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off road driving
2 days ago

Great 4x4 for beginners. A couple of minor tricky spots but nothing to worry about. Make sure to check where you are on the app, a couple of turns you can miss easily. The view at the end of Watson Peak Road is 100% worth the journey up there!

Super wildflowers!! Nice moderate but long hike. Did not summit, the last couple hundred yards were a little too sketchy for me, but would be completely doable for others.

We took the kids today one is 6 and the other was in a pack they both did great.

Did this from Tahoe City to Brockway Summit as our groups first overnight trip. Watson Lake is the only real water source on this section. We were lucky enough to not encounter too unruly car campers at Watson Lake, unlike some other reviewers on other sites. Watson Lake sites have bear boxes in case your not wanting to bring a bear cannister on this section. Overall, great trip with great views!

Horrible night camping at Watson lake. Bunch of drunk people fighting. Nice camping spots tho. Id avoid camping there if you are thru hiking or section hiking. ✌️

Fantastic trail!! We ride from River Ranch down to Sunnyside for lunch then back. pretty good ride for the whole family with beautiful scenery!

mountain biking
19 days ago

This trail was alright but in some areas I found myself pushing my bike a lot due to steep and rocky sections. I would recommend going up the S.S. Wallternate rather than the Lower Missing Link. This missing lower link was the steep and very rocky area that had me walking my bike. The mosquitoes were also very thick throughout this trail.

22 days ago

Great hike! Thankful to have this app to guide us at the many forks in the path.

The trail is much better suited for mountain biking than hiking. While it's great to see just how much effort has been put into making the curves of the trail absolutely perfect, those same curves are annoying to a hiker since you know you could have gone from point A to point B much faster.

I highly recommend hitting the Tahoe Rim trail sidetrail -- that's where you get to see gorgeous mountain vistas.

More photos: https://csgirllife.wordpress.com/2018/06/22/painted-rock-trail-lake-tahoe

26 days ago

Difficult to get to the trailhead due to road construction. The parts of the trail not on the TRT were poorly signed, and we met several hikers who were bewildered as to where on the trail they were. The TRT section was rather unremarkable, but the meadows were gorgeous.

As my first segment of the TRT, every step was full of adventure. Around mile 5, I ran into a smokey area where someone had a small fire that caught the pine needles and other mulch in the dirt on fire. When I found it, the dirt had burnt into a 6 foot wide by 12 foot long area. I called it in and moved on. There were a few wonderful vista's of the lake, but even more of the Truckee area valleys. So Much Fun!

29 days ago

Nice and flat when you access it from up in the neighborhood. A little muddy in the meadows but not bad. Lots of tiny wildflowers.

on Truckee River Trail

30 days ago

Beautiful views of the truckee river. This is more for biking then for hiking. My kids handled the path pretty well.

off road driving
1 month ago

Really good spot for beginners, awesome views.

The foliage was nice...trail into the meadow muddy.

1 month ago

Great trail for hiking and mountain biking. If you are hiking, definitely be aware of mountain bikers coming around corners. This is a relatively easy hike in terms of grade, and the views from the top are worth it. We went dlightly off course, and followed a sign to "Lakeview Trail", which went up a much steeper grade for maybe 3/4 of a mile. Totally worth it!

Fun hike for our family, we took a few shortcuts to make it a 4 mile hike. Not too strenuous for our Michigan group experiencing this higher altitude.

1 month ago

Good hike and it is well marked. Nice forested area with several open meadows.

This hike as posted will require your GPS and all trail map to keep on the correct path as it isn’t marked well. The southern portion of the loop is very boggy and lots of insects. Not much in the way of views, more of a hike in the trees. Also, parking limited at the end of rawhide street and not sure it is legal anyway.

Okay for a bike, not so much for walking. Next to the highway, not so close to the river.

nature trips
1 month ago

We had a tough time finding the trailhead. First we parked and walked to the left and got swarmed with mosquitoes. We got back in the car to leave and then decided to pull off the road further down and walk up to the right, up a dirt road. It didn’t look to be a trailhead but we were ready to hike!!

The only marking we saw was for the Tahoe Rim Trail, not sure where the other Trail was for the loop portion of this. We followed along, path wasn’t too strenuous. The meadow was “mosquito meadow”! We had a few layers of clothing and bug spray and were still getting bitten. Still very wet, muddy as the snow is almost all melted at this point but just very swampy.
There’s probably wayyyyyyy better hikes in the Tahoe area.

off road driving
1 month ago

Green gate to forest service road 71 is closed.

Absolutely beautiful. Loved everything about this hike. Trail was a bit harder than we expected mostly due to climbing hills and the elevation. My husband and I are very active but from below sea level altitude.

2 months ago

There is still a good amount of snow on this trail, but it’s beautiful and doable without snow shoes right now. We saw some very fresh bear tracks in the snow (!) in the meadows, which made us all a bit on edge for the rest of the hike!

Did not follow this defined trail as it was hard to find it specifically. Lots of well marked cross country trails that were beautiful. I ended up hiking the lake view trail to TRT with AMAZING views. The cross country trails we generally snowy & icy, glad I had poles for safety. Will definitely return during non-snowy weather.

Slow uphill the way out which makes it a nice walk back. Great views of the lake the lower part of the walk. Lots of snow higher up on the trail but all easily passable. Overall great experience for a winter hike!

8 months ago

Great hike. Well maintained trail.

road biking
8 months ago

we took this trail specifically to bike. It is right next to the road, so being aware of that is important. despite that, it is beautiful along the river and there are places to stop and enjoy the view. I would not recommend this for walkers/hikers. It is pretty dominated by bikes and the path isn't super wide. if you jog or run you can keep up with the flow. it was just workable enough for our six year old to handle on his bike, although being on part of the busy road due to construction gave us some pause.

mountain biking
8 months ago

This is the longer option for those interested in taking in some of Tahoe City, the lake, and both the Truckee River and Squaw Valley bike trail systems. It's a great ride! You go through town a bit then head over the dam and downriver taking in the splendid sites of the Truckee River. Eventually we came to the Squaw Valley entrance and continued up to the ski resort where a jeep race was mustering. It was cool, an all-women event, racing jeeps overland and back country down to San Diego. You return the same way.

9 months ago

Great for kids!

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