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17 days ago

The hike itself is moderate and the trails are well kept. There was a bit more traffic than expected but the scenery is as advertised, beautiful. What did disappoint was the fishing at the lakes, specifically Stoney Ridge Lake. We saw a few decent fish cruising the shoreline early and late in the day, but we only caught a single fish. It was a very nice 23” German Brown on a fly rod but we threw everything at this lake, spinning rods with flys, spinners, we caught minnows and used those as bait (0 caught) and even power bait and worms. Very disappointing considering we had our 8-yr old sons with us on their 1st backpacking trip ever. Fishing was much better at the smaller lakes with Rubicon Lake being loaded with Brookies (8-12”). Overall, if you don’t mind seeing other hikers and if fishing is not your thing, this is a good hike. 4/5 stars for worse than expected fishing

Absolutely wonderful mix of sun and shade and smells of pine with a swim in stony ridge lake to top it off. Mellow up and down. A new favorite.

this is not a trail for every one

1 month ago

This was a great first trip of the year!! We hiked all the way to Hidden Lake, more peeps at lower lakes. The wind was crazy a couple nites, but it kept the relentless mosquitoes away. As we hiked out on the 6th we passed at least 30+ peeps hiking up. We did pass several dogs OFF leash and a couple on leash. Great family hike, backpacking trip

Just hiked 5 miles round trip and loved the wild flowers and wild life (coyotes, butterflies, dragonflies). We were going to complete the loop but had to turn around 2.5 miles in because of a large body of water that we couldn’t cross due to inadequate footwear and the prevalence of mosquitoes. Gorgeous seasonal creeks, scattered run- down dwellings made this hike a pleasure to hike with our 4 year old. Plenty of shades and majestic redwoods.

Beautiful hike. A little manageable snowpack low down. We were heading for the lakes and hit soft snowpack about .75 miles before the lake. Post-holing up to the knees. Had to turn around because it was too much work. Take snowshoes or wait another couple weeks if you want to reach the lakes!

Beautiful backpacking shuttle trip starting in Meeks Bay and continued from Crag Lake to the Velma Lakes and out the Bayview Trail to Emerald Bay.

Great lil hike, brought my 8 year old son on his first two nighter backpacking trip and granted some of the uphill realllyy wore on him, I prepared ahead and planned to carry his tiny lil backpack for him for parts of the way. Dogs allowed, but definitely no fires allowed. Was out there for a meteor shower and while I didn’t see anything, it was beautiful at night

Grab the high profile 4WD or m/c and enjoy. If hiker, many better trails. Very rocky (expect done to give JOBs better traction), need to be careful not to turn an ankle. Lots of standing water to negotiate. McKinney and Lily lakes nothing to write home about, but Miller a nice look. Would be good for snowshoeing, but expect lots of snowmobiles, so another area most likely safer. I rated 1, not 3!

Luckily, we had perfect weather--not a cloud in the sky and cool to start. Enjoyed the climb to the lakes where we stopped for lunch. Highly recommended.

Lots of diversity on the trail. Elevation gains not steep. You must take the time to get to Crag Lake it is beautiful. Best hike of our Tahoe experience

Pretty easy low maintenance hike! Only hiked 12 today. It's about 4.5 to the first lake. We drove up from sac and spent about 4 hours on the trail.

Beautiful hike. The trail starts with a nice mile of no elevation change for a warmup. Then its pretty much all uphill to the lakes. Its a good mix of exposed and covered. Also a good mixture of different types of areas. You have the dry rocky, the wet flowery, meadows, forest etc. Desolation is one of my favorite areas!

11 months ago

Nice mellow weekend backpacking trip. Set up camp at Crag Lake up the ridge overlooking the lake. A little thunder in the distance and a few drops of rain, but otherwise the weather was perfect.

Monday, August 07, 2017

This was a lovely first backpacking experience for my friends and me (August 5-6)! The hike to Crag Lake took us ~3 hours but the way back was more like 2 hours. A lot of the way there is uphill, but it was totally manageable, especially because it wasn't too hot on the day we were hiking there. Crag Lake is so beautiful and we pretty much had the place to ourselves! We found a beautiful spot to pitch our tent right on the lake. We enjoyed hiking a little further on the trail without our packs to come to Hidden Lake, which was also very serene. It wasn't quite hot enough that we wanted to swim in the lakes but if it was warmer we would've!

The parking lot at the trailhead is small, but there is plenty of street parking available!

Thursday, July 27, 2017


A great workout with varied terrain and a mix of sun and shade. Swam in Lake Genevieve to cool off for the descent.

Awesome trail, lots of lakes and streams to cross along the way. Beautiful views. Definitely recommend!

Good trail had quite a few jeeps come thru which was cool Quite a few creeks running across the trail McKinney & lily are kinda weak Miller is worth the hike Nice option with the Bucks Lake trail splitting off the main trail

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Hiked this on July 1st weekend. Started around 9:20am and it took us about 3 and a half hours, with about 4-5 short breaks. Such a gorgeous hike! Rough going in because the incline is pretty intense, especially with 50 pound packs. Definitely wear bug spray because the first mile of the trail is pretty bad. This was our first backpacking trip and for people who are pretty athletic, it definitely tested our endurance. When we got our permits at Taylor's Creek Visitor center in South Lake, they told us the trail had lots of snow, but we saw maybe 2 patches of snow up to Crag Lake. Definitely take the hike to Stoney lake if you have time, it's about a mile to Stoney from Crag and definitely worth it. The hike back down was a lot easier. Plan on doing it again with a couple friends!

Backpacked in on 6/22/17 and stayed at Crag Lake. Trailhead was packed in the afternoon so we had to wait for someone to get done. Trailhead only fits about 8ish cars which is kind of nice because you won't have to deal with a crowded trail.

Parts of the beginning of the road to the trail was muddy so we had to walk around but there was a pretty clear off road path to follow.

Since it was still a bit wet it was difficult to find a good spot to camp. There was still a lot of snow about midway through Crag Lake. We didn't have a mosquito problem at the lakes but found a couple on us during the hike.

The river crossing was easy and the lakes were beautiful. I definitely recommend staying overnight if you can.

Fantastic hike to Crag Lake and back. Lot of mosquitoes on the way down in the evening but we also saw a large black bear just off the trail.

So gorgeous! I've never hiked this trail after such a wet winter but it adds a whole new character to it. Quite wet the first few miles but don't let that keep you away - there's a whole series of winding trails thru the forest to avoid the mucky. A little buggy but not too bad. Lots of snow before the lakes - 4 or 5 miles in - doable and pretty fun with hiking boots on. The streams are flowing like mad but still crossable, and the lake with ice is worth making it too. Highly recommend :)

Awesome! little mosquitoes for it was cooler and breezee today. Our dog was escorted over the creek on the tree trunks! 2.45 hrs up and 1.15 min to return.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Backpacked from Meeks bay to Crag Lake. Lots of snow this time. Lots of Mosquitoes from the beginning to the Permit area (Cover up). Very little parking. Lesser known trail. Cold at night. Warm during day. Windy at night. Overall, it was fun leading 12 people through it.
Moderate in difficulty

Very wet and mosquito heavy right now. I'd wait a coup0le of weeks to let it dry out.

My girlfriend and I hiked this in November. Moderate temp (50*s) and bright blue sky. Took us 2 hours up and about 1.5 hours down from Crag Lake. Beautiful scenery with a mixture of terrain. The trail begins with a nice flat trail and then it is a moderate climb for 3 or so miles up towards the two lakes. Don't forget your Day Pass which can be filled out and dropped in the box right at the trailhead.

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