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1 day ago

10/10.. amazing views from Maggie’s peak saddle and maggie’s peak.. Hiked 5/19/18 and the snow starts just past Granite lake. We went all the way to the top, got some snow in our boots but nothing we couldn’t get out and the view was more than worth it. The view of desolation wilderness from Maggie’s peak saddle spot was amazing as was the view from the very top.

1 day ago

Very pretty - very easy for a first hike. We did it when I had a fever and cold so didn't explore much but it was manageable. Parking is fairly limited. Go early.

Wonderful hike! Parking is limited

The hike back is a workout if you don’t hike a lot. However the views were worth it! Road construction by the entrance with a one lane road so be careful.

Great trail, but beware as there is a lot of rock climbing along the edge of the mountain. Be extra careful if it is raining and definitely wear boots! If you make it to the end, you can try and climb higher for better views!

8 days ago

The super rocky path kept two kids, even one who complains on all hikes, engaged and happy. Parking difficult with the campground closed for season and road construction. Come early. Awesome view. Wear appropriate footwear and layers. We'll be back.

Pretty good trail challenging but the waterfall was great. April 25, 2018

Beautiful hike. A little manageable snowpack low down. We were heading for the lakes and hit soft snowpack about .75 miles before the lake. Post-holing up to the knees. Had to turn around because it was too much work. Take snowshoes or wait another couple weeks if you want to reach the lakes!

Nice easy hike, as with all hikes in this area it can get busy on weekends and during the summer. Don’t be surprised to see people hiking in flip flops. You do walk over large boulders so finding the trail in this section can be a little tricky, especially if there’s snow on the ground. Beautiful view of Cascade Lake and side view of Cascade Falls.

Beautiful backpacking shuttle trip starting in Meeks Bay and continued from Crag Lake to the Velma Lakes and out the Bayview Trail to Emerald Bay.

1 month ago

Bayview Campground closed for season, reopening in late May. Parking available at Inspiration Point and just off Highway 89. Walk through Bayview Campground adds 0.3 miles to the route; it's blanketed in packed snow as of 4/9.

Having seen Cascade Lake dotted with surrounding snow from Highway 89, I wanted to photograph it from the west (rather than north or northeast). I hadn't yet done a sunset hike in Tahoe and, even though the trail's orientation is geared towards a sunrise, Cascade Falls seemed like an inviting trek. Its short distance and negligible elevation allowed me to get on the trail less than an hour before sunset.

The first portion of the trail goes through Bayview Campground, at least during the winter. Even with the recent warm rainfall and prevalent sunlight, an icy blanket of snow covers the campground, aided by the wooded surroundings. This should mostly melt by May. I saw cross-country skiers in the campground, a concerning premonition as I expected the trail to be mostly snow-free. The path winds its way through a covered forest, easily discernible as footprints are firmly indented in the snow.

The first half of the hike is uneventful without views. However, the trail presently narrows and the landscape opens, ascending sharply up a snow-covered rock. This provides the first view of Cascade Lake. The trail narrows further along the rock face, protruding rocks and steps aiding icy footing until the trail becomes relatively exposed. As of 4/9, there's little snow remaining on the latter section of the trail; the snow/ice that remains is easily passable with hiking boots.

As the trail approaches the falls, it gradually disappears into the rocky landscape. You're free to find a route to an optimal viewpoint. There's no single "best" outlook- there are multiple, some of which offer a view of Cascade Lake primarily, others which allow you to view the falls from a side, and one or two that provide both. In the summertime, trailblazing to Snow Lake seems like an inviting full-day endeavor.

This trail provides arguably the best view-to-effort ratio of any trail in Tahoe. There are two main attractions: a Cascade Lake view just off the trail at 0.6 miles, and Cascade Falls itself. Especially during the waking or waning hours of the day, Cascade Lake is unbelievably vivid and the roaring falls somehow serene. A less crowded alternative to Eagle Lake, the Cascade Falls Trail is a wonderful opportunity to spend a 30-60 minute slot.

Keep in mind that, even though this is called "Cascade Falls Trail," there's never a head-on view of the falls as with Glen Alpine, Eagle, or Horsetail Falls. That aside, it's a great winter/spring trek with unrivaled views of Cascade Lake with the calming atmosphere a roaring waterfall provides.

2 months ago

beautiful views, got a little warm in February! Love the calming sound of the falls.

Completed on 2/18/18. Used microspikes for a little more than half of the hike, snowshoes for about the last quarter mile. Saw many people without spikes or snowshoes that were hiking so doable just harder. Great views at the top.

Absolutely stunning views. Hiked this 1/6/18, there's snow past granite lake and the last 1/4 is about 1' deep. It was worth it.

Great lil hike, brought my 8 year old son on his first two nighter backpacking trip and granted some of the uphill realllyy wore on him, I prepared ahead and planned to carry his tiny lil backpack for him for parts of the way. Dogs allowed, but definitely no fires allowed. Was out there for a meteor shower and while I didn’t see anything, it was beautiful at night

Be prepared. Icy in spots but lots of snow at top.

Great trail! There was lots of snow and beautiful views!

4 months ago

Easy hike if you have the appropriate footwear. Went in Dec and lots of the rocks were icy, a few other visitors turned back before they reached the falls. Short beautiful hike with views of Cascade Lake and Lake Tahoe.

5 months ago

Make sure you have a good pair of hiking shoes. You will have to climb through the rocks at some point.

Beautiful trail! The lake on the way to the top is great and there are a lot of early vistas to keep you interested. In late November there was a significant amount of snow as you move past the lake and towards the top though so definitely wear hiking boots and start earlier than us (1pm) if you’re trying to go to the top.

6 months ago

Great bang for your buck. Pretty easy walk, comes out to a beautiful waterfall overlooking some lakes

Grab the high profile 4WD or m/c and enjoy. If hiker, many better trails. Very rocky (expect done to give JOBs better traction), need to be careful not to turn an ankle. Lots of standing water to negotiate. McKinney and Lily lakes nothing to write home about, but Miller a nice look. Would be good for snowshoeing, but expect lots of snowmobiles, so another area most likely safer. I rated 1, not 3!

Hike was pretty easy and not crowded at all! Because of the snow melt the waterfall is rushing and creates a stunning view. A very family friendly hike. The only tricky part is finding parking

A nice out and back hike. However, do not underestimate the gain involved with this one. Even though it’s a relatively short hike in horizontal distance it’s almost entirely straight up and then straight back down.

The trail is loose soil most of the way along switch backs that zig zag up through forests and then chaparral. The trail is easy to follow until you get to the final ascent. At the last junction you basically turn south and find your way up to the top. There are some indications of trail but you’ll have to find your own way mostly. There are cairns that have been setup but they are hard to see and you must pay close attention to find them. But if you do you’ll know you’re on the right path. You’ll be greeted by an altar of granite boulders which provide a great platform to view granite lake, cascade lake, emerald bay and South Lake Tahoe.

Reverse your steps and find your way back down. 1.5hrs up (with a 10 minute break) ~50mins down.

Great views, well worth it!

Great views throughout!

Beautiful hike with rewarding views.

7 months ago

Great hike! Easy to follow trail with rocky sections. Crossing the waterfall requires some rock-hopping and has slick rocks. Beautiful overlook of Cascade Lake. Recommended to people of all ages.

7 months ago

Great hike! Definitely some areas where you begin to wonder where the trail is though. But it was a fun out and back hike that led to some amazing views. We had a great time scrambling around the waterfall area and trying to get the best pics. A little crowded, but it was also the middle of a Sunday afternoon. Definitely recommended!

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