so blunt towards him. Regardless, I'm thankful for his willingness to help strangers.

After she finished seizing and started to come to, I was able to carry her back down to the main trail where it was flat. After she finished coming to we were able to walk the 2 miles back to the car. I had hoped we would run into the gentleman on the way down to say thank you, but we did not.

Regarding the trail itself, though.... it's beautiful, and pretty steep for running. You'll definitely get a workout.

Three of us went on this hike. I give it only 2

It's a climb. as stated before it gets even steeper toward the peak. the trail extending past the peak ends with a private property sign, but with the incredible views at the peak it's worth just stopping there and heading down. I would say it's borderline"hard" with the steep incline.

10 months ago

This trail is very steep and a very good workout for the 1/2 of a mile I was allowed to continue up because the remainder was blocked off by bobwire fencing. apparently private property. Not recommended to drive a lengthy distance to hike this trail. gonna go try tehachapi mountain park trail.

Fun hike. Stared at 8.30 am and most the way up to the top was shaded. The last 0.9 miles were extremely steep - steepest I've ever hiked. Made it to the top by 9:35 am and my legs were jelly. Views from the top were just so so due to all the trees. The way down was much sunnier...I'm glad I got there early.

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