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Great hike. Quiet. Amazing views from the peak. Mainly in good visibility day.

8 hours there and back, expect to see nobody on the trail but cows and a lot of maneur, rose peak is between marker 28 and 29, with a table at the very top

Creek offers a scenic streams of water

Very nice hike. Lots of different bird species spotted; woodpeckers, blue jays, hawks. Great views from the top of the Canyon View trail. Small trout spotted in the Calaveras Creek. We went first week of January. No rain, but somewhat windy and cold.

Good hike to take the doge. Has a rocky waterfall area along the roadway near little Yosemite that you go off path for some good fun wilderness exploration.

It's a very nice trail fairly easy sometimes it got a little steep but not for very long

This trail is okay. Good for dog walkers and mountain bikes. It is crowded, lots of freeway noise.

Hidden gem in the Tri-Valley. Spectacular views. From the ridge you can see Mt. Diablo, Mt. Tam, AND Mt. Hamilton!

Beautiful view! Very manageable by non regular hiker.

Awesome views. Moderate elevation gain.

Do not try and use the Lower access area. It is closed. There used to be a gate, but now t is just barbed wire. Rather is the upper McGuire loops access point - around another half mile up Welch creek on the left.

Not a bad hike. I'd watch out though because:

1: Trails aren't very well mapped so we almost missed our turn a few times!
2: Part of this trail doesn't exist. It kept telling us to turn but there was no way we could have... Didn't matter because we got there eventually but! Just a warning, bring a map/download the trail!

2 months ago

What a view! This hike gives you a little bit of all the trail types, wide, single track, over grown brush and a nice mix of shade and no shade. The cows were overprotective of their young today and at one point, we had to find an alternate route around the cows. One even chased us for a few second as it had been spooked by someone’s else dog that was not on a leash.

Eagle View was definitely overgrown and scratchy with a steep cliff off the side. Would not want to do this trial if wet.

Only confusing part was at the intersection of Canyon View and McCorkle, go to the left of the tree to head back to the park headquarters. The path looks like it disappears due to the cow prints but it picks up right after.

We saw a group of Elk when we were leaving the park!

Will do this again!

Pay for a fee to hike. You can create your own if you dont like the app suggestions. Go here when its a little cooler. Not a lot of shade and it gets hot. Some areas are highly traffic trail but some are not.

I love this hike! but I tried at the wrong time of year (early september) so I'll have to give it 4 stars. Sunol is my fave spot, but it's just so hot in the summer, even in October it can be pretty hot.

Having said all that, it's still so beautiful! We did the loop clockwise, which I recommend. That way, you do all the steep inclines first, then Little Yosemite is the grand finale. McCorkle Trail is really great when you get further out. We were greeted by beautiful red bush and yellow wildflowers. And of course, a herd of mama cows with their calves.

Water is HUGE DEAL on this trail! PACK PLENTY OF WATER! And bring a water filter, too!!! Fill up at the Visitor Center if you can! the drinking fountain wasn't working when we got there, but at the end of the hike, we realized there were some big jugs of water at the little buildings in the center. You can't rely on that, though. sometimes the visitor center is deserted. We passed over a small river right at the beginning, and then there are no water sources until you reach the campground area. Actually, a creek techiniclly runs through McCorkle Trail right before you reach the backpacking area, but it was all dried out when we got there. So if you get to the McCorkle/Backpack Road junction, you can go past the gate and walk up a steep incline to the campsites. There's an outhouse, and then further up the hill there's a water spigot. Don't give up hope while looking for it, you'll find it, beyond a picnic table. I was SO grateful this water worked! But there was a sign that said "untreated water! unsafe to drink without filter, boiling, or treating with iodine." Luckily I brought my Life Straw with me. I was SO thirsty!

Backpack Road and beyond is such an easier hike! Since everything was so dry I was worried that Little Yosemite would be dry, too. But it wasn't! The water was pretty low, but that made for more opportunities to climb all over the rocks. I saw a frog in the water! and along Camp Ohlone Road we saw a bunch of red-headed woodpeckers. They were so cool!

If I had done this hike in March or April, I'm sure it would be my favorite hike in the Bay. But no matter the time of year, always bring plenty of water!!! And make sure everyone in your group brings plenty, as well!

Good trail the last part is a bit steep buts it’s worth the effort u could see the whole of city from the height

4 months ago

We went in Labor Day weekend, it was decent hike. A bit difficult at start but then you get to see beautiful views and it is downhill from the summit. It was dry in Sep, will try once more in Spring as well. It took us around 1.5 hrs to complete the loop.

This is a very busy park. It sounded like a UN meeting with all of the foreign languages that were being spoken when I arrived this morning! There are lots of foot, bicycle, horse, and dog traffic. Nice vault restrooms and the parking was ample but dusty.

Christmas trail is not marked. Thank goodness I had my Garmin with me. I meant to take a picture, but forgot. Best way to spot the trail is there are two white pipes sticking out of the ground on a knoll to the left - that is the trail you want to take. Not sure if you want to though. It is very steep in areas and there weren't a lot of foot prints - so limited foot traffic, but a lot of bicycle tracks. If a cyclist was racing down this hill, you could wind up in the sticky bushes or worse. Not to worry right now, once I reached the summit, there was a sign stating the trail area was closed! There was not a sign from Sycamore Grove Trail stating that.

The rest of the trails were fire roads. Some very nice views of the area although you could see the freeway a lot. Good reminder to take your time and enjoy the peace of nature before you rejoin the rat race below.

This is a nice trail for locals to use for exercise. Too many people walking with radios on for me. Very little wildlife.

I really liked this hike. I did it clockwise. Eagle View Trail is a bit overgrown. If you have convertible pants, I suggest you use them on this trail if you like to hike in shorts. My legs are scratched up a bit and itchy.

Be aware on McCorkle Trail that there are some single tracks that look like it's a trail. It may well be, for the cows, and I found myself dragging out my gps to make sure I knew where I was going. It ended up okay, but a little unnerving.

I saw turkey vultures, turkeys, quails, and deer. The trails were littered with cow manure. I did not see one bicycle, and just a few hikers. More at the end of my hike than anywhere else.

I will come back in the late fall when its cooler and greener.

nice open trail with good views. we did it at sunrise and it was awesome!

trail running
5 months ago

I was expecting more single track through the woods etc. it's mostly just a dirt road except for the last last downhill section. no technical aspects. the views are great at the top but scenery on the trail itself is a little boring, oak trees and the dried up native grass. the best thing about the trail is that it is steep and provides a good uphill workout.

Enjoyed this trail system. I've done all of it a few times.

This is a beautiful trail specially in spring, the whole area transforms completely. Have done this both in summer and spring and lived it very much. The trail can be attempted via uphill route or a easier route passing a old barn. The distance is not much but it’s very rewarding and satisfying feeling if you use the uphill route.

Climb down any access path to the rocks and walk the creek. It’s beautiful down there!

Start early, not much shade, bring lots of water, it was ok

6 months ago

Not as hard as I expected however there is about half a mile of rugged trail during the climb that challenges you. Good fun for a short day hike. Downhill is mostly cattle track so it gets a little bit monotonous. Also keep in mind that shades are very scarce so make sure you prepare yourself for that. A nice little shade is built near a shed while going downhill that is a great of spot to take a quick break. It also has a water fountain.

Great scenic workout!!

I liked it. Good amount of incline and decent scenery. Tons of wildlife if you’re into that jazz. Hiked it in 90F and there isn’t much coverage so expect to work up a huge sweat. Good after work hike. Took us 90 mins

For an urban trail this is just great lots of woods to walk through as well as the usual open California chaparral

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