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Awesome hike, the highest I've ever been on a trail. I took the challenge as a good workout. It was windy and cooler near the top but there was no way I was not going to complete the hike. The views from the top was spectacular. Next time around I will NOT wear my work shoes and jeans. Ordering hiking boots as I type.

This hike is very beautiful. It was an uphill climb the whole way up. We took lots of breaks especially in the last .88 of the trail, because it was VERY steep. I’d suggest once you get near the peak to just find a nice open Ming in the trees as the peak is covered in trees and doesn’t have much of a view so it’s not really necessary to go to the very end of the trail. Also make sure to not get lost on the other trails. It got pretty cold going towards the top and very windy. The way down was very hard on my legs and knees but we used some branches as hiking sticks which helped a lot! Overall beautiful and nice hike

Some good views. Ends at a barbed wire fence and a “keep out-no trespassing” sign before the actual top. Thanks for the reminder of where we live. I’d hate to get carried away in all that majesty.

on Tehachapi Mountain Trail

1 month ago

Pretty but really steep nothing to grab onto and dusty but soooo worth it

Beautiful views. Great workout. Definitely very steep on the last section. Took the recommendation from a previous review to take hiking sticks which was a great help. Good hike. For sure.

Steep incline pretty much the entire way up. As others have mentioned, the last .88 miles are KILLER (and that's just the last .88 within the park boundary; another quarter-mile of so up to the actual peak on private property is also fairly tough). Take it slow and steady. There were several parts where I kept thinking "This has got to be the peak!" but it keeps going so don't get your hopes up and just keep pushing through. The top is a nice place to take a break, maybe have a picnic before you head back down. The way down is rough on the knees, so take hiking sticks and take it slow (I slipped a few times!).

Lots of birds and we saw some deer on the way up to the trailhead. There are bathrooms at the campsites before the trailhead, but they were swarming with flies and bees, so maybe not worth it!

A tough hike for the novice hiker. Only 2.5 miles to the top but an elevation change of almost 2,000 ft. I think I was stopping every 50 ft the last .88 miles just to catch my breath, I blamed that on the elevation and not the fact that I'm not in the best of shape. We did see some deer on the drive into and out of the park and lots of birds on the trail. Words of advice, bring plenty of water, take your time and enjoy the climb.

Nice hike.. it was more of an uphill road... up & up... shade along the way & gorgeous views!
I didn’t make it to the top since I’m out of shape & the elevation was higher than I’m used to.
It was amazing & I loved every minute of it!

It was a great local trail in Tehachapi. Be ready for a steady, steep incline for most of the way. However, the views and solitude are worth every step.

4 months ago

This is a heck of a hike. Before I started I was greeted by one of the area managers to let me know that there have been bear sightings and just to be cautious. She recommended a bear bell or keys on the outside of my pack. Just to give everyone a heads up.

The hike is a good haul up to that .88 mile marker. Without the last .88 miles this is a great hike by itself.. Adding the last .88 miles makes it is a challenge.

I am a novice hiker that is a weekend warrior. For the rest of my week I sit behind a computer. This hike for me...kicked my butt. I did make it to the top (eventually).

I would definitely recommend this hike to all levels of experience.

5 months ago

This was an awesome way to have an amazing day!!! We never had any moments that seemed dangerous yet there were plenty of times toward the top that motivational encouragement was not only very appreciated but possibly even necessary... Incredible views were increasingly impressive as we got higher up the trail and I literally can’t think of any negatives about this experience... Keep in mind I’m a beginner to this hiking lifestyle so I might be a bit more excited than the more experienced about this but overall I can honestly say both of us had a great day and have mentioned doing it again which we definitely will soon... TEHACHAPI MOUNTAIN PARK

Decent hike. As others stated, last .88 miles super uphill. You’ll come to a split towards the top.. when you get to the barb wire and private property signs, just go around it. The top is mostly covered in trees, so there’s earlier stops for better views. Temperature dropped about 12 degrees from the start to the top.

