Photos of Teakettle Junction Hiking Trails

21 days ago

Did this hike over thanksgiving 2018, starting with cottonwood and ending in marble canyon. We liked doing the gentle uphill of cottonwood, marble canyon would be much steeper going uphill. There was water at cottonwood spring, but not the other two sources. This hike would be doable in two or three days, though there are few camping places in marble canyon so I'd recommend camping somewhere sandy in deadhorse canyon. The hike has a lot of shifty terrain, definitely wear sock liners and pack some moleskin, we got lots of blisters. We used the National Park GPS coordinates as well as this app. The NP route is not accurate at Deadhorse Canyon, but the trail was easy enough to follow. The road to the 2WD parking lot was rough in places, so we ended up parking about 1.5 miles from it and walked the rest of the way. We got nervous with the road and stopped, but other cars made it just fine. Feel it out for yourself!