Really easily accessible hike in Tehachapi Mtn Park. The first 1.8 miles or so are on a reasonable incline, then the last .88 miles gets steep as others have said. Took me 45 minutes to reach the steep summit push, then another 45 minutes to the peak. Glad I brought a jacket as it was cool and really windy on top.
Nice, surprisingly challenging hike that I’d do again. Best part is that it’s dog friendly!

nature trips
6 months ago

Definitely worth it! Don’t give up, keep going! For a beginner it was hard at all!!

Trail hiked and completed on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, start time at 0918 hours, summited at 1054 hours, and end time at 1240 hours. First of all, the amount of flying insects in the parking lot should have been a good indication that a few spritz of bug spray wasn't going to suffice. The annoying insects launched an assault from flying all around to full on kamikaze straight into the mouth! The trail begins at an incline and does not let up until mile marker 2.1; be cautious that there are several trails and you may need to reference your navigation a little more than you think. If you see my recording, I got lost at this point going up and coming down! Take it seriously that the last .88 miles, will have you out of breath, (made me experience an oxymoron, I thought I was hyperventilating and having an asthma attack at the same time; I don't even have Asthma! My quads were feeling that burn! There is no lack of trails, it's just they are all close together. My personal opinion, (based on no fitness level), this hike was hard. There is a lack of distance, however, the incline is not necessarily gradual and a rather punishing one! Also, I used 1 liter of my 2 liter water pack in the first 2 miles, then I used up another good chunk at the summit! Don't let this baby punisher fool you.

Great area to hike and take pics. Many trails in the area. Took my dog and had a great time. Beautiful area.

My first “moderate” rated hike with AllTrails. First 2/3 of trail was pretty gradual incline. As a newbie, I took it at a bit of a slow pace but I definitely was painfully surprised by the last .88. It was a fight, but worthwhile trail to finish for me. If you’re looking for inclines and feeling really in the woods, this a solid trail for the area.

The last .88 miles is no joke! Not too much snow at the top small patches. Make sure you stay left on the way down otherwise you’ll go into private property.

8 months ago

couldn't make it to the top because of the snow but other than that I'll definitely come back

Really good trail. Easy to follow track with only a little bit of snow near the top.

Beautiful hike! If you enjoy hiking through the snow then I would definitely suggest this trail for this time of year. Beautiful scenery and light snow was falling down through the whole hike. Definitely one I would do again.

Got some snow in So.Cal. had to get up there. Harder than I thought but all n all a great trail, great day.

This trail was awesome! I was a bit hesitant to do it as it’s much shorter than we usually try and hike but it’s a climb, especially the last .88 miles. We love to climb and the last bit was surprisingly tough, definitely not what we would consider moderate. The trail was busy and many folks didn’t know which way to go. Follow the road to the right. When you reach the top there is a sign to the peak which is a straight climb for .88 miles. Brought the hammock and enjoyed the views from the top. Will do again!

great hike. make sure you wear proper shoes for the hike, it's quite steep in some areas. There's a point in the hike where it is fenced so if you decide to go over just be careful with the barb wire. we stopped our hike short once we saw a family of deer close by. they are wonderful animals but can still be dangerous if they feel threatened

First .5 mile is uphill and intense. Great workout. Short hike. There are areas were it can get steep and slippery and proper shoes will be needed. I went in February and it was a little cold and windy, take a light sweater. Great views.

Beautiful trail this time of year. I hiked this is late January, and had to deal with snow 1-2 inches thick at the most to make it to the top. Beware that the trail gets steep once you get to the part beyond the main road. That portion of the hike is difficult, and may require a bit of scrambling. But the views are great, and the trail is not heavily frequented in the winter.

10 months ago

Beautiful but challenging if your out of shape. Couldn’t make it all the way. Wouldn’t call it moderate. Stopped at a nice spot with a homemade shack though and still enjoyed wonderful views. Definitely try again

Good views, nice hike with my dogs

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Beautiful well maintained trail. Tall trees all around and great views.

